What Is the Best Heated Jacket?

1. ORORO Men’s Heated Jacket
2. ORORO Women’s Heated Jacket
3. DeWalt Heated Jacket (DCHJ061C1-S)
4. Dragon Heatwear
5. DeWalt Camo (DCHJ062)

For millions of people around the world, the cold makes you shiver. Indeed, this makes perfect sense given that the normal human temperature is 36°C. However, Scotland has already recorded a temperature as low as -14.4C. In other places it has been worse.

While some people enjoy the snow and icy atmosphere associated with this season, the vast majority do not. For the latter, the most appropriate way to stay warm is with a heating jacket. Yes, it works perfectly! Of course, this fabric helps to keep the cold at bay. Now, you may ask yourself, “What is the best heated jacket then?” Well, we’ll answer that briefly.

Understanding a Heated Jacket

Just before we go through the list we have compiled, it is useful to break down what a heating jacket is, as some readers may have no idea what it is. So, to put it simply: it’s a garment that provides warmth. Powered by batteries, these jackets contain heating components. Essentially, they allow wearers to work in cold atmospheres, keeping them warm all the way to the end. Now, take a look at this list.

How to Choose the Best Heated Jacket

It is entirely up to you to select whatever clothing you feel is best for you, but it is also important to take some factors into consideration to help you make the best decisions. Here are some of the most influential factors you need to take note of.


There are tons of companies competing against each other to nab the title of makers of the best heated jackets. The most popular and recommended of them all may not be the best option for you, so take your time to look through them carefully.

Some of the most recommended brands include ORORO for men and women, DeWalt, and Dragon.


These days, the most common materials for this garment are polyester as the external covering, which is known for its moisture and wind resistance, and fleece for the inner layer, which is breathable, soft, and comfortable on the skin.


All heated jackets are expected to have heating pads, but there is more to it than just that. The location of the pad should warm the chest and back area. You can also get more heating around the neck, in the pockets, and other parts of the clothing depending on the model you choose.


The rule of thumb has it that a heated jacket should not be too big or baggy on the body to avoid losing heat. A cinchable waist and adjustable collar and cuffs are some of the features that would help a jacket fit perfectly and secure warmth.


It could have a covered or lined zipper, a hood, turtle neck collar, pockets, etc., but it should be effective as well. Regardless of the design you settle for, ensure that the heating pads are placed to your preference, the fit is right, and that the materials are safe and breathable.

The plane standard designs may not cost much, but if you are looking for something edgy or designed in a way that is different from the rest, then you may have to pay more.


This should be the most important of all the factors to be considered when purchasing clothing of this sort. To avoid the risk of electrocution when it is raining, only buy jackets that run on voltages as low as 10V or less, avoid substandard brands (or brandless products) with poor workmanship, and do not just believe marketing hype without proof. You may also want to consider what material the clothing is made of if you are allergic to certain fabrics.


The weight of a regular heated jacket is usually the same as a standard winter jacket, or maybe a little heavier. It is a good thing if the material is weighty because it can help regulate the temperature of the body. However, the addition of batteries and heating pads may increase the weight so much that it may pull you down while wearing it. Standard manufacturers would usually take this into consideration and reduce the weight of the materials as much as possible.


This feature is like an add-on to the cloth to enhance comfort, safety, and heat regulation. If you want more heat, you can opt for a brand with heating pads located close to the pocket. This feature is also a good option for extra storage, especially if you have to wear it in an outdoor setting for hunting or other outdoor events.


A standard battery would have a standard mAh to power the heating element for a long time. If the battery is on a high setting, it may last for as long as two hours or less in most cases, and eight to ten hours on a low setting. The batteries are rechargeable, which is ideal, but it is always a good idea to have an extra or two just in case the one in your jacket drains and you cannot recharge it immediately.

Top 5 Heated Jackets

Let’s do this!

5. DeWalt Camo (DCHJ062)

dewalt camo dchj062


  • It’s rated 1500mAh/20V
  • Its warmth can last up to 6 hours
  • It also has a detachable hood
  • In addition, it has seven pockets
  • It measures 21×12.2×4 inches and weighs 6 lbs

You always ask yourself, “What is the best heated jacket?” Well, you’re looking at one right now. Working in cold weather, wearing a camouflage patterned fabric, sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Obviously, this product brings so many good things to the table. Basically, this material protects you from the cold and the wind. There are other advantages.



  • With the detachable hood, wearers are sure of having extra protection against cold atmosphere
  • Users might also charge their phones through a routing port   
  • By heating four parts of the body, a wearer stays on top of their game all day long
  • A user can upgrade its cells in order to ramp up its warmth duration    



  • Its 1500mAh cell goes flat before you say Jack Robison

Of the above, this product will leave you with some extras that you will probably find fascinating. USB mobile phone charging ports are classic examples. Not to mention the seven pockets that allow you to safely store many personal items in your pocket. Our verdict: this product is in a class of its own. So why settle for the best when you can have the best? 

4. Dragon Heatwear


  • Unlike the one before it, this comes with 4400mAh/7.4 V battery  
  • There are 4 color options
  • A user can pick a heat setting from three amazing options
  • With respect to its extras, there are 3 pockets with zippers and cinch bungees

In our spot #4 is this Dragon Heatwear that offers interesting features. Out of all these features, the one that makes it stand out is having heated parts that last up to 10 hours. What more could a user ask for?



