Spy Camera Reviews: What Is the Best?

1. Maximus Video Camera
2. Conbrov T10 HD Spy Camera
3. Titathink Hidden Spy Camera
4. Antaivision Lens Wireless (G-201L)
5. Soospy Mini Spy Camera

A few decades ago, spy cameras were mainly used by public officials and private investigators to unravel certain misdeeds in our society. Today, these cameras are gradually making their way into places where they have never been seen before.

Of course, they have become an integral part of modern homes. Indeed, they are used in the home for many different reasons. For example, working-class mothers install them to monitor how nannies care for their children. Similarly, these cameras play an important role in protecting the family from burglars and intruders.

There are many other reasons why more and more households are installing these cameras. That’s why potential users are looking for “spy camera reviews: what is the best?” Well, if you’re one of them, we’ve chosen the top five spy cameras for you.

How to Choose the Best Spy Camera

In order to make the best decision on which spy camera to invest in, it is important to have an idea of what factors can influence its functionality and quality. Knowing and making your decision based on these factors have been confirmed to be more rewarding than wholly depending on reviews and marketing hype. The basic factors worth considering are listed and explained below.


The truth is that it is hard to narrow down your selection to a particular brand when there are so many of them out there offering amazing products at great prices. With a list of expectations, it is easier to tell which one did or did not meet your standards.

Some models from the most highly recommended brands include Maximus Video, Conbrov T10 HD Spy, Titathink Hidden Spy, Antaivision Lens Wireless (G-201L), and Soospy Mini Spy.


Some of the most common types include the mini, disguised covert, portable, 3G, Wi-Fi, and outdoor surveillance types. It is important to understand how these different types of spy cameras work and choose the most suitable of them all based on your needs.

Video Quality

Basically, you should opt for a brand that will deliver high-quality video footage with at least a standard resolution of 720p. With a little extra cost, you can go for those with an extra HD edge for more advanced performance and better quality.

Night Vision

This should probably be an included feature because there is always a possibility of low or no light when capturing video. They also work perfectly fine with adequate illumination, just like others.


The value of the product goes a long way in determining how much you should pay for it. A model that has a variety of functions and quality features would most likely cost more than a model that has fewer functions and lower quality features.

If you have a limited budget, you may not get the best value on the market, but you should, at least, be able to get a product that offers you most of the basic features and functionalities.


The reliability of a spy camera depends on its quality. There are a lot of cheap ones out there made of substandard materials that may serve tolerably for a while, but these cannot be relied on to function effectively for a long time. Reliability, more often than not, works hand in hand with cost and quality.


Advancement in technology has brought about improvements in the covert surveillance industry with the self-recording feature that makes use of motion activation to save time and space. With this feature, the device will only record whenever motion is detected, as opposed to recording all the time and consuming a lot of space with footage that is not useful.

Ease of Use

A good gadget of this sort is usually designed for easy operation. You should be able to easily install it or outsource the installation to a contractor if it is too complex for you. Aside from installation, you should be able to access it whenever and from wherever.

Top 5 Spy Cameras

Let’s run the countdown.

5. Soospy Mini Spy Camera


  • This cam has full HD quality of 1920x1080p
  • Weighs 1.44 ounces
  • Measures 3.8×3.2×2.8 inches 
  • It comes with 420mAh battery
  • It serves both indoor and outdoor purposes 

This is one of the smallest spy cameras ever. It weighs just 4.8 ounces and has dimensions of 4.8 x 3 x 2.5 inches. Interestingly, the size does not affect its video camera capabilities, which include 8 different styles of DIY lens buttons suitable for versatile usage.



  • It is relatively affordable 
  • One can install it to survey any facility 
  • It can entertain a user
  • This mini-cam records and saves its video in its expandable memory stick
  • With the battery, users are sure of using it for up to one week before charging again
  • Given that it is portable, it is so easy to hide 



  • Users complain that it is not spectacular 

It comes with a high-performance battery that can give you a decent run-time of 6 hours at a go. This rechargeable battery has a capacity of 3000 mAh and can be plugged into a power outlet for continuous recording round the clock.

It is compatible with the addition of up to 128 GB storage capacity (not included) that you can take advantage of if you run out of internal memory. When there is no longer any storage space, the device will automatically go into overwrite mode, replacing the oldest videos with the newest ones.

4. Antaivision Lens Wireless (G-201L)


  • It offers reliable 2.4G Wi-Fi mode via mobile cams
  • Similar to the one before it, this cam can detect movements  
  • With respect to night use, there is 960P camera for it
  • 2-way, hands-free communication system
  • It measures 3.7×3.7×1.5 inches
  • It weighs 9.6 ounces 

With this product, you get the benefit of two-way audio communication through the intelligent Android or iOS application on your phone. The application will also help you set up the gadget by giving you detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do that.



  • This cam is capable of covering 360 degrees of the place it’s installed in
  • Given that it is disguised as a light bulb, it is near impossible to detect
  • With its Wi-FI connectivity, users can easily check what is happening in their homes from any location  
  • With its 2-way audio comm, a user can speak with the person in the room
  • In addition, there is an alert system that keeps you up to date with events unfolding at home 



  • Given that it is mounted on a ceiling-hung light, you must get help to mount this cam 

One of the features that makes this product unique is its especially wide view. With this feature, you are free to position the device at a central location for a 360-degree view with no blind areas. The video quality is also top-notch at 960p resolution with a storage capacity of about 128 GB. Like most recent surveillance cameras, you can view live and recorded footage with this gadget. Plus, it has a motion detection function to save time and memory.

