Best Fanny Pack

1. Waterfly Water Bottle Holder Fanny Pack
2. Waterfly Slim Soft Polyester Fanny Pack
3. Herschel Seventeen Hip Pack
4. Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack
5. Freetoo Waist Pack Bag Fanny Pack

Thanks to the introduction of best fanny pack, carrying lightweight items has been made easier than ever before. These small bags come in handy when you are on traveling missions; you would mostly likely need some form of storage device. But we aren’t talking about an electronic storage device such as a hard drive or a pen drive – we are talking about a mini-bag.

The best fanny pack is out there as the best storage device for people who have small items to keep close to their bodies as they go strolling in the cities, sunbathing, visiting tourists’ centers and a lot more of fun activities. Keeping of money (e.g coins and notes) will be much secure when you have one of this bags.

With the best fanny packs strapped around your waist (and in front of you), you become the best watchman of your properties. Stubborn pickpockets in the cities will even fear to come near you because they know that your fanny pack has got your back and you are on high alert. In short, thieves will most likely stay away from you.

By not having the best fanny pack for concealed carry, you are greatly compromising your own security and the safety of important items.

How to Choose the Best Fanny Pack

With different types of fanny packs out there, it may be a bit of an uphill task trying to settle on a particular one. There are reviews and recommendations, but if we are being really honest, they are not enough for you to make your decision. So, how exactly are you supposed to choose a fanny pack that is ideal for you?

The answer is research! Yes, research online to learn more about any product you are considering. This way, you will have a good bearing and basis to make an informed decision. Here are some tips to look for while researching.


If you have a particular brand in mind, that would be a good place to start looking, but that does not necessarily mean you should not check out other brands. This will, at least, give you something else to compare that will help you make your decision. Some of the most highly recommended brands include Waterfly, Herschel, Dagne Dover, and Freetoo.


A decent fanny pack material depends on what you need it for and how you use it. If you need it for hiking, for instance, it may unavoidably be exposed to rough weather and conditions, and as such, you should have a material that can withstand outdoor hiking environments. Some of the most common materials include leather, nylon, plastic, canvas, etc.


Again, the size you decide to go for should generally depend on what and how you intend to use the bag. A small size that can contain just your essentials will do for workout sessions. For extended outings like hiking, festivals, beach days, etc., you will likely want a bigger pack that can hold a little more than your bare necessities.


A comfortable pack can make all the difference especially if you need to use it every day for an extended period. To guarantee this, you have to ensure that the size is suitable for a good fit and the occasion and that the material will not easily give way to pressure. Adjustability for an optimal fit and a decent design are other essential factors.

On another note, loading your fanny pack with items that are not meant to be carried in such a bag can reduce how comfortable you feel wearing it.


These bags come with at least one adjustable strap that you can fasten around your waist or across your body (depending on how you choose to wear it). The length of the strap is usually long enough to suit people of different waist or body sizes. All you have to do is adjust the strap to your sizing, and you are good to go.


What is a fanny pack without portability? Typically, these bags are meant to be small, compact, and easy to wear on the body without any stress at all. It is the next most comfortable way to store items close to your body.


You can choose to throw anything into your bag without any thoughts, but we all know how that works out. You may get frustrated trying to find something you threw in there just a few moments ago. With pockets, it is easier to organize and manage your bag. The more compartments, the better. This is really worth taking into consideration when shopping.

Top 5 Best Fanny Pack to Choose

5. Freetoo Waist Pack Bag Fanny Pack


  • 5 pockets with zippers
  • Polyester fabric
  • A strap for  the waist

This one of the best fanny pack has been made to exhibit multi-functions; it’s designed for keeping small items in an enclosed water-resistant pocket. Added to its awesome features, the pack’s largest pocket can store a 16-ounce water bottle. Strong zippers securely lock up the pack’s content.



  • The pack can be used to securely store variety of items such as identity documents, money, electronic devices (phones and tablets). This makes it the best fanny pack for concealed carry; an obvious pick for frequent travelers who can’t move an inch without carrying small essential items with them
  • The water-resistance feature protects your stored items from moist environments. As you move around, you have no fear about weather conditions
  • Made with high quality polyester, the pack’s strong fabric makes it long-lasting. Once you spend on this pack, durability is guaranteed with a 1.5 year-warranty
  • It has many pockets with zippers. Not just 1 or 2 pockets –  there are 5 solid pockets to allow for storage of assorted items
  • The pack’s size can be adjusted to suit customers desires



  • One weakness of this pack is its small size. In any case, the smallness also make it portable

Look no further if you are desperate for good packs, this one has a good reputation to meet the needs of travelers. On top of its secured storage, there is no fear of mismatch as the pack’s adjustable strap fits all manner of people (children, men or women).

4. Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack


  • A cushion-padded design
  • Spacious pockets
  • Water resistance system
  • Tooth-shaped zippers for fastening
  • A strap

Made with a fabric of Neoprene, it’s a classic pack with beautiful color schemes and sizeable pockets for keeping goodies. The pack’s interior and exterior parts have small slots for card storage. It also has a light weight of only 8 ounces (0.23 kg).



  • It has an attractive appearance. The pack is available in different color mixes (grey, red, blue) for customers to pick out their own appeals
  • The internal volume (capacity) of the pack is about 2.3 liters. This is large enough for storing water bottles, documents, phones, money etc.
  • Comfort of the bag is on point. Unlike other packs which make movement difficult when strapped on, this pack prioritizes the comfort of its users
  • The pack has water-repelling features to protect its stored items from being invaded by water
  • The zippered pockets secure stores items in place. That makes it the best fanny pack for travel



  • Believe or not, the length of the pack’s strap is not long enough. For fat people, they may find the pack’s strap to be a bit short

For people who like to look fashionable, the pack would serve them right when put on. Aside its wide storage functionality, the pack adds “swag” to its users. So by wearing one, you automatically look rich.

