Best Cigarette Rolling Machine

1. RAW 79 mm 1 1/4 Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine
2. New Top O Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine
3. Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine
4. Zig-Zag Premium Cigarette Roller – 78 mm
5. GERUI Electric Cigarette Tobacco Rolling Automatic Roller Maker Mini Machine

Today’s post is all about helping you find the best cigarette rolling machine on the planet so that you can enjoy a future of hassle-free smoking without having to go through the inconvenience of rolling your own.

We spent countless hours comparing the features that go into making the best models out there and looking at different brands so that we could deliver you a solid set of criteria to use when comparison shopping for an effective roller to suit your needs.

We’ve also thrown in a top 5 list of the best rollers out there for your hard earned money right now so that you don’t have to waste hours comparing one item to another if you’d prefer to make use of a simple click list. There’s no need to go anywhere else, so read on for everything you need to know.

What Is a Cigarette Rolling Machine?

In short, a tobacco rolling machine is a device that has been created to allow you to roll your own cigarettes without having to go through the trouble of doing it by hand, which can lead to a wide array of issues that can serve to totally impede your enjoyment of smoking.

There are several different models available out there that have all been designed to provide you with an optimum smoking experience. There are several reasons why you might want to make use of a device like this that extend beyond convenience, too.

Often, when you’re rolling by hand, it’s quite easy to accidentally rip the paper and compromise the structure of the cigarette, which can lead to it being either totally unusable or lots of unwanted mess. Using a roller will ensure a smooth, even, and perfectly round finish every time.

There’s also a cost saving element at play too, because you’re guaranteed to only use a fixed amount of tobacco with every cigarette you smoke as opposed to constantly trying to guess the correct amount to use, which will save you money in the long term.

Lastly, cigarettes that have been created using a roller, whether it’s an electronic or manual variety, simply look better and more appealing to the eye! Some people simply love the look and feel of a “real” cylindrical cigarette and certain machines will allow you to identically replicate this type.

No matter what your reasons for wanting to make use of a cigarette roller machine are, it’s safe to say that they’re a hugely convenient way of enhancing your enjoyment of smoking and saving you time as well as a little money in the process.

How to Pick the Right Cigarette Rolling Machine

We’re now going to provide you with a list of key features to look out for when comparing one rolling machine to another so that you can make a choice that’s going to be absolutely right for you and your smoking needs.

All of these areas are important to consider when performing comparison shopping and will ensure that your money goes onto a high quality item that’ll benefit you for years worth of optimum cigarette use.

What Type Is It?

Though we’ll shortly touch on what the different types of machine are, it’s safe to say that there’s a model out there to suit every preference and budget. Some people want simple manual hand rollers whereas others prefer electronic models that fully automate the rolling process.

No matter what type of device you’re looking for, it’s safe to say that each model variety has a list of positives and negatives to consider before you dive in and make a final purchase decision. It’s important that you get the right one for you.

What’s It Made Out of?

All cigarette rolling machines are likely to last for a considerable amount of time, but it’s worth mentioning that metal products are more durable than plastic variants. If you’re a regular smoker, then it only makes sense to buy something that can keep up with your usage.

You’ll always pay a little more for items with metal housing, but when you consider how much you’re going to be saving versus purchasing pre-formed cigarettes, this additional cost becomes a drop in the ocean in comparison.

What Size Cigarette Does It Produce?

You’ve got to pay super close attention to this area if you want to get a machine that’s going to cater for your daily cigarette smoking. Some people prefer “normal” sized cigarettes whereas others prefer larger types made with super-sized cigarette paper.

Whatever your preference is, make sure that you read the manufacturer guidelines thoroughly before making a final purchase decision in order to get the right machine for you. The product specifications will reveal what sized cigarette paper the model is intended to be used with.

How Much Does It Cost?

Cost is an enormous factor when it comes to selecting the right roller model because it can vary massively depending on the type that you decide to purchase. Small manual hand rollers can be incredibly inexpensive whereas some of the premium electronic models can cost ten times more.

Try to determine just how much use you think you’re going to get out of your device and use that as your measuring rod for making an effective purchase decision. It’s worth investing in electronic models if you’re going to get years worth of daily use out of them.


