Manifestation Magic Review

1. What Is the Manifestation Magic Program?
2. Story Behind the Program
3. What Is Included in the Program?
4. How Does Manifestation Magic Work?
5. Pros and Cons of the Manifestation Magic Program
6. Bonuses and Guarantee
7. Conclusion

Today, we discuss the Manifestation Magic program in great detail and tell you honestly whether or not we think you should put your hard-earned spare time and money into it. We would like to start off by saying that you should consider where your spare time is currently going already.

If you think that setting aside a night or two to potentially improve your quality of life in every area is better than watching the latest release on Comedy Central, then you probably have the right mindset to benefit from what is being offered here. Are you ready to find out more about how and why the program could change your life? Let’s move forward.


What Is the Manifestation Magic Program?

This is an audio and written series that has been designed to optimise your mindset and effectively “tune” you for success in every area of your life via a well-synchronised array of recordings and information.

Regardless of your personal beliefs about whether programs like this actually work, one truth that no one can deny is that the most successful people in the world have managed to fine tune their ability to project the right types of energy and remain in a positively charged state.

This is precisely what Manifestation Magic is all about. It was created to help you reach this state and maintain it. As a result, you will then be open to all of the “good” that life has to offer. This program will not cater to those who just want to listen and have a one-size-fits-all remedy to their daily struggles, however. You must both want a solution and work towards it too.

If you are prepared to do that, then simply by listening to a few audio tracks per week and practicing mindfulness when it comes to using the daily teachings, you will be able to make a massive impact on your life. Thousands of existing Manifestation Magic customer reviews report widespread success and attainment. This makes it hard to discount the effect it undoubtedly has with sustained, daily use.

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Story Behind the Program

manifestation magic review - story behind the program

The program is the brainchild of Alexander J. Wilson. What lends a great deal of credibility to the daily teachings of Manifestation Magic is the fact that Alexander has been through an incredibly similar journey to many of the rest of us. A reassuring starting point lies in the fact that he was actually a psychology graduate.

This means that he is both trained and qualified to advise on effective mindfulness practices and technique utilisation. This is an encouraging change from the many “gurus” out there who have no proven expertise, and it gives weight to the fact that the material is not nonsense.

After graduating, Alexander then went on to work for a company for a short while before a plan he was developing at the time led to him being booted out of the company. This was shortly followed by every other aspect of his life seemingly falling apart.

Basically, he hit rock bottom. How many of us have been there before? And more importantly, where did we end up afterwards? Some of us are still in an unfortunate position or are recovering from one. But it is the recovery part that Alexander did incredibly well.

Using the teachings included in the program, which are based around the popular law of attraction, he completely changed the trajectory of his life at the time and tipped everything in his favour again. This gave rise to the development of the system that we are now reviewing for you.


What Is Included in the Program?

manifestation magic review - what is the manifestation magic program?

Included as part of the overall program package are a user guide, several audio recordings, and even an app purposefully designed to help you optimise your results from using Manifestation Magic as follows.


  • Quick-start manifestation guide (PDF, Kindle, and iBook)

The Manifestation Magic program comes with an introductory guide to help you get started the right way. It can be read through in roughly 15 minutes, but it is worth taking a little longer to fully digest all of the information provided. By the time you have read through to the end, your mind will be fine tuned to achieve full benefit from following the program.


  • Twilight transformation energy-orbiting track

Played before you go to bed, this track has been designed to optimise your mind for the release of stress and anxiety. Provided you play it every night, your subconscious will progressively allow you to reach this state normally, and you will start to wake up feeling completely at ease about the day ahead of you.


  • The daytime wealth activator

Similarly to the twilight transformation energy-orbiting track, the daytime wealth activator is an audio track that has been designed to completely alter how you feel towards abundance and money. When played regularly, it is going to impact your subconscious and “train” it to expect these things as normal, which will then make the likelihood of attracting them into your life much higher.


  • The audio app

The integrated app available on all of the most popular smartphone platforms is a hugely convenient way to access the program’s teachings anywhere, any time. All of the audio tracks you need to make the most out of Manifestation Magic are available here.

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How Does Manifestation Magic Work?

manifestation magic review - how does manifestation magic work?

Although there are many other Manifestation Magic reviews out there, we are taking a fully comprehensive approach so that you truly know precisely what you are really getting when you make a purchase.