3. Herschel Seventeen Hip Pack

herschel seventeen hip pack


  • A strap for the waist
  • A zippered front pocket
  • Main storage compartment
  • Water resistance

You would not be wrong if you refer to the Herschel Seventeen Hip Pack as a fashion accessory because it does look like a functional fashion accessory for day-to-day use. The Canada-based company is known to be meticulous in ensuring their products, including this pack, are design driven.



  • One big plus for this pack is its large size. The zipper-fitted front pocket can be used to keep more items such as phones
  • The pack resists water – the strong polyester material and the zipper are the secret behind the unfailing water resistance features. You can move about with this bag without a single fear of rain fall
  • The strap of this pack is long enough for most users. Why won’t its 21-52 inch strap fit different waist sizes? That’s nearly impossible
  • The main pocket is large enough to contain wallets, vehicle keys, small books, chargers etc.



  • The large carrying capacity of the pack introduces weight burdens; It becomes heavy when fully packed

It has desirable features like its 100% polyester material with nylon lining inside of it. These are reliable materials sewn together with reinforced stitches guaranteed to stand up to harsh conditions. Additionally, two different main compartments help with organization so that you do not have to worry about the contents of your bag getting lost inside. The front compartment is waterproof with a zipper and key clip, which comes in handy if you are exposed to water or maybe have the need to clip your keys to the zipper. It also has a webbed strap and a classic woven label.

2. Waterfly Slim Soft Polyester Fanny Pack


  • Concealed pockets
  • Water resistance
  • Adjustable size
  • Nylon-made body

It’s best fanny pack concealed carry for hikers, windsurfers, paddleboarders, and people who have some essential bodily items to store. Unnecessary storage spaces can’t be found inside this pack, but it does have enough space to contain water bottles and food for snack.



  • The pack’s size is relatively small, so it is very light in weight, but strong with its nylon fabric
  • The concealed and zippered pockets can serve as security rooms for keeping items away from thieves
  • Added to its compactness, the pack is completely resistant to water (splash)
  • The size can be adjusted to suit people from all walks of life: e.g men, little children, and women. At any particular time, Users can decide how they want to customize the pack’s adjustability
  • There are color options. Pick your favorite color out of the 7 options



  • The pack has a small size. If you would like to store a lot of things in it, this pack may not the best for you

The pack would fit people who have small items to keep close to themselves as they go for leisure or sport activities such as hiking, surfing. Take advantage of the pack’s lightweight for mobility.

1. Waterfly Water Bottle Holder Fanny Pack


  • 2 bottle holders
  • Nylon fabric with breathable pads
  • Straps
  • Pockets

One of the best fanny packs for storing 2 water bottles when performing vigorous activities such as cycling, running, jogging etc. The pack is designed to fit users comfort and security, so that they can have a full blast doing their own things.



  • The pack is suitable for carrying water bottles. Hydrate your body as you cycle, run, hike. With this pack close to you, you will never run out of water or drinks
  • Apart from the holders for water bottles, It has other pockets for storing other things (keys, documents, phones etc.)
  • The straps of the pack are adjustable, so it would fit different body sizes
  • There are 5 color options for this pack. Choose your favorite color



  • With plenty room for 2 bottles, the pack may become heavy when it’s overloaded

Sportsmen, fitness enthusiasts and physically active people would find this pack very useful. They can stock it with water bottles and fly with the water to farther places. Water is life, take advantage of the pack’s water-storing abilities.

Best Fanny Pack FAQ

Where can I wear a fanny pack?

These versatile bags can be worn on different occasions like hiking, running, festivals, traveling, sporting events, school, shopping, etc. Some people wear it as a fashion statement to go with their outfits, and it is becoming a modern trend.

How do I select a durable fanny pack?

The durability of a pack depends on the material it is made of, the stitching, and how you use it. These days, they can be made of just about any material, but the most durable recommendations include leather, nylon, denim, synthetic rubber, and plastic.

As for the stitches, take a close look at them to see how reinforced they are. You can gently tug at the bag to test the strength and how tightly the material is held together.

How can I maintain my fanny pack?

The best way to care for your fanny pack is by following the manufacturer’s instructions, which are usually based on the material. In most cases, if not all, it is recommended to wash with a washing machine. Also, experts suggest using dishwashing liquid for a gentler, yet effective, cleaning.

What can I carry in my fanny pack?

This pack is specifically designed to hold items that are not so big like keys, credit or debit cards, sunglasses, a small bottle of water, phone charger, cash, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, first aid kit, snacks, lip balm, medicine, earbuds, lighter, flashlight, etc. If you have a need for items that cannot fit into your fanny pack, you should have another bigger bag with you for the purpose.

Overall Conclusion

Fanny packs are available for sale in many online shops. The brands or models of packs may beat your imagination but if you are watchful and determined, you can select really cool packs much to your satisfaction. The key to finding the best fanny pack for travel hovers around the kind of tasks you want the pack to perform and then how much you are ready to spend. In general, most of these packs aren’t expensive; they can be purchased within a price range of 30- $ 90.

The best fanny pack concealed carry come with water-resistance features. Without this protective feature, the safety of the pack’s content will be in jeopardy, splash of water can spoil your precious items. The length of the strap is another factor to be considered when making a pack purchase. Here, packs with adjustable straps are what you need, since they fit so many people.