Best Mini Sewing Machine

1. Varmax Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table
2. KPCB Mini Sewing Machine with Upgraded Eco Friendly Material
3. CHARMINER Handheld Sewing Machine
4. Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine for Beginner
5. MICHLEY-LSS 505+ Desktop 12-Stitch Sewing Machine

Who would have thought that it is possible to have a mini sewing machine that is portable, energy-efficient, and as functional as the typical bigger and heavier ones we were used to? This is the world we live in today—an ever-advancing source of ideas and innovations. Mini sewing machines are suitable for beginners who are looking for a stress-free but consistent way of sewing both simple and complex patterns.

For you to get good results from your sewing machine, you will have to know how to use the machine in the first place; but even more importantly than that, you will need a high-quality brand of machine that is functional, easy to use, and convenient. After intensive sessions of research and consultation, we were able to assemble some of the factors that will help you make the best decision if you are looking to purchase one.

We also selected five of the best products on the market that come highly recommended by many buyers and professionals. We researched them further and stated our findings in the review section.

What Is a Mini Sewing Machine?

If you have come across regular sewing machines made of cast iron frames, then you will appreciate the mini sewing machine. Just like its name, it is the mini version of the larger one—smaller in size, lightweight, portable, functional, easy to operate, energy-efficient, and modern. Unlike the typical ones, these mini versions are made from durable and colorful plastic materials that make them look quite attractive and fun. But do not be deceived by its appearance, this worthwhile unit is quite capable of making a range of simple stitching patterns.

You may need to know that these mini machines are functional and versatile but are not as fast as the regular types. But that is not all that bad, is it? Children, beginners, and amateurs will benefit from its slow pace because they are not yet skilled and experienced enough to sew as fast as professionals.

One of the best things about these mini machines is that they are lightweight and portable. You can take one with you on a trip without any difficulty, which is great. You can use them to sew just about any fabric. You can even use one to sew a light denim fabric depending on the brand and quality of the compact sewing machine you have.

Let us take a look at a few pros and cons you should be aware of before investing in these mini machines.

Pros of mini sewing machines

  • Affordability

They are more affordable than the regular ones and are perfect for anyone who may be on a budget. You can purchase one of these for less than $30 in most cases.

  • Ease of use

Right from the first time you use your new mini sewing machine, you will notice that it is quite easy to set up. Most of the time, it comes with everything you need to get started right away and a user manual. It is highly recommended for kids, seniors, beginners, and amateurs.

  • Smaller size

These machines come in smaller sizes, which means you can take them with you wherever you go. They are also so lightweight that a child can easily lift one.

Cons of mini sewing machines

  • Low speed

This is a great machine, but do not expect it to be as fast as the professional types or even the regular types. Mini sewing machines are slow, which means you will have to spend a lot more time working with it.

  • Low quality

You will find good-quality mini sewing machines, but their durability is nothing close to what is available from the best of the regular types. For instance, the foot pedal of a mini sewing machine may not be strong enough and may crack over time, which affects durability.

  • Thicker fabrics

You will have a tough time and a lot of broken needles trying to run thick fabrics through mini sewing machines. It is best to use these only for lighter fabrics that are easier to sew.

  • Less features

A lot of these mini machines do not come with automated features for performing tasks like attaching a zipper or making a buttonhole. They also may not have built-in lights either, so you will have to use another source of light if you need to use it at night or in areas with limited light.

How to Pick the Right Mini Sewing Machine

If you want to make the best decision possible when it comes to picking one of these machines, then you need to keep some things in the back of your mind. In the course of our research, we discovered that the following factors play a major role in the functionality and durability of a mini sewing machine.


There are a lot of brands of machines out there. Each has unique designs, features, and functionality. If you have to go through each and every brand out there, you would spend a lot of time, and you may not even find the best of them at the end of the day. On that note, experts suggest you start your search by looking at popular and older brands.

If everyone is raving about a particular brand, then there must be something good about it, and it is surely worth checking out. Also, if a brand has been around for such a long time without losing their customer base, then they must be doing something right as well; plus, they have a wealth of experience in their line of business. Some of the highly recommended brands include Singer, Varmax, KPCB Tech, Magicfly, and Michley.


The two common types of mini sewing machines include the handheld type and the typical mini machines. They perform similar functions, but the handheld is smaller and may not take on slightly complicated tasks that can be handled by the regular mini machines.

