The Cinderella Solution Review

1. What Is the Cinderella Solution Review Program?
2. What Is Included in the Cinderella Solution Program?
3. Cinderella Solution Bonus Content
4. Summary of What You Will Learn From the Cinderella Solution
5. Who Created the Cinderella Solution Program?
6. How Does the Cinderella Solution Work?
7. Pros and Cons of the Cinderella Solution Program
8. How Does the Cinderella Solution Program Compare to Other Weight Loss Programs Out There?
9. Cinderella Solution Frequently Asked Questions
10. Conclusion

The Cinderella Solution reviews reveal that you can fit into that pair of skinny jeans that is a size or two less than your current body size. According to renowned scientists, this program, which lasts for a duration of 28 days, is designed with the intent of controlling hormonal changes in women. These hormonal changes are biologically inevitable starting from the onset of puberty all the way to menopause and beyond.

Most women who have invested in this swear that it is the top-notch weight loss guide for a wide variety of women. This is quite interesting, but we are not taking their word for it.

On that note, we have dedicated this post to serve as an in-depth report of our extensive research on everything you need to know about this product. Will it enable you to lose substantial weight in as little as 4 weeks? Read on to find out.


What Is the Cinderella Solution Review Program?

what is the cinderella solution review program? - the cinderella solution review

The Cinderella Solution weight loss program is a digital product designed to help women lose excess body weight in the most natural way possible. The female body functions uniquely when it comes to getting into shape. For instance, men are generally known to lose weight faster than women because they tend to have more lean muscle tissue. And if you have more muscles, you will burn more fat.

Women, on the other hand, do not have as much lean muscle; plus, they undergo natural changes with age. This change is what we usually refer to as physical maturity characterized by the signs of puberty.

One interesting fact a lot of people do not know about these body changes in women is that they are caused by hormones. These hormones make the body gain weight in “all the right places” as well as all other parts of the body. These hormones also make it considerably more challenging to shed weight especially when there is a hormonal imbalance.

This is where the Cinderella Solution comes in. It helps you not just to shed some weight but also to maintain a healthy hormonal balance that is necessary for the female body to function at optimal levels. This balance affects mood regulation, immunity to diseases, fertility, sex drive, and a host of other health issues.

Basically, implementing this solution will put you on a lifestyle overhaul especially regarding your eating habits and workout routine.


What Is Included in the Cinderella Solution Program?

what is included in the cinderella solution program? - the cinderella solution review

Once you have made your purchase, you will have access to the main products and a number of bonuses all aimed at helping you achieve the best results possible.

Main products:


  • A manual

This is an easy-to-read compilation of detailed instructions on what you are expected to know and do within the duration of the Cinderella Solution program, which is 30 days.


  • A quick start guide

Just in case you do not have the time to go through the manual in the meantime, you can jump into this quick start guide to see what you can begin doing immediately to get started on the program.

After opening the manual, you will realize that it is sectioned into three parts. The first one explains the program in detail. It looks something like this.



Chapter 1: Weight Loss from the Inside Out

  • Where and How to Get Started

Chapter 2: Weight Loss Rituals

  • Food Coupling
  • Flavor Pairing
  • Nutrition Timing
  • Slim-Sequencing Exercise

Chapter 3: Ignite and Launch 2-Phase Approach

  • Phase 1: The Ignite Phase
  • Phase 2: The Launch Phase
  • Cycling the Ignite and Launch Phases

The second part focuses mainly on the nutritional aspect of the Cinderella Solution program. It looks as follows.



Chapter 4: Cinderella Tools

  • 14-Day Calendars
  • Daily Meal Plans
  • Bonus Recipes

Chapter 5: Macros and Food Pairing Rituals

  • PRIME Proteins
  • ROYAL Fats
  • POWER Carbs
  • ANGEL Carbs

Chapter 6: Meal Timing and Frequency

  • Ignite: 3 Meals Daily
  • Launch: 4 Meals Daily
  • When to Eat

The final part of the manual deals with the ideal exercise routine to go with the program.



Chapter 7: Traditional Exercise vs. Movement Sequencing

Chapter 8: Movement Sequencing Principles

  • Full Body Sequencing
  • Partial Sequencing
  • How Much Exercise Should You Do?
  • Movement Sequencing
  • Cycles
  • Don’t Over Train

Chapter 9: Making Time for Exercise

Chapter 10: Cinderella Tools


Cinderella Solution Bonus Content


  • 5 Minutes to Look Younger Best-Selling Workout DVD

This program was designed to make losing weight as easy as possible, which is why you have a workout DVD included for free. With your purchase, you get access to different workouts, simple routines, and detailed instructions on how to follow through with them.

