The Lost Ways Book Review – Is It a Scam or Worth Buying?

1. Who Can Benefit from The Lost Ways Book?
2. What Is The Lost Ways Book?
3. Pros and Cons of The Lost Ways
4. What Is Contained in The Lost Ways Book?
5. The Lost Ways Bonuses
6. Who Wrote The Lost Ways Book?
7. Do I Have to Be a Prepper to Enjoy The Lost Ways?
8. The Lost Ways Frequently Asked Questions
9. Conclusion

The Lost Ways book is a survivalist guide written based on ancient Native American cultures. It explains how to get by without modern amenities. It also contains other special skills employed by 17th-century sailors, and no, these skills are not obsolete. As a matter of fact, they are essential skills that can help you survive in the face of crisis. The primary focal points of the author are basics such as nutrition, health, accommodation, trapping, weaponry, and water preservation.

In this post, we take the time to bring to you The Lost Ways reviews in the most transparent manner possible. Here, we seek to enlighten you on what this book is really about, why it is rated as one of the best survival guides out there, why you need to purchase it right away, discounts, bonuses, and more.


Who Can Benefit from The Lost Ways Book?

who can benefit from the lost ways book? - the lost ways review

Everyone can benefit from this book because internal displacement as a result of a crisis is not exclusive to any group of people, continent, or race. It should be in every home, and every child and adult alike should study, understand, and implement what they learn from this book in preparation for whatever the future may hold. You cannot put a price on being prepared.

There are tons of survivalist books on the internet, and you are free to go ahead and purchase any of them. However, you want to make sure your investment is worth it after all. While we cannot attest to the authority of other survivalist books out there, one thing we are sure of is that The Lost Ways book is one of, if not the very best, survivalist books you can get.

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What Is The Lost Ways Book?

The Lost Ways book is compiled ancient information about how anyone can survive being cut off from modern amenities and comforts. It was put together from different reliable sources, focusing mostly on the ancient native American practices and how they survived their primitive days before civilization.

In the earlier days, there were no modern amenities like the internet, delivery services, electricity, and so on, but somehow, people still got along perfectly fine. A lot of them had to travel through the forest in search of food and settlements, and they were always skilled and prepared to protect themselves from attacks by wild animals, invaders, natural disasters, and lots more.

These skills, which are becoming somewhat obsolete in today’s modern society, are what the author seeks to reintroduce through this book. If you are ever forced to live without these modern conveniences, the information you will find in this book will help you survive for the longest time.

Going forward, we can say that The Lost Ways book efficiently explains how a person can transition from modern ways of living to ancient ways of living even in the most drastic conditions like wars, drought, famine, terrorism, and so on. Civilization, as we know it today, is vital. But on the other side, it has managed to effectively turn most of the human race away from nature and all the great things it has to offer; and this has drawbacks on many levels.


Pros and Cons of The Lost Ways

pros and cons of the lost ways - the lost ways review



  • Detailed and practical

The Lost Ways book is a detailed and practical guide that explains how to source every basic requirement you need to survive using natural sources. Requirements such as water, food, weapons, housing, and medicine are all covered.

You will also learn how to alleviate and survive unavoidable disasters like extreme weather conditions, recession, drought, and lots more.


  • Available in printed and digital form

You can read the book in either a printed or digital edition. In the form of an eBook, you can enjoy it as long as you have a functional device, while in the form of a hard copy, you can refer to it as long as it does not get lost or destroyed.


  • Cost-effective

When you compare the depth of information and skills you will learn from this guide to how much you are expected to pay for it, you will understand how cost-effective it really is. Aside from the main product, which contains all the necessary information on basic survival skills, you will also have access to bonus information on how to adjust to a life of crisis.

You are expected to pay just one time, and that is it for life. There are no upgrades and no subscriptions; it is just a one-time thing. Applying the information will cost you little to nothing. Most of the things suggested in the book can be sourced from your backyard or any natural source.


  • Extremely comprehensive

Claude Davis, the author of The Lost Ways, took his time to present the book in a manner that would be as comprehensive and easily understandable as possible to everyone including children. There are no big words that might not be familiar to the basic English speaker/reader.