Ease of Use

The machines that are easy to use are also easy to set up and come with the basic features you need to get started right away. They also have adjustable stitch features that allow you to adjust the stitching patterns as you wish. If there is a presser feet feature, this makes it easier to hold the fabric in place while you sew.


You may want to consider how functional a particular brand or type of mini machine would be to you before investing in it. What types of fabric can you sew with it? How easy is it to work with? What features are available?


Like we already mentioned, the features available in the machine determine how functional it will be. If the machine is to be used by a beginner, child, or senior who wants to make the simplest stitches, you can decide to go with a brand that offers the most basic features. But if you want to make some unique and complex stitch patterns, then you should go for the more sophisticated ones with more features.


A mini sewing machine should be compact and easy to handle when it is used and stored. You do not want anything that would take up a lot of space or something that would be too bulky for your child to handle. Generally, they are small in size, but some are smaller than others. So, you may want to take that into consideration if the size is a big deal for you.


The machine is made with plastic materials as opposed to heavier metal like in the case of regular sewing machines. If it weighs too much, you may not be able to lift it easily or travel with it; and this defeats the purpose of the equipment.


You may need to work using your machine at night or in a place with low light. Getting a brand that comes with a light source makes it possible for you to use the machine anywhere including places with limited light and at night.


It is true that most of these mini sewing machines are generally slow, but some seem to be significantly slower than others. Check to see that the equipment you are considering is fast enough so that you do not have to spend a lot of time working on a sewing project.

Top 5 Best Mini Sewing Machines

In this section, we will share with you some of the best mini sewing machine brands and models that come highly recommended by a lot of buyers and experts. Aside from being highly recommended, we further researched these products and confirmed that they are better than many others out there. There are five products in total, and they were all selected based on their speed, weight, size, functionality, cost, and additional factors.

1. Our Pick: Varmax Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table

varmax mini sewing machine with extension table - best mini sewing machine


  • Comes with an extension table as a support frame
  • Special cuff slot for sleeves and trousers
  • Double-thread and two-speed control
  • AC/DC adapter with ETL mark certification
  • Thread cutter and source of light included
  • Has a foot pedal and user manual

This Varmax mini sewing machine is a highly recommended product that comes with all the basic things you need to get started including a power adapter, foot pedal, 4 bobbins, a needle, a needle threader, and a user manual. You can sew with this machine just about anywhere, even in dark places because it comes with an effective light source to give you enough light for your sewing job.



  • Portable and saves a lot of space
  • Can handle large projects conveniently
  • User-friendly and suitable for beginners and children
  • Super lightweight at 2.69 pounds
  • Multiple-choice power supply
  • Works well on mildly tough fabrics



  • Does not have any reverse function
  • Does not offer a lot of stitching options

This model can conveniently replace simple needles and thread in the house since it is faster, more convenient, and especially lightweight—less than 3 pounds. It is quite small as well, so you can take it with you while traveling. Another interesting feature is the choice of power source that allows you to make use of either an adapter connected to electricity or batteries to power the machine. You can sew typical tough fabrics with this machine like denim, soft jeans, silk, and thin canvas. It is easy to set up and use. Children and beginners find it suitable to learn with.

Public Review Summary: This sewing machine comes with an extended working table, one stitch, and 5 bobbins. Also, it is lightweight and easy to carry. And it will be a great option for beginners to start with. The settings options are tight, so it might take a bit of use to loosen up. Regarding drawbacks, it has some problems with durability and can break.

2. Best for Durability: KPCB Mini Sewing Machine with Upgraded Eco-Friendly Material

kpcb mini sewing machine with upgraded eco-friendly material - best mini sewing machine


  • UL/ETL/CE-authenticated adapter
  • Sizable extension table
  • Cuff slot feature and two-speed selection option
  • Has foot pedal
  • Auto bobbin rewind feature
  • Supports electric power and battery power

The first thing worth mentioning about this machine is that it is made of quality materials, which makes it quite durable and safe for both the user and the environment as is illustrated by the UL/ETL/CE-authenticated adapter. The sizable table supports your fabric as you work on it and gives you better control over it, which is convenient.



