Best Men Briefcase

1. Samsonite Expandable Briefcase
2. Sterling Cady Briefcase
3. Targus TBR003US-72 Briefcase
4. Victorinox Lexicon Briefcase
5. Texas Brown Leather Briefcase

A professional briefcase by your side always renders an edge to your personality. It assists you to have an indelible impression on your audience. If you wish to be successful, then appearing aesthetically is a must and the best men briefcase let you do this.

Not only the briefcase gives a boost to your personality but it also helps in proper organizations of file and docs. No matter how advanced we have become digitally with smartphones and tabs by our side but the essence of a briefcase is still fresh and crucial in the daily routine.

A professional bag is the icing on the top of your professional look. It is an essential component in today’s cut-throat competition world which gives you an option to ooze out your professionalism.

If you are looking to buy one then you must be exploring many options nearby to choose the best amongst the best. To make your work a bit easier, we have brought the list of top best mens briefcases. Have a glance through each and then make the choice that best fits you.

Before we jump to the list, first let us see what prerequisites you should keep in mind before making the final choice.

First of all, your focus should be on the design and build of the briefcase. What is the thickness of the leather? What is the Quality/material of the leather used? How many compartments does the bag have? These should be some of the questions that should instantly hit your mind.

Next comes the functionality. What all things can the bag absorb- books, docs, smartphones, laptops(of what size?), pens etc.

Storage capacity is yet another crucial factor to take care while selecting your best briefcase for men. The height, length and depth of the bag must be considered. This may vary according to needs. At the same time, the net weight of the bag also should not be neglected.

Durability is another important factor to take into account. Always look for a top-quality item that is worth investing for. Check that the hinges are rust-free and oiled such that they won’t get stiffen after a few months of intensive use. Have a look at the handles and whether the bag has a proper interior. Overall take care that the briefcase is built in such a manner that it would stay for longer.

Last but not least the cost matters a lot. The best deal is to buy the highest quality affordable. An inexpensive briefcase may cost you less but that would have to be replaced sooner or later. Thus it is great to buy the best briefcase for men once which is ought to last decades.

Now since you know what all parameters you should take care while making your choice, let’s have a look at our filtered list of best men briefcase.

How to Choose the Best Men Briefcase

Do not let anyone sway you into purchasing any product, no matter how wonderful it sounds. Carry out your own research yourself and confirm vital information about the product before investing in it. Speaking of vital information, here are some of the basic points you should pay attention to when looking to buy a men’s briefcase.


A brand is important because a good one gives you a reliable track record and verified identification of a product from a particular company. With a good brand in mind, you can save yourself notable decision-making time and enjoy a certain level of peace of mind, trust, and value. Some of the highly recommended brands for men’s briefcases include Samsonite, Sterling Candy, Targus, Victorinox, and Canyon Outback.


The most highly recommended material when it comes to a men’s briefcase is high-quality leather. The best is full-grain leather, which is followed by top-grain and then split-grain leather. Leather materials sourced from places like England, France, and Italy are usually of the highest quality. Also, check out the hardware components used in constructing the briefcase to ensure they are made of high-quality materials that will not easily fall apart under pressure.


Try to go for a style that is appropriate to your lifestyle, specifically as it has to do with your need for the bag. A sleek luxurious briefcase is most suitable for formal settings; you may also consider the rolling type if you travel a lot. Better still, you can get an all-purpose briefcase that can work for you both on formal and informal occasions.

Weight and Size

No one size or weight is better than the other, but experts recommend going for a briefcase that is not too big for your body frame or too heavy. Generally, a height of 11 to 13 inches, a depth of 4 to 7 inches, and a width of 15 to 17 inches would do the trick. Most briefcases weigh about 2 to 5 pounds, which is not bad for everyday use.


The capacity of the case you invest in should be tailored to your specific needs. If you need to carry a lot of stuff on the go, then a big capacity would be required. If not, a small capacity would be ideal. The capacity, more often than not, is directly proportional to the size of the case; so, the bigger the size, the higher the capacity.


If there are more compartments, you can better organize your briefcase, so keep that in mind when shopping for one. Additional compartments allow for greater organization of your personal items for a neat appearance. Also, these compartments make it easier to locate items in your bag without wasting time.