Every exercise in this DVD targets all parts of your body to help you lose weight all around your body and at an even rate.


  • Cinderella Accelerator: 21-Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide
cinderella accelerator: 21-day kickstart nutrition guide - the cinderella solution review

This is a good place to start if you do not have the time to go through all of the materials provided in the package immediately. It is a 52-page booklet that contains every practical main meal recipe you need to get started right away.

It is important to understand that this guide cannot replace the actual manual. If you want a better and in-depth understanding of why the program is the way it is, then you should make time to read the main manual.


  • Cinderella Accelerator: The Movement Sequencing Activity Guide
cinderella accelerator: the movement sequencing activity guide - the cinderella solution review

Just like the name implies, this free guide contains a set of activities to be carried out in a specific manner for best results. The emphasis in this material is the sequence of the activities listed inside. In fact, it contains different links to easy-to-follow videos showing you exactly how you should carry out the workouts.


  • One-Day Detox

This is a meal plan geared specifically towards cleansing the body of toxins that have been accumulated over the years. The theory behind this is that eliminating certain food groups will remove unwanted elements from your body. Then, you will enjoy an increased level of energy, better bowel movements, relief from headaches, constipation, fatigue, muscle aches, and more effective weight loss.


  • 72 Female Fat-Loss Dessert Recipes

Again, there is really nothing about this program that is aimed at frustrating your taste buds; the 72 female fat-loss dessert recipes prove that. It contains carefully selected dessert recipes that are not just healthy but also tasty. They can significantly help you lose weight more efficiently by satisfying your cravings for dessert in a healthier way.


Summary of What You Will Learn From the Cinderella Solution

summary of what you will learn from the cinderella solution - the cinderella solution review

There are two parts to this program. The first part is the ignite phase, which takes two weeks to complete, and the second and final part is the launch phase, which takes another two weeks to complete.


  • Ignite phase

In this phase, you will be tackling the root cause of weight problems in most women, which includes hormonal imbalance. Take Cushing’s syndrome, for instance. It is one of the most common hormone-related health conditions that can cause you to become overweight or develop obesity.

To combat this issue, you are expected to eat three square meals per day with each meal planned according to the instructions in the manual. Ensure that you stick to this meal plan consistently, at least for the duration of the Cinderella Solution program, which is enough time to regulate the hormones in your body and get them to function properly.


  • Launch phase

At this phase, your meal plan will change a bit in the sense that you are expected to eat four times a day and not three as in the ignite phase. This may be quite surprising considering that the aim is to lose weight.

The meals are specifically planned and prepared with foods known to enhance weight loss. The strategy involves a technical combination of foods to achieve this aim. For instance, you can combine these foods.

  • Mint and green tea
  • Greek yogurt and sweet potatoes
  • Ricotta and berries

The idea behind these combinations is to improve the rate of metabolism, which ultimately leads to healthy weight loss.


Who Created the Cinderella Solution Program?

who created the cinderella solution program? - the cinderella solution review

Carly Donovan created the Cinderella Solution. She has lived the weight loss life and understands what a lot of women are going through in that regard. Prior to discovering this amazing product, she worked as a fitness coach in a gym for about a decade.

At that time, while she was a fitness coach, she also worked out a lot to stay fit herself. Her results were not bad, but they were unreliable because she still struggled with some weight issues and received some backlash from people who thought she had no business being a fitness coach if she could not stay fit herself.

Driven by her passion to stay fit, Carly decided to do whatever she could to combat her weight loss issues. She started with a visit to the doctor, and to her utmost amazement, she was told she had diabetes. This was the last straw that broke the camel’s back for her. She went into “research mode” with the intention of finding out the best ways to manage her health condition and weight issues.

A very notable point that informed her research process was the fact that countries like Australia, Switzerland, Japan, and Spain had the skinniest women in the world. These skinny women do not have to go to the gym, take weight loss pills, or live on a diet to maintain their weight. Being skinny is a norm for them.

After extensive research, Carly discovered that the way they eat and how they combine foods might have something to do with their weight. She tested out her theory, and she was right. This was how she developed her program.


How Does the Cinderella Solution Work?

You may already have an idea of how this program works, but let us look at it from a scientific point of view for better context. Scientifically, this program is based on addressing an insulin hormone imbalance, which is caused by ICE dysfunction.

When the hormones are not balanced, it affects your rate of metabolism, and this can cause a drastic weight gain that is usually difficult to shed. According to Carly, this hormone-related root issue can be dealt with by adapting the Japanese shoku-iku way of eating, practicing flavor pairing rituals, and engaging in a specified workout routine.