  • Can effectively sew a variety of materials
  • Easy to set up and work with
  • Portable and convenient
  • Detailed and comprehensive manual instructions
  • Comes with a 3-month guarantee
  • Compatible and convenient foot pedal



  • Needle that does not pick up lower thread
  • Limited stitch style options

There is a cuff slot feature for sewing cuffs on sleeves, and you get to work at your preferred pace by choosing between two speed options. This innovative product makes use of a foot pedal, and it comes with an auto bobbin feature as well as a lot of other handy features. With this machine, you can sew just about any soft or mildly tough fabric without any stress, thanks to the compatible and convenient foot pedal. If you have previous knowledge of this type of equipment, you may be able to find your way around the multiple functions in no time; if not, it is best you go through the user manual to learn more. It comes with a three-month warranty.

Public Review Summary: It offers simple stitching options and is easier to set up and less complicated to use than many alternatives. Also, it operates at a slower speed, so beginners do not need to worry. It has a large extension table and a light but is still lightweight. On the downside, this machine can stop functioning correctly over time.

3. Best for Handheld Use: CHARMINER Handheld Sewing Machine

charminer handheld sewing machine - best mini sewing machine


  • Hand-operated machine
  • Comes with extension spindle, threader, scissors, etc.
  • Set screw, tension control, and fastening plate
  • Makes use of batteries
  • Weighs 290 grams
  • Metal and compact PP

This is a great product that can benefit every household as long as you need to make little stitches every now and then. Each pack comes with 9 spools, 2 needles, a user manual, a sewing machine, an exercise cloth, an extension spindle, a threader, scissors, and a tape measure. You do not need to do much in the way of setting it up, and it is quite easy to use, making it suitable for beginners and children.



  • Can sow fabrics that are 1.8mm thick
  • Highly versatile
  • Fairly fast when in use
  • Made of quality metal material for durability
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Lightweight and very portable



  • May jam from time to time
  • Batteries not included

You will need to get four AA batteries for this device to work. If you choose not to use batteries, you can go for a DC6V600mA power source. With this handheld device, you can easily stitch up your clothes, make decorative stitches, and make stuffed toys. It is light, which makes it easy to take with you while traveling.

Public Review Summary: It is a very small and handy option. It comes with bobbins of different colors and small scissors. It is great for repairing small items and perfect for travelling. But there is a problem with construction quality, and in some cases, it can break too quickly.

4. Best for Affordability: Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine for Beginner

magicfly mini sewing machine for beginner - best mini sewing machine


  • Supports AC and DC power supplies and batteries
  • Button and foot pedal included
  • Varying speed options
  • Sizable extension table
  • Light bulb and thread cutter

This is an affordable but effective machine you can choose if you are looking for a mini machine that is easy to work with or suitable for household use. It available in white and purple colors, and it has a nice and attractive design. According to a lot of buyers, this is one of the easiest models to set up, and it is compatible with either AC or DC power supplies. You can also power it with a battery if you do not have access to electricity.



  • Easy to set up and work with
  • Double-thread design for stronger stitches
  • Portable and super lightweight at 3.39 pound
  • Suitable for kids and beginners
  • Comes with a needle guard and a convenient sewing set
  • Can be powered with batteries or plugged in



  • Limited stitching style options
  • Batteries do not last for long

There are a lot of interesting features that make sewing fun and more convenient like a foot pedal, a variable speed option, a thread cutter, and even a useful sewing set. You have better control over the fabric you are working on thanks to the sizable extension table. Using this brand and model guarantees you quality stitches; you can decide to work with the single-thread option, or you can work with the double-thread design for stronger stitches. It weighs just 3.39 pounds, so moving it around is easy-peasy.

Public Review Summary: It is compact, lightweight, and gives the user helpful options. Also, it comes with a small table and works with 4 AA batteries. It has a needle light and includes everything you need for basic sewing and scissors and lots of thread. If we look at cons, customers say that the speed is slow and that sometimes it is hard to operate.

5. Best for Domestic Use: MICHLEY LSS-505+ Desktop 12-Stitch Sewing Machine

michley lss-505+ desktop 12-stitch sewing machine - best mini sewing machine


  • 8 built-in stitch option patterns and automatic thread rewind
  • Varying speed settings
  • Forward and reverse sewing available
  • Double-thread stitch patterns
  • LED light bulbs included
  • Quick start guide

The Michley sewing machine is a great one, and this list would not be complete without it. It comes with 8 built-in stitch patterns you can choose from for simple stitches and more complicated patterns for making unique designs. It has slow and fast speed settings, which makes it easier to work with especially for making complex stitch pattern designs. Also, there is a forward and reverse setting and a double-thread stitch feature, which makes it a tad easier to tighten stitches or make a more complex stitch pattern.