The best cigarette rolling machine is going to be the one that you can effectively use in a practical fashion, and that effectiveness will largely boil down to the size of the unit and the complexity of its mechanism of action.

If you want a portable on the go device that’s easy to work with in a hurry, then it would make sense to use a manual hand roller compared to a larger electronic variant that would probably be put to better use on a tabletop. Always choose the model that you can use the most to get the most value out of it.


Sometimes the most effective way to get your hands on an optimum cigarette rolling machine or any other item for that matter is to buy something from a highly reputable and well-established brand as a means of guaranteeing product quality.

Listed below are some of the manufacturers currently producing the best products in this category out there on the market right now: GERUI, Powermatic, ZigZag, Raw, Top-O-Matic, RAW, Lighter USA, Gosono. Any product purchased from the above list of manufacturers will be sure to meet your satisfaction standards.

Top 5 Best Cigarette Rolling Machines

In this section, we’ve taken all of the guesswork out of finding the best cigarette rolling machine by providing you with a top 5 list of the most optimum models currently on the market so that you don’t have to spend hours performing comparison shopping.

Though each item has been included because it’s strong in a particular area, it’s worth noting that they’re all great all-around options too. None of them are going to disappoint!

1. Our Pick: RAW 79 mm 1 1/4 Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine

raw 79 mm 1 1/4 hemp plastic cigarette rolling machine - best cigarette rolling machine


  • For 79mm papers
  • Made out of hemp fibre
  • Portable manual roller
  • Easy to use design

It’s hard to argue with the super accessible functionality on offer with this widely tried and tested manual rolling device that has been on the market now for decades and provides a market leading option for those looking for a great value and highly effective rolling device. Admittedly you’re not getting all the functionality and added convenience on offer with an electronic roller, but not everybody needs or wants that. What you are getting instead is a compact device that you can take anywhere to produce perfectly rolled cigarettes.



  • Constantly reliable due to no electronic components
  • Constantly reliable due to no electronic components
  • Hemp fibre construction is long lasting and durable
  • Compact and easy to fit in your pocket for on the go rolling



  • Design is very basic
  • No additional features

The construction is made out of hemp fibre and will last for years worth of daily rolling provided you look after it. It’ll cater for 79mm sized papers and it’s hard to argue with the simplistic approach to the design that simply works and works well on demand. The downsides here would be the fact that you aren’t getting the additional features of an auto roller, but if you’re looking for a manual roller, you won’t need them.

Public Review Summary: This machine is very easy to use and helps to roll cigarette in less than three minutes. It comes with an extra replacement raw roller paper. The rolls from the machine are pretty close to perfect almost every time. The only downside is that the construction of it isn’t the strongest.

2. Best Manual Injector Machine: New Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

new top-o-matic cigarette rolling machine - best cigarette rolling machine


  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Includes a 1 year warranty
  • Makes king size as well as regular cigarettes
  • Includes a chamber reducer and handle

The top o matic cigarette rolling machine is another fine example of a product design that has been on the market for years and will provide optimum satisfaction with every use due to the time tested and perfectly honed design bred out of endless customer feedback over the decades. Though the unit is a little more expensive than some of the other options out there considering it’s a manual device, what you’re getting here is quality in abundance thanks to the refined mechanical operation that provides you with a perfectly rounded, injected cigarette every time you press down.



  • Durable and will last for years
  • Tried and tested mechanics deliver a perfect cigarette every time
  • High quality mechanics that have been refined over decades
  • Included warranty provides total peace of mind



  • More expensive than other manual rollers
  • Quite bulky and will take up a lot of space

That quality continues into the product housing too thanks to the super durable metal construction that will literally last for years at a time without letting you down, no matter how regular of a smoker you are. If you want something easy to use, long lasting, and reliable, then it’s really hard to argue with the quality on offer with this widely used and trusted device.

Public Review Summary: It’s easy to use with almost no learning curve and works great. It allows you to quickly and easily change the size of cigarettes needed. There’s a small plate with a thumb screw, which is inserted for king sized cigarettes. But as most of this products it has a same problem with durability.