  • It is easy to understand and use
  • When a user is kitted in this jacket, they won’t be inconvenienced because it’s lightweighted
  • It is used in all daring activities, such as hunting, skiing, etc.
  • The union of 4400mAh and voltage of 7.4V guarantees 15-hour runtime  
  • A user can bank on the zipped pockets to leave his hands warm



  • It is costly

So far we have been able to introduce you to the world of Dragon Heatwear. Now you should be convinced that this is a cool jacket. Nevertheless, be sure to eject the batteries before washing it. The fact that it’s lightweight will certainly leave you on a cloud because it’s stress-free to use. Yes, that’s a plus. And you should go for it.

3. DeWalt Heated Jacket (DCHJ061C1-S)

dewalt heated jacket dchj061c1-s


  • It is rated 20/12V
  • When fully charged, it lasts for 7.5 hours
  • It has three temp control options
  • With a weight of 0.16 lbs, its dimensions are 21×12.2×4 inches
  • Additionally, it has ports for USB cables

Well, the product that ripped off position 3 is yet another one from DeWalt. You see, this position is well deserved because it comes with a plethora of accessories. Unlike similar jackets where the user may have to buy equipment to get the most out of it, this is a complete kit. Nevertheless, its features are a bit above the rest, as you will soon find out.



  • It provides additional warmth because of its hood
  • It gives users plethora of accessories
  • The technical synergy within the components ensures that the wearer’s body is anything but cold  
  • Moist is considerably resisted, thanks to its rugged polyester skin



  • Many prospective users would find its price unreasonable

A closer look reveals one of DeWalt’s flagship products. Clearly, it does an excellent job of keeping the body warm. However, its price may put you off. Based on our research, this product has set the bar very high, which is why it’s on our list. Are you still researching: “What is the best heated jacket?” This jacket is enough to stop the search. The reason is that it saves you money because you won’t have to spend your hard-earned money on other accessories.

2. ORORO Women’s Heated Jacket


  • It has two color options, blue and black
  • This comes in a polyester skin
  • Just like others before it, the user can detach its hood
  • Its battery is rated 7.4V, 5200mAh

Although this jacket may not have the Dragon Heatwear brand characteristics, it was placed second on our list because it is affordable. In addition to being economical, it has some relatively fair features that you will appreciate. So, we’re going to give you a brief overview of those details.



  • It met all the fundamental industry certifications
  • It doesn’t add to your impedimenta as it’s a lightweighted jacket  
  • Users wouldn’t have to worry about charging smartphones as this kit has a provision for it
  • It is easy to wash and maintain
  • Offers maximum comfort to the wearer
  • It guarantees instant warmth that holds sway for ten hours



  • While the maker touts that it could support a car charger, it doesn’t ship with one
  • As a feminine product, its use is limited   

All in all, this fabric is great. In addition to the benefits we identified earlier, it also has three heating levels, which can be controlled and adjusted. What’s more? It gives the user a choice of 2 colours. Don’t forget that you can wash it if you wish. In addition to its many advantages, it is affordable. It’s so much value in one package. 

1. ORORO Men’s Heated Jacket


  • Black and blue colors are readily available  
  • This has a polyester skin  
  • It is very clean and perfectly tailored
  • It heats around three parts of the body
  • Its power is rated 7.4V, 5200mAH

Here’s the winner! It is similar to the one above because they both come from the same company. So, we can conclude that this is a gender-sensitive company. Looking ahead, their characteristics show that they share striking similarities.



  • It is suitable for camping, fishing, motorbike riding, etc.
  • In addition, it is washable
  • Its warmth can last up to 10 hours
  • Just like the female’s version, it works well with a car charger
  • It is a lightweight fabric with relevant certifications



  • It is strictly for men
  • Even though the manufacturer touts that it can support a car charger, it doesn’t ship with one

Keep in mind that there is no difference between the two products. Perhaps the only difference is that a man should not wear a woman’s jacket and vice versa. Other than that, there is no other noticeable difference. So you always ask yourself, “What is the best heated jacket?” Well, that’s how she managed to get us in first place! You should try this product.

Best Heated Jacket FAQ

What are the types of heated jackets?

Chemically heated and electrically heated are the two main types of jackets on the market. The former is does not require any hardware for its construction, rather, they make use of thermal packs as a source of heat. The latter is battery-powered and offers more control over heating intensity compared to the former.

How do I charge my heated jacket?

It would usually come with a charger for this purpose and is usually very easy to operate. How long it takes for the battery to be fully charged depends on its capacity. Some modern models come with a USB port that let them function as a power bank for charging your phone and other devices.

Should I be concerned about the warranty?

A good heated jacket should meet all the above-listed expectations as well as a warranty. So, yes, you should be concerned about the warranty. Most standard manufacturers offer a warranty of one year or more.

How can I clean and maintain my heated jacket?

To ensure proper functionality, comfort, and durability of this clothing, it is important to clean with a damp cloth to remove any dirt, sweat, or dust. You can wash it in a washing machine after several usages, but always make sure to remove the power bank before washing. For the best cleaning and maintenance tips, go through the product manual properly and follow the instructions.


Heated jackets are a blessing! With one of these, you can work comfortably in cold snowy weather. You do not necessarily need to put on many layers of clothing underneath, so you are less puffy and can do anything productively.

Again, it is solely up to you to select whichever one you are comfortable with, but it may be helpful if you start your search from the highly recommended brands we have listed above.