  • Easy to set up and convenient to use
  • Comes with a number of accessories for convenience
  • Super lightweight and portable at 1 pound
  • Suitable for beginners and kids
  • Durable stitches
  • Can be powered by batteries or electricity



  • Does not work with replacement needles and lacks quality buttonhole function
  • Does not have a seam guide and cannot handle heavier materials

The LED light bulb gives you the right amount of light to work with; plus, a convenient sewing set includes 2 thread spools, 2 bobbins, a needle, a threader, and a foot pedal. This machine can be powered by batteries or plugged in, and it is easy to move around, set up, and use. However, it is important that you know that it does not work with replacement needles and lacks a quality buttonhole function. Also, it does not have a seam guide and cannot handle heavier materials.

Public Review Summary: This machine is small and does not take up much space. Also, it has several stitch selections and an LED light, which is really helpful. In general, the machine is easy to operate and does the job really well. Disappointingly, it has some problems with construction and can wear out sooner than anticipated in some cases.

Best Mini Sewing Machine FAQ

The detailed information we have shared with you so far will help you select the best mini sewing machine considering your needs and resources. But there is still more to it than that. In this section, we have selected some of the most frequently asked questions about these mini machines, and we have answered them in the most comprehensive manner possible in the hopes that they will address any other inquiries you may have concerning this subject.

Can I make a proper cloth with a mini sewing machine?

Yes, you can make a proper cloth with a mini sewing machine, but it has to be a simple one that is not too big and does not require the use of thick fabrics. Mini sewing machines are most suitable for small DIY stitching projects ranging from making handcrafts, toy clothes, simple clothes, and so on.

How do you put a bobbin in a mini sewing machine?

A lot of high-quality machines come with an automatic function that helps you fix the bobbin, which is quite helpful. If your machine does not have that option, then you may need to study the user manual to understand how it is done.

Note that it is really important to ensure that everything is in check when you thread the bobbin, especially the thread. With everything intact and the bobbin in the correct location, push it through the thread stopper. Then, turn the machine slowly so as to wind in the bobbin gently.

My mini sewing machine is skipping stitches, why?

Take a close look at your needle to see if it is damaged in any way. If it is bent or chipped, then it may be the cause of the skipped stitches you see when you sew. Changing the damaged needle and replacing it with a suitable one in good working condition can sort this out.

If the needle and thread are incompatible, you may experience skipped stitches as well. If the size of the needle does not match the machine, it can also cause you such problems as well.

Is there a special type of thread required by a mini sewing machine?

If you are making use of a thread that is specifically meant for hand sewing, then it may continue breaking while you are trying to sew with it in your mini sewing machine. This is because the strength of the thread is not suitable to be used with such a machine.

Another reason why your thread may be breaking is that the top and bottom threads may not match in weight; that is, they do not have the same strength. In a case like this, the weaker thread will keep breaking when you try to work with it. Get a suitable thread and make sure the tension setting is not too high.

How do I get my mini sewing machine to stop making noise?

If you notice a strange noise while sewing and your machine is still very new, then you might have it set up incorrectly. Take a closer look at the user manual and see to it that everything is put together the right way. If this does not stop the noise, you may have to reach out to the customer service unit for help.

Sometimes, dirt and dust may cause your machine to make noise while you are using it. In such a case, do not make use of it until you are done giving it a thorough cleaning.

Another brand worth recommending is the Singer mini sewing machine. It is not as portable as the rest on the list, but it is more convenient than the conventional machines. If you need more information on the subject of this article or if you wish to ask any questions we did not answer in this article, please feel free to reach out to us, and we will get back to you in no time.


If we are being frank, choosing a sewing machine is not an easy task. A buying guide may take off the edge a little, but you are still required to put in good time and effort to get something that matches your needs and specifications unless, of course, you decide to go with our carefully selected and trusted reviews of the models listed above.

We hope that the information we have shared with you will help you make the best choice for you. You can always choose from our list of highly recommended mini sewing machines with great features for really affordable prices.

We can assure you of the functionality and durability of the products listed in this post. You still need to learn how to handle the machine properly, and it is important you treat it with respect to avoid injury or damaging it. With a little effort, you will be sewing in no time!