3. Best Premium: Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

powermatic 2 plus electric cigarette injector machine - best cigarette rolling machine


  • Makes king sized cigarettes
  • 25% more powerful motor than previous versions
  • Rolling speed improved over previous versions for faster cigarette production
  • Includes maintenance tools

If you want to get the most for your money, then this is easily the most premium option out there for those who want the convenience of an electric device with the build quality to last. Intended for use with large papers, this is the perfect product for those who like king sized cigarettes and will provide perfectly formed smokes every time thanks to the high precision mechanics all powered by a powerful motor.



  • Incredibly easy to use straight out of the box
  • Controls tobacco quantity precisely to ensure no waste
  • Durable build quality
  • Rolling speed is fast meaning more cigarettes can be produced per minute



  • Price is higher than some other options
  • Can only be used with king sized papers

It works fast, delivering a pre made quality cigarette in a matter of seconds while the raw ingredient quantity will be tightly controlled with every unit coming out of the device to ensure that you don’t waste any of your leaf. There are several additional items included here to clean your device with to guarantee long-term use and the build quality is highly durable to ensure that it’ll be serving your smoking needs for years to come.

Public Review Summary: This is a well-made device for smokers that is small and convenient to use whenever you need. It is easy to operate and only requires a little maintenance and cleaning. On the other side, this machine doesn’t work as well as it is supposed to.

4. Best for Practicality: Zig-Zag Premium Cigarette Roller – 78 mm

zig-zag premium cigarette roller - 78mm - best cigarette rolling machine


  • For 78mm cigarettes
  • Manual hand cigarette roller
  • ABS plastic build
  • Delivers the perfect roll every time

If you’re looking for a cigarette rolling machine that’s easy to understand straight out of the box and can be taken anywhere without any complications and a low price tag, then this offering from Zig-Zag is absolutely going to fulfil your needs. Zig-Zag have been around for decades, meaning that you can trust the widely used design to deliver a perfect cigarette regardless of where you are thanks to the compact design that makes it super portable.



  • Incredibly easy to use straight out of the box
  • Perfect for on the go rolling
  • A widely used, tested, and trusted design
  • Compact and durable



  • No additional features
  • Can’t work with king sized cigarettes

Though the mechanics behind this unit are simple, that’s part of the charm here as you don’t need to spend any time trying to understand it. Simply insert your leaf and paper and manually roll a perfectly round cigarette, then light up and enjoy. The high quality plastic housing will last for years and it serves as the perfect, super practical choice for all lovers of normal sized cigarettes. The cost is low too, which is an added bonus.

Public Review Summary: It comes with a replacement wrap in case the other one gets worn. Machine rolls very smoothly and is easy to use. It is quite affordable option, but at the same time, be aware that it may not be so durable.

5. Best Automatic Roller: GERUI Electric Cigarette Tobacco Rolling Automatic Roller Maker Mini Machine

gerui electric cigarette tobacco rolling automatic roller maker mini machine - best cigarette rolling machine


  • Includes tightness adjustment knobs
  • 110-240v optional voltage
  • Warranty included
  • Stylish blue design

This is hands down the best electric cigarette rolling machine for those who want an accessible roller that doesn’t require manual input to form the perfect cigarette without costing the earth in the process. It comes in a stylish blue finish and provides you with a platform to create cigarettes that are in line with the most premium store brought premade options at a fraction of the cost. Just load your cigarette cartridge and leaf and then let the precise mechanics get to work.



  • Cool looking design makes this product stand out from the crowd
  • Durable housing will last for years
  • Includes self cleaning tools
  • Incredibly easy to use



  • The open design may make mechanics susceptible to damage
  • Might be a little complicated to use for some at first

The top loading bowl makes it a breeze to use and the exposed mechanics actually make for a very visually striking and engaging rolling process that serves to make this item stand out from other mundane alternatives in this product niche. Thanks to all the adjustable features, you can tweak everything to ensure that you get the perfect smoke every time and the price is even low enough to make it fantastic value for the high quality on offer.