  • Perfect guide for a healthy lifestyle

Although this is fundamentally a survival guide for crises, it can also be used under any other situation where the aim is to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Living according to the instructions in this book can improve your health, slow down your aging process, and improve your general well-being, which directly translates to a longer lifespan.

The Lost Ways book explains how to source 100% natural foods that do not contain any chemicals that may be damaging to the body in the long run.


  • Ecosystem-friendly

Depending on natural resources for survival means you do not have to burden nature unnecessarily as is the case with the modern way of living. Without technological advancements and carbon emissions, the earth would not be subjected to global warming and other damage.


  • Reliable information

Just in case you are wondering, the information in The Lost Ways was not derived from advancements in science and technology as is the case with modern medicine, food, and convenience. As a matter of fact, this information, with some alterations, contributed to what we have today as a civilization. The point is that the guide is as reliable as could be.




  • Limited formats

You can only access the hard or digital copies of these books, but there are no audio or video formats available. This may pose a significant problem to people who do not enjoy reading a lot.


  • Requires time and practice

Before anyone is able to understand and implement what is contained in The Lost Ways book, there is a need for in-depth studying of the material. This means you may have to spend a lot of time practicing what you have learned.

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What Is Contained in The Lost Ways Book?

what is contained in the lost ways book? - the lost ways review

Applying the information contained in this book will not give you the most exotic or fancy results, but it will help you survive even if you find yourself in the wilderness. Basically, it contains 300 pages of informative chapters that are available in both hard and digital copies. The basic themes are centered around food recipes, poultices, medicine recipes, tips for housing, water storage, making traps, and weapon management.


  • Food recipes

This section discusses varieties of foods you can make with whatever edible essentials you may have around you. You will be surprised at the number of edibles around us, most of which we do not necessarily consider palatable or convenient. Truth be told, they may not be the most appealing of dishes, but they are nutritious enough to strengthen you and keep you healthy.

Some of the recipes include how to make these essentials.

  • Bread
  • Beer
  • Lard and how you can use it for meat preservation
  • Astronaut space mission food

A lot of the recipes contained in The Lost Ways have been in existence for decades and even centuries.


  • Poultices and medicine recipes

Here, you will learn some natural remedies to health issues you are most likely to encounter during a crisis. Some of these issues include pneumonia, malaria, typhoid, dysentery, and so on. These are basically health complications caused as a result of unsound hygiene, combat wounds, dietary deficiencies, etc.

Claude also emphasizes the importance of preventive medicine. For instance, he gives a detailed explanation of how to make and use activated charcoal for efficient digestion. He also explains how to test for edible and nutritious plants among those that are generally termed weeds.


  • Housing tips

The native Americans were known to build large underground houses with the bare necessities available in the wild. They made these houses mostly with wooden materials like logs, frames, bark, planks, boards, and so on.

Claude explains the technique used in constructing this sort of residence to ensure you come up with a fortified and spacious residence for as many as fifteen to twenty persons or more in times of crisis.


  • Water storage tips

The importance of water in our day-to-day life cannot be overestimated. The Lost Ways book explains in detail how to track and find sources of water in the wild and how to treat it for safe consumption.

One of the outstanding tips in this section is how to purify over 700 gallons of water using purifying charcoal. This will help to remove the odor, taste, and impurities found in the water.


  • Trapping tips

With skills you will learn from this section, you will be able to set traps in the wild and catch animals with which you can supplement your plant-based meals and avoid starvation. It teaches finesse, the art of being discreet, and discipline.

The Lost Ways will show you how to make traps from scratch, how to set them up to catch an animal, and how to prepare the animal for safe consumption.


  • Weapon management

If you are internally displaced, chances are that you are exposed to numerous risks. So, you need to protect yourself from invaders and other life-threatening issues that may arise at your camp. One way you can do this is to always have a good supply of weapons. To have a good supply of weapons in a crisis, you need to preserve your bullets and know what to do should you run out of them. You will learn all these and more if you buy and study The Lost Ways book.


The Lost Ways Bonuses

To make it all the more worth your while, you will be getting additional freebies when you buy this guide. They contain information on things you can do right away to help you develop the habits and skills of a survivalist.