As part of this approach, we want to tell you exactly how it works and why it is so effective compared to other options available. Part of why it works is the unique focus on the subconscious featured throughout, but there is a great deal more to it.

Initially, the user is effectively “pre-framed” using audio content that breaks down and explains in full the necessary mindset needed to make full use of the teachings offered here. This can be viewed as a “warm-up” for the mind.

Once you have completed this fairly short 15- to 20-minute introduction, next are the daily teachings and “reframe” recordings that feature a specific series of noises and music to directly impact how you feel and Manifest your energy towards success and your own expectations.

The 7 teachings vary in length and are designed to focus on completely separate areas of life. You can choose to listen to each segment systematically from Monday through until Sunday or to listen to it all at once and replay it daily on repeat in sequence thereafter.

Alongside the 7 different daily topics, there are also a series of recordings that you need to listen to at night that play while you are both falling asleep and actively asleep. Additional recordings are designed for you to listen to during the day.

The combination of sounds and music played directly weave their way into the subconscious elements of your mind and impact the signals that your brain then sends out, meaning that you will have a more effective platform for channelling positive energy.


Pros and Cons of the Manifestation Magic Program

As you have probably already seen when reading the numerous Manifestation Magic customer reviews, there are many positives offered when using this program, far more than the low price tag might imply. There are a couple of negatives, however, as we will soon see. We will start with the pros.


  • Pro #1 Based on tried and tested techniques

The principles and techniques behind the program are already being used successfully to great effect by millions of people as they are based on the hugely popular “Law of Attraction.” This means that provided you follow the program directives, you will almost certainly reap some kind of benefit.


  • Pro #2 – A lot of value for your money

There is a lot offered here for only a small upfront cost. The material covers every day of the week for 365 days per year. The beauty of Manifestation Magic lies in the fact that the content is always “on” and always delivering results for you, provided you use it as directed.


  • Pro #3 – Very accessible

The multiplatform delivery system, using audio, written content, and an app, means that no matter who you are or where you are, you can access the daily teachings and recordings. Pretty much anybody will find it easy to pick up and use.


  • Pro #4 – A good holistic program

When you throw in the bonus content (as we will soon discuss), you have a program that covers a massive array of different areas. These include both mental health and physical health. This makes it a good program not only for those people who are seeking more money and success but also for those who want to attain a more positively charged state of existence in general and across every area.


  • Con #1 – Technically nothing new

As the content is all based on the Law of Attraction, this is not by any means a new concept or series of teachings. What is different here though is the way in which those teachings and the surrounding content is presented to the user.


  • Con #2 – Delivery format might be complicated for some

The combination of an app and a mainly audio-based delivery system (aside from the user guide) might be a little complicated for some, especially those who prefer simply to read their content or prefer a combined delivery method. Despite these cons, this is a great all-round mindfulness program.

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Bonuses and Guarantee

manifestation magic review - bonuses and guarantee

The core content comes with some amazing enhanced bonus content to further boost the effectiveness of the underlying program.


  • The chakra power system

This system is designed to align and stimulate the 7 “chakras” of the human body. Chakras are essentially energy centres that provide us with all of our mental and physical vitality. Fine tuning them will ensure that you are both mentally and physically optimised for a high level of functionality.


  • 360-transformation system

This is a series of 7 tracks designed to awaken your senses and open possibilities across a broad array of subject areas. It includes business opportunities and pathways for personal development. Although you can listen to each track in numerical order once, this system is at its best when it is listened to daily, every week.


  • The money-back guarantee

The guarantee system offered is excellent and probably better than pretty much any of the others out there when it comes to offering bulletproof peace of mind.

Not only can you claim your money back within 24 hours if you have not received any kind of positive benefit, but you also have 60 days to make your mind up if you are looking to try the program out over a longer period of time. If you want your money back after that, no problem.



Although there are many Manifestation Magic reviews available out there, we are confident that we have provided you with the most accurate and fair. It takes a very open mind, a great deal of optimism, and no small amount of self-honesty to get started on a program like this. But the key is taking the first step. After this, you will start to unlock your true, natural, and positive state of thought.

As thousands of others already are, we know that you will be totally satisfied from the second you start using Manifestation Magic. Everything about the program is based on techniques and thought processes that millions of successful and happy people across the world are using.

This extensively proven self-help method could be the key to unlocking everything you are currently lacking. As long as you are willing to invest the time and patience into it, it will pay you back richly.

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