Extra Features

Look for extra features like even, tight, and straight stitching on the bag, sturdy and rust-resistant hinges, properly constructed and securely fixed handles, and edges that are reinforced to prevent easy wear and tear.

The color also makes a statement; usually, black, tan, and brown are most conventionally accepted. Black cases are most suitable for formal occasions, while a tan or brown color is best suited for a semi-formal setting. Anything outside these colors could be perceived as too loud and flamboyant for a formal or semi-formal setting.

Types of Men Briefcases


This type of briefcase is usually thin and smaller compared to other types, except for padfolios. Portfolios are designed to contain bare office necessities like A6 legal pads for taking notes, an iPad, or a really thin notebook laptop, pens and pencils, business cards, and a phone. It has a handle for easy carrying, but you can choose to detach the handle and simply hold it from the bottom like you would a notebook.

Attaché Case

These types are characterized by rigid and angular designs and are generally larger in size. It is regarded as a more traditional and cost-effective briefcase. It opens to reveal a pair of compartments, one bigger than the other.

The bigger compartment is suitable for holding your notebooks and laptop, while the smaller one is for holding papers, a cell phone, business cards, etc. This type of case is basic and not as versatile as some even larger types.

Laptop Briefcase

This is a briefcase that is large enough to hold a regular-sized laptop and other items in different compartments. There is a special compartment for your laptop and another one for writing pads, official documents, and so on. It usually comes with other smaller compartments where you can hold your phone, business cards, pens and pencils, and other such items.

Travel Briefcase

As the name implies, this type of briefcase is most suitable for business trips for a number of reasons. It reduces the amount of luggage you may need to travel with, and it is ideal for a good first impression, even right from the airport.

Because they are meant to hold more items, they are bigger in size and will usually have quite a number of compartments to help you keep your office and personal effects separate and properly organized.

Top 5 Best Men Briefcase to Choose

5. Texas Brown Leather Briefcase

texas brown leather briefcase


  • Height: 30.5 Cm
  • Length: 40.6 Cm
  • Width: 6.3 Cm
  • Volume Capacity: 9L
  • Weight: 948 Grams
  • Strap Handle
  • Made up of Nylon and leather
  • Inner Material constitutes Velvet and Leather

Premium natural dry milled leather is what constitutes Texas. It is made up of good and soft leather inside. The Nylon threading ensures that it can resist obstacles and provide consistent service for years without getting torn or out-of-use.



  • Stylish and elegant product Solid build
  • Provides a Classy and professional look and can work efficiently as the best lawyer briefcase too
  • Can handle docs which are up to 10.5 inches



  • Changing the combination is a disturbance

The briefcase is quite spacious which fulfils the need of various office equipment- laptops, files, tablets etc. At the same time, it consists of various partitions to well organize your utilities. All over if you are wishing for a businessman look that blends professionalism and style then Texas is for you.

4. Victorinox Lexicon Briefcase


  • Height: 10 Cm
  • Length: 37.50 Cm
  • Width: 28 Cm
  • Outer Material: Nylon
  • Capacity: 11L
  • Weight:1300 grams
  • Number of Compartments: 2
  • Allowed Laptop Size: 13 inches

Another in the list of best mens leather briefcases comes the Victorinox Lexicon. This briefcase is extremely string and stylish and one of the most sophisticated ways for a smart professional collection. Compartments are well organized with multiple spaces between.



  • Warranty of 10 years with swiss tracker
  • A scientifically designed impact zone
  • Full-length zippered pocket for proper packing



  • Pockets are too narrow to get anything from one hand

Laptop and tablet compartment have removable cushions to save from accidental drop or collision damage. It has multiple zips to properly segregate each compartment. All over a worthy choice if you want to handle multiple accessories together comfortably.

3. Targus TBR003US-72 Briefcase


  • Laptops with up to 16-inch screens can be placed
  • Made of: 1200D polyester material
  • Water-Resistant
  • Retractable telescope handle
  • Dimensions: 16.75 x 15.5 x 9 inches

Targus can be your best buddy while travelling for long-distance meetings. The multiple compartments can absorb your files, laptop(max 16 inches), pens, mobile phones and business cards. An affordable cost and portable size for easy travelling are what sets it apart.



