Best Chefs Knife

1. Mac Knife Hollow Edge Chef
2. J.A. Henckels International Classic
3. Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8
4. Imarku Pro Kitchen 8
5. Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8

We love to go to five-star hotels or the premium restaurants to have sumptuous food. We love the ambience, but the main attraction is the wonderful food. It takes a long time for the chef to select the best veggies and the best pieces of meat. The cooking team has to ensure that the food that is served is of the best quality and also the taste has to be such that it would be exceptional. The ambience also is a factor, but the customers will be loyal only if they find the food good to taste.

To ensure they do not take much time to cut the ingredients, they need to ensure that they use the best chefs knife. It is because cutting the veggies and the meat is among the first steps to ensure that the food would be good to taste.

The cutting and slicing of all the materials require it to be done in a very short time. There is too much work to do, but the time is very limited. Any person must have noted that the patrons do not wish to wait for a long time until the order arrives at the table.

The entire work for cutting and slicing can only be done with the best chef knifes that are available in the market. It is always a problem when anyone has to choose the best item for their work. There are so many of them found in the market. It makes the work even more tough for us. The person has to go through the internet to have a know-how of how to know which one is good for them

How to Choose the Chefs Knife

It is important to note that recommendations and reviews on different brands may not be a sufficient basis on which to make your decision. You have to pay attention to a few points we will describe below that will help you decide which of these brands, designs, shapes, and sizes would be best for you.

The chef’s knife is only one out of the numerous types of knives in existence. Typically, it is characterized by a broad blade tapering upward to the tip of the blade, giving it a curved but sharp edge that allows it to rock back and forth for easier and faster cutting. However, there is more to this utensil than this basic feature.


With quite a number of brands on the market and counting, one may find it difficult to settle on a particular one. This is why it is important to carry out a bit of research to discover what companies make the best knives.

Such companies are usually reputable, reliable, and open to communicate effectively with their customers and potential clients on any business-related issues. Some knives from excellent brands that are recommended by experts include Mac Knife, Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8, J. A. Henckels International Classic, and Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8.

Type of Knife

A chef knife is a type of kitchen knife itself, but it comes in two other subtypes—stamped and forged. The stamped ones are made by cutting out the desired shape from an existing piece of metal sheet.

The forged ones, which are more costly, go through the process of liquifying the metals, creating a particular shape using a customized mold, sharpening it, as well as subjecting it to other procedures before arriving at the end product.


Generally, the 8-inch chef knife is quite acceptable and common among cooks and chefs from different parts of the world because of its versatility. If you are into cooking, chances are you might have come across this popular size. There is the 6-inch size, which is smaller and more suitable for younger and upcoming chefs. There is also the 10-inch type, which is suitable for bigger hands and for cutting more at a time.


The edge of the knife is the sharp end with which you cut into things. Good high-quality knives have edges so razor-sharp that they can make a clean swift cut through a sheet of paper. Of course, it should have a slight curve for effective back-and-forth cutting motion.


Two things make a perfect chef knife handle. It should ergonomically suit your grip, and it should not be slippery when wet. Most knives come with naturally satisfying indentations and molds to facilitate grip while working through the most complex cutting tasks in the kitchen. To a great extent, a standard handle depends on the material and anatomy of the knife.


Since this utensil is one of the most common tools in every household, it is important to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the users and any other person that may come in contact with it. The first thing is to be trained on how to safely use and maintain the knife like cutting on a leveled and stable surface, handling the knife carefully when washing, and storing them securely when they are not in use.


The bolster is the thick section between the blade and the handle. Some knives have it while some do not. It provides a smooth transition from the blade to the handle and helps to strengthen the knife. It also adds to the durability of the knife as well as counterbalance. Except when otherwise stated in the requirements, experts suggest investing in knives that come with bolsters.


The sharper a knife is, the higher the quality and the more efficient it is. They are easier and faster to use because you do not need to apply a lot of force to get the job done, and this saves you a considerable amount of time.

As a matter of fact, very sharp knives do not crush the cells of foods; rather, they cut between them, thereby preserving the food. You can test the sharpness of the knife by doing the paper test. Slice the knife downwards through the paper. If it gives a clean and easy cut, then it is good.


This is the flat part of the knife that has the cutting edge pointed towards the tip and is joined to the handle at the base of it. If you are looking for something effective but inexpensive, you can go with steel blades, but it is important to note that steel blades dull easily and are usually difficult to sharpen. High-carbon steel blades are a little on the high end, but they are robust and tend to maintain their sharpness for longer.


This point is concerned with the overall weight distribution of the product and how balanced it feels when using it. A brand with a good balance will usually have a blade and handle with equal weight. The length of the blade may have a lot to do with this. If the blade is shorter than 8 to 10 inches, there is a likelihood that the handle may be heavier, and there would be no even weight distribution.

Top 5 Best Chefs Knife to Choose

5. Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8


  • The handle is made from a component that has been patented – fibrox
  • The blade is of steel that is stainless and is dishwasher ready
  • The edge of the blade is at a fifteen-degree angle

It acts almost like magic as long as cutting is concerned. The sharpness and the tapering of the knife allow the chef to cut easily. Holding at the best angle ensures that the cutting is done best. It is among the best cheap chef knife and loved by the chefs also.



  • It is made by the Swiss and also comes with a warranty for life
  • It is made from a material that does not slip from the hand
  • The width of the blade ensures easy work for the chefs



  • The blade will turn black very easily

The features that come with it allow it to be ranked among the best inexpensive chef knife. The Swiss make and the lifetime warranty are more sweeteners that come with this knife.