3. Titathink Hidden Spy Camera

titathink hidden spy camera


  • It has 720p cam for high definition videos 
  • It can take pix
  • It measures 3.7×2.9×0.9 inches
  • This cam weighs 1.8 lbs
  • Besides, it has an app that enables a user to connect it to their cams and watch footages from there 

This is a great product; it is easy to install, highly compatible with all sorts of networks (ethernet, internet, etc.), and easy to operate. It is just about 0.74 by 1 inch in dimensions, which is quite small, easy to conceal, and suitable for just about any type of environment.



  • There is a microSD slot that enables you save the videos and pictures
  • With a built-in 720P camera, this cam seamlessly films high-quality videos
  • Its app allows users to customize the cam to their personal preferences, such as getting alerts on email, etc.
  • It is very secure and reliable because it is connected to mobile cams, users can watch footages on the go
  • There is an audio port that supports sound recording
  • This cam is waterproof 



  • Users can only attach it to the main unit using its 6” cable an idea that doesn’t look pretty smart
  • It is difficult to install 

The video quality is HD 720p, which is very good, and it has a motion detection function to record only what is necessary, if that is what you prefer. Or, you can configure the camera to record continuously. Aside from the internal memory, it also has an external storage option that is compatible with up to a 128 GB SD card. This device also has a built-in audio function that you can choose to enable or disable.

2. Conbrov T10 HD Spy Camera


  • It boasts 720P HD videos
  • It measures 11.5×9.3×1.2 inches
  • What’s more? It weighs 1 lbs
  • While it is not included, a user can insert a memory stick that is expandable to 32GB
  • When fully charged, it stays up to 20 hours
  • It comes with 1000mAh super battery

Photo frames have remained one of the most common wall decorations. Additionally, a frame can also be an HD spy camera holder, with the camera hidden in the most inconspicuous manner possible. This is what you get with this product in addition to other interesting features like advanced light technology to pick up quality 720p HD videos even at night.



  • Sure, it produces superb night vision effects
  • The 32GB microSD slot gives enough file-saving space
  • Given that it is concealed to look like the photo frame in the house, detecting this cam is difficult
  • Users can install on the bare wall and it sticks It has an adjustable record date and time watermark 



  • While it doesn’t come with a microSD stick, this camera cannot function without one 

It has a 1000 mAh super capacity battery that can continuously record for about 30 hours of light or dark video. The video quality is excellent, and the device has multiple functions for various uses.

1. Maximus Video Camera


  • It has a 720 HD camera 
  • There is a 16W LED bulb 
  • It also has a microphone 
  • This cam measures 11x6x8.5 inches and weighs 3.1 pounds
  • There is 3-color status LED 
  • In addition, it has a speaker and alarm

This is a dual-function smart and stylish camera with great features and impressive performance. Aside from functioning as a floodlight, it also functions as a spy camera. Note that if you want to enjoy the maximum benefits of this model, you need a phone that is compatible with Android Bluetooth LE 4.3 or above or an iPhone that runs iOS 7 or above.



  • The accuracy of this cam is enhanced with the PIR motion 
  • It’s very easy to install and use 
  • Guess what, it has a paywalled service that enables you to stream videos and do other cool things 
  • It is waterproof 
  • Users can easily connect it through their mobile cams 
  • It accurately films the home and driveway both day and night, producing high-quality footages 
  • Additionally, it has a functionality for all-round light control



  • It is very costly 
  • You have to subscribe every month to enjoy certain functionalities 

Normally, it takes not more than 15 minutes to install this product working with the step-by-step instructions provided by the manufacturer. After that, you are well on your way to enjoying features such as the two-way intercom that allows you to interact with people outside the door, a built-in alarm system, and a smartphone motion detection alert. Other noteworthy features include a 720p wide-angle camera, 100 dB alarm siren, smart light control, and access to live video of up to 2 hours for free.

Best Spy Camera FAQ

What happens when the internal memory of a spy camera is full?

Most standard cameras have SD slots where you can save more footage if you run out of internal memory. The device may not come with a memory card, so you may have to get one. If you run out of both the internal and external memory, the device will start loop recording (overwriting the oldest footage to record new footage).

Does a spy camera record sound?

Yes, it does. These cameras come with built-in mini microphones that can pick up sounds.

Are spy cameras even legal?

These devices are legal as long as they do not interfere with anyone’s privacy. In other words, some legal restrictions may apply in some cases.

Are hidden cameras the same as spy cameras?

Yes, they are. Hidden cameras and spy cameras are just interchangeable terms for security cameras.

Final Words

In conclusion, are you still searching for spy camera reviews: what is the best? Well, spy cameras aren’t better than this. We’ve done extensive research on the market to select some of the best spy cameras in the industry. So, you don’t really need to bother looking for other cameras. In our research, we’ve taken into account the fundamentals that you would need for your favorite spy camera.

These important factors are the degree of camera concealment, camera compatibility (for use on the move), price, power source and other specifications. Without mince words, in our society where the crime wave has become the order of the day, these cameras have become a cornerstone.

To ensure the security of your home and property, these cameras are not optional, but indispensable. Make this crucial decision, order one of the spy cameras under consideration now!