  • What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard
what every survivalist should grow in his backyard - the lost ways review

This book explains what you can grow in your garden right away as a survivalist, how to prepare them for safe consumption, and how to preserve them for the longest time possible. The type of plants recommended in this book are mostly able to survive in harsh conditions like flooding, low water supply, limited sunlight, and so on.


  • Building a Can Rotation System
building a can rotation system - the lost ways review

In this freebie, you will learn how to make a can rotation system to help you preserve food. Basically, this system works so that older foods are consumed first before the newer ones to prevent food from going stale. This is a skill and habit necessary for surviving crisis conditions.


  • How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way
how to outlive an emp the early pioneer way - the lost ways review

This book helps people to find out what to do after an EMP every day, for 30 days, using the Lost Ways. So you will learn the 10 things that you should do on day one, what to make on day 2 and so on up to 30 days.


  • The Lost Ways Money-Back Guarantee

It is very unlikely that anyone would not appreciate what is contained in this especially informative material, but should that be the case for any reason, you are entitled to get your money back within 60 days of purchase.

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Who Wrote The Lost Ways Book?

who wrote the lost ways book? - the lost ways review

The Lost Ways book was authored by a passionate Ukrainian survivalist named Claude Davis. From an early age, Claude understood the importance of surviving on bare necessities and built his mind around that with the help of the knowledge passed on to him by his family.

It may interest you to know that the author of The Lost Ways book does not just preach survival skills, but he lives them as well. He lives in the woods with his wife and children and has consistently enlightened his family on how to adapt to challenging times in the absence of modern amenities.

Claude collaborated with Shannon Azares, who contributed what she knew about 17th-century sailors and water preservation. Erik Bainbridge contributed based on his expert background in Native American building techniques. Lex Rooker and Susan Murrow assisted with Native American nutrition and herbal medicine.


Do I Have to Be a Prepper to Enjoy The Lost Ways?

The answer to this question is “Yes.” A prepper believes that a catastrophe is likely to occur in the future and makes practical preparations for it. In the United States alone, it is believed that approximately 1% of the population are actively prepared for the worst. This means that the remaining 99% know next to nothing about how to survive when a major disruptive event occurs.

If you do not want to be lost in a disruptive situation, then now would be a good time to prepare. Start by grabbing a copy of The Lost Ways guide and make the time to study the contents. You should also take it a step further and practice what you have learned from the book. For instance, you can learn to cultivate your own plants in your backyard, prepare the special recipes in the book, practice water purification and storage, etc.

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The Lost Ways Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is The Lost Ways book a scam?

The Lost Ways book is in such high demand that it is often hard to meet the demand. Because of this, some unauthorized people may market substandard products to unsuspecting buyers at a lower rate. However, if you purchase from a verified vendor, you will not have to worry about scams because you will get the real thing.


  1. Is the information in The Lost Ways book practical?

Yes, every piece of information in every section is as practical and as real as can be. As a matter of fact, if you do not engage in the practices mentioned in the book, then you are not maximizing its benefits. It may also interest you to know that the book is pretty straightforward and easy to understand even for a child, who only comprehends more basic English.


  1. What do the critics think about the program?

Having carried out their research and experiments, critics have realized that the information contained in this book is a necessity for everyone. With the skills spelled out in the book, anyone can survive being internally displaced for a while.


  1. Where is the information in The Lost Ways book applicable?

What you will learn in this guide is applicable in every condition especially when you are closer to nature and less dependent on modern amenities. This is why it is perfect in times of crisis. You can start practicing right away before you are ever faced with a disaster. For instance, you can grow some of the plants in your backyard garden.



There are some people who have come out to condemn The Lost Ways book. One of them mentioned in an article that the reason she/he would not recommend this book is that the recipes are not in any way delicious. But that is not the point. The whole point of this book is to teach you how to survive in the least luxurious way possible rather than to live a five-star lifestyle.

The Lost Ways book covers pretty much every aspect necessary for decent human health and survival away from civilization. It explains how you can source food from plants that are generally termed weeds, make traps and catch animals, build a strategic underground shelter, manage your health, source and purify water for drinking, and carry out successful weapon management. Everyone alive needs to get this book.

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