  • Versatile bag cum trolley
  • Made up of water-resistant material
  • Stiff structure hence can be used as a desk



  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Not a good option for a daily commute

It consists of a large compartment that can help you in carrying clothes for an overnight or weekend. The retractable telescope handle makes it easier while travelling. Overall for those who travel far distances for their meetings, the bag is a match made in heaven.

2. Sterling Cady Briefcase


  • The material: nylon, polycarbonate
  • Closure Zipper
  • Hard outer shell
  • Inner material: polycarbonate

The multiple pocket slots of this briefcase offer an optimum level of protection to your belongings-laptop, phone, pens, device and chargers. The exterior provides a non-scratch, water-resistant body. It is lined with smooth nylon cloth and it is silky for optimal protection. The best part is the rubberized handle of Sterling that reduces labour while carrying the bag and gives your arm and back the much-needed rest.



  • Any device which is 15.6 inches can be fixed
  • Great material which provides an impressive texture and classy look



  • The material may not lure to many as it is a bit soft

Sterling cady briefcase is one amongst the best briefcase brands. The level of protection is immense and the outer professional look that it renders, differentiate it from others.

1. Samsonite Expandable Briefcase


  • Depth: 7.25 inches
  • Composed of genuine leather
  • Front pocket organization for all of your business needs
  • Padded, removable shoulder strap
  • Made up of pure leather

Samsonite stands at the top of the list due to some of its remarkable features that are indeed unique. Many consider it to be the best mens leather briefcase.With metal zippers and padded handle, the bag gives a damn professional and stylish look. The briefcase is durable and practical. The shoulder strap can be removed thus giving an option for adding to your comfort.



  • Perfect for a business professional
  • Wide range of compartments
  • Great material composition for a professional look as well as strong durability



  • Prone to scuffs

This briefcase consists of various compartments that make it superbly available for carrying multiple valuables. At the same time, the space within each compartment is sufficient to keep your belongings safe. The leather material and proper compartmentalization with apt space set Samsonite apart. It is best for business professionals who want to add a piece of cake on their professional look.

Best Men Briefcase FAQ

Are there other recommended briefcase materials aside from leather?

There are a lot of good-quality cases out there that are not made of leather. Most of them are made of nylon, polyester, and polycarbonate. In some cases, these materials are combined with leather. Whatever material is used, always ensure that it is sturdy enough to deliver great utility over time.

Are messenger bags the same as men’s briefcases?

No, they are not. Men’s briefcases are characterized by a heavy canvas or leather build with well-defined forms. Messenger bags, on the other hand, are made of various construction materials like nylon, lighter canvas, leather combined with other materials, etc. Plus, they lack a solid frame.

What color of men’s briefcase is best?

If you need one briefcase for different occasions, then black would be your best bet. It serves effortlessly well for formal, semi-formal, and informal settings. You can switch things up a bit with nude earth colors for semi-formal or informal occasions or even bright colors, as long as it is allowed.

Which is better, hard- or soft-sided briefcases?

If you are looking to get a proper “briefcase effect,” then the hard-sided type would be ideal for you. It has a defined form that does not give away its contents, and it appears sturdier and more masculine. Also, it can better protect the items in it especially if they are breakable.

Final Thoughts

No matter what choice suits you the best, there are some points that you should incorporate with your briefcase. For instance, clean the leather briefcase with a damp white cotton cloth. You can also employ a leather cleaner.

Choose a colour that best complements your lifestyle. If your job demands a three-piece suit then black or chestnut might be the best colours. If looking elegant is not your choice, then you can go for any preferred colour.

Choose a water-resistant briefcase to protect your accessories. A scratch-resistant one would bring an added advantage. You can also employ elbow grease to rub the scratch along with the help of a conditioner.

The choice for thebest mens briefcase depends on the exact setting of your office and your daily office routine. For instance, if you are working regularly in an office setting only then probably Victorinox can best suit you. Alternatively, if you have to travel distances for your office meetings, Targus can be the best partner.

While finalizing your briefcase make sure that it is worth the price tag. An expensive bag may not always give you the best quality. Another major factor behind filtering the above best choices was durability and quality. Make sure that the briefcase allows you to look professional for many upcoming years.

Build your choice on the tripod of durability, affordability and use-cases. We tried to make this article a one-stop-solution for simplifying your choice of a briefcase. Hope this article was worth giving a read and it gave a perfect direction to make a simplified choice.