4. Imarku Pro Kitchen 8


  • It is made of steel that is stainless and is sturdy due to moderate quantity of carbon in it
  • The knife also has chrome in it which allows to prevent it from being corroded easily
  • The handle is made of pakkawood

It can be used for a large variety of work by the chef and is a truly great knife. The chef can also cut the meat off from the bones and is very useful to them. The handle is too good to the looks, and there is a very sharp edge to the knife.



  • It comes with the guarantee of being manufactured by Germans
  • The knife looks good and improves the mood of the chef
  • As it is not corroded easily, it lasts longer



  • It is a bit lightweight
  • The blade fades away easily

Being of low cost, it is of great value to the buyer. It comes with German quality, and it lasts long. It makes it of great value to the buyer, and this brings it among the best chef knife under 100.

3. Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8


  • The sharp blade is made of German steel and is made at an angle to help the chefs to slice with ease
  • It is resistant to stain and has three rivets also
  • The handle is made of pakkawood that provides great looks

The knife is an essential item for any chef, and this one ranks among the best value chef knife. This is because of the latest know-how that is used to make this item. The design of the knife also looks well and has won awards also. Using this knife ensures that the chefs work at their best.



  • It is sturdy due to the commodity used to produce it
  • It has great looks due to the wooden handle
  • It provides a lifetime warranty against any issue



  • There are few reviews about the blades not being too sharp as per the producer’s claims

Though there are negative reviews and it being costly, it scores on the hardy nature of the steel. The tang is full, allowing the chef to work easily. There is also a lifetime warranty on the item.

2. J.A. Henckels International Classic

j.a. henckels international classic


  • The blade is made of steel with German quality
  • The handle is made of polymer with it being thrice riveted
  • It is safe from being washed mechanically in the dishwasher

It is known for its durability and being sturdy. It is said that the products of the producer cannot be questioned; such is the value of quality to them. There have been mostly positive reviews about this one, and this ensures that it also ranks among the best chef knife under 50.



  • It can used for various purposes and is very sharp also
  • Being made from quality steel, it is very stable and hardy
  • It comes with a warranty for life that also shows it is of the best quality



  • The spine of the knife is not good

The item looks very good in the kitchen and allows to cut the veggies and meat with ease. It is the main requirement for a knife, and this ensures its rank also among the best chefs knife under 100.

1. Mac Knife Hollow Edge Chef


  • It is made of the more robust but thin Japanese brand of steel
  • It is light to the touch and has a pakkawood handle
  • The edges are very sharp, making it easy for the chef

It is used by the chefs for all kinds of cutting in the kitchen. It also performs well in the homes too. It is for this reason that it is among the best professional chef knife. It gives good looks to the kitchen and fills the minds of the chef with pride which is so crucial for cooking.



  • It comes with Japanese quality of steel
  • It also gives good looks to the kitchen
  • There are dimples that work well with watery food



  • It is not suitable for washing mechanically
  • The blades are too sharp to the touch

There are only positives and very few negatives that propel this one as among the best chef knife under 200 as well. It justifies the premium price through the best features it provides.

Best Chefs Knife FAQ

What are some safe practices for using and maintaining a chef’s knife?

Sharpen it with clean steel when necessary and ensure the knife is clean and dry before doing so to prevent slipping. When doing this, make sure you are using a leveled and steady surface. Also, wash the knife after sharpening to remove the filing excesses that might have been deposited on the blade.

How can I maintain a chef’s knife to ensure better functionality and durability?

Maintaining this utensil includes putting it away when it is not in use, cleaning it properly after making use of it, and honing it when necessary. If you invest in a good quality knife, the sharp edge will not dull quickly, and you may not need to sharpen it very often. However, be sure to sharpen it as soon as you notice the need for it.

Should I go for a ceramic chef knife as opposed to the regular steel?

Ceramic knives are not bad at all; they can get simple cutting tasks done around the kitchen, but they are more of a complement to a knife selection than a replacement of the steel types. Ceramic knives are incredibly thin, super sharp, precise, and come in different designs. As a matter of fact, they retain their sharp edges better than steel.

What type of chef knife is most suitable for chopping and slicing?

When it comes to slicing, the narrower the blade, the better, but when it comes to chopping, the opposite is the case. If you want just one knife for every task as opposed to a selection of knives for different purposes, then a regular 8-inch slightly curved edge steel knife would be your best shot. You can use it for both chopping and slicing.

Are the Japanese-style chef knives good options?

Well, it depends on what works for you personally. If you prefer lightweight knives, then they may be perfect for you. These lightweight knives are becoming trendy for a lot of people because they work well for complex tasks like splitting a chicken, but they may not give you that bouncy back-and-forth motion when mincing because the edge is slightly less curved than usual.

Overall Conclusion

There are a lot of factors as it reduces the time taken to chop the various ingredients to prepare the food. It becomes necessary for the chef to judge the weight of the knife and the reasons why the knife has to be procured. While it may seem that it is easy to choose the best chef knife in the world, it is not so easy in reality. We have discussed various factors to choose the best knife in this article. The market is flooded with many similar looking knives, and people are at a loss sometimes.

We came to know that a lot of people are not aware of what is the best chef knife. We have undertaken research online to come up with this list of the best. We hope that our readers will find it useful once they have gone through the article.