Public Review Summary: It works great, rolls smooth, and is easy to use. It just takes some practice and then you will have quick and very well-rolled cigarettes. All you have to do with this is put it on the hopper and push down once you place the casing on the rail. But some customers admit that it can be quite dangerous, so be careful.

How to Use a Cigarette Rolling Machine

In this section, we’re going to provide you with a rundown of how to use a cigarette rolling machine in case you’re a first time user who is perhaps hesitant to buy one of these products without fully understanding how they function first.

You can successfully use a manual rolling machine as follows:

  1. Ensure that you have your paper, tobacco, and filter tips ready and laid out
  2. Place the paper onto one of the rollers and proceed to slide the other roller upwards and over before placing your filter tip at your preferred end
  3. Ensure that your tobacco is evenly distributed
  4. Proceed to push the second roller back into its original position
  5. Roll both of the rollers several times
  6. Remove your finished cigarette from the roller housing

You can successfully use an automatic injection machine as follows:

  1. Place the unglued side of the cigarette cartridge into the machine
  2. Fill the tobacco dispenser up with tobacco
  3. Press down on the mechanism until you feel it squeeze tightly
  4. Remove your cigarette from the machine and remove any excess tobacco with a shake

Types Of Cigarette Rolling Machine

We’ll now summarize the different types of rolling machines available to you so that you can be sure that you’ve made the right product choice going forwards. The different roller types are:

Manual Rolling Devices

Manual rollers require you to place your paper and filter into a dual roll mechanism before laying your tobacco in and manually rolling it all together by hand. The several benefits of these products are that they are cheap, easy to use, and can be taken anywhere.

Fully Automatic Rolling Machines

A fully automatic roller simply requires that you place your paper and tobacco into the mechanism and it will perform the rolling action for you so that you don’t have to do this by hand. This can improve the overall finish of the cigarette and lead to a tighter, more even seal.

Manual Injection Machines

These machines require you to place a cigarette cartridge into a mechanism and apply force to manually fill it with your desired amount of tobacco. This is a little more convenient and leads to a more balanced and well-rounded cigarette than rolling, but the device costs slightly more.

Electronic Injection Machines

Electronic injection machines allow you to precisely control the amount of tobacco that is used per cigarette to ensure that there is no wastage. These machines are the most expensive on the market, but they are the most precise and lead to the most balanced cigarettes, too.

Best Cigarette Rolling Machine FAQ

We’ll now provide you with a rundown of the five most commonly asked questions about cigarette rolling machines so that you can make a purchase with total peace of mind knowing that any possible issues you may have perceived have been overcome.

What is the Fastest Cigarette Rolling Machine?

Electronic injectable cigarette machines are the fastest variety available and will lead to you producing finished cigarettes swiftly.

Which Is the Best Tobacco to Use With Rolling Machines?

There is no singular answer to this question as everybody has their own personal preference. The best tobacco is the one that produces the smoke that you enjoy the most!

Will a Cigarette Rolling Machine Save Me Money?

A machine of this nature certainly can save you money if you’re used to buying premade cigarettes. Some of the best options will allow you to enjoy the same premium quality round cigarettes as you’d buy in a branded pack at a fraction of the cost.

Can You Use Pipe Tobacco with a Cigarette Rolling Machine?

Yes, it’s completely fine to use pipe tobacco with a rolling machine of this variety.

Do I Need to Clean My Cigarette Rolling Machine?

Yes you do. Regular cleaning will ensure that the mechanical elements of your device continue to operate smoothly and that it will last for a significant amount of time. You can purchase special cleaning solutions and products to ensure optimum roller functionality.


We know that selecting the right cigarette roller can seem a little daunting at first due to the sheer number of options available on the market, but we hope that after reading through today’s post, you now feel confident enough to make an effective purchase decision going forwards.

There’s no right answer in regards to which type of roller will be best for you. It’s important that you make a decision based on your personal requirements and preferences to ensure that you have a future full of hassle-free cigarette smoking.

Regardless of the model you need, any of the items in our “top 5” section will provide you with the highest level of quality satisfaction and functionality possible. There’s simply no need to spend any more time looking elsewhere when you can buy the best cigarette rollers from our list here and now.