What is the shoku-iku way of eating? It is a Japanese philosophy that if you follow a certain concept of preparing and combining food, you will be energized and ultimately healthy. The concept is to apply common sense and strive for balance.

For instance, if you had a big breakfast in the morning, following this Japanese principle means you have to go for lighter meals for the rest of the day. Also, if you had high-carb foods like fries, pasta, potatoes, etc. the day before, then you are expected to eat lighter low-carb foods for the following day or two. This is how you apply common sense and balance in the shoku-iku way — offsetting heavier meals with lighter ones.

On another note, this Japanese principle encourages the preparing and eating of more dishes in tiny quantities at a time. In typical Japanese homes, families eat at least seven different small dishes per meal including lots of vegetables. Note that this variety of dishes usually includes different categories of food.

What is flavor pairing? The Cinderella Solution flavor pairing meal planning method was adapted from Japanese culture. It is a standard tradition in Japan, where specific foods and seasonings are paired together. This may not sound like much, but research has shown that doing this offers legitimate health benefits in the long run.

Here are some examples.

  • Raw tuna and yams
  • Sushi and wasabi
  • Saury and grated daikon radish
  • Miso soup and seaweed
  • Tofu and bonito flakes
  • Rice balls and laver


Pros and Cons of the Cinderella Solution Program

pros and cons of the cinderella solution review program - the cinderella solution review


As you might have already observed, this program is packed with a lot of benefits aside from shedding some weight. Here are some of the things we like about it.


  • First, it is a digital program

 Nope, you do not have to buy pills, shakes, or any physical weight loss products for that matter. You are only required to make a purchase. Then, you will be granted instant access to a virtual package via download. The materials will guide you on how to plan your meals.


  • No need to count calories

Interestingly, the Cinderella Solution process does not involve counting calories or limiting your meals to greens alone. It does not encourage food exclusion, so you still get to enjoy all the flavors you love.


  • Money-back guarantee

It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if it did not work for you after putting it to proper use for 60 days. So, you have nothing to lose.


  • Excellent value for your money

The Cinderella Solution is a one-time purchase package, so it is obviously an excellent value for your money. Once you have the materials downloaded, you have unlimited access to information that can help you and other women around you live a balanced life while maintaining a healthy weight and consistently regulated hormones.


  • Detailed and easy to follow information

It does not matter if you do not like reading. The information contained in these materials is quite detailed and easy to follow. You get the complete facts and figures necessary for your weight loss journey at a very affordable rate. They are also practical and can help you keep track of your achievements one step at a time.


  • Easy to follow workout routine

If you are planning to invest in this, chances are you already have a workout routine designed to help you lose weight. Once you start with this program, you will be surprised to find out that most of the exercises recommended in this package are less daunting than what you already have been doing.

Plus, it does not take a lot of time, which makes it suitable for busy women who are low on time and even resources. The workout routine does not require a lot of intensity or materials. It is such an easy step to take for your health and fitness.


  • Beyond weight loss

Yes, you want to lose weight, and with this program, you will achieve that and even a lot more. For instance, well-regulated hormone levels promote excellent energy levels. You can say goodbye to heavy breathing after climbing a few stairs, fatigue from doing a little work, and inability to stand for a long time; all of that will be gone.

In addition to that, you will also enjoy better sleep at night and reduced mood fluctuations. Speaking of which, mood swings are something every woman has to deal with, but they can be notably moderated when hormones are kept at healthy levels.



As great as the Cinderella Solution program is, it is not a perfect one. It comes with some downsides that you should know about before investing in it.


  • A gender-based solution

Why is the program meant for just women? As we know, men may also be overweight. Possibly, other weight loss programs have focused more on men.

Will a man see results if he invests and follows through with the Cinderella Solution? Maybe, maybe not. What we know for sure is that the program was specifically tailored to suit women biologically, psychologically, and physically.


  • Patience and consistency

Just like we mentioned in the introduction, this program can help you fit into clothes that are one or two sizes lower than your current body size, but you have to be consistent and patient to achieve the results. This means you may have to run more than one cycle as recommended by the Cinderella Solution to achieve the result you desire. One cycle is just enough for you to start seeing results to encourage you to keep going.

For best results, do not wait before starting another 30-day cycle. Make it a continuous process without any breaks, and you will see better results. Note that if you decide to go longer than 30 days, you do not have to start all over from the ignite stage. All you have to do is continue with the launch phase until you are all done.


How Does the Cinderella Solution Program Compare to Other Weight Loss Programs Out There?

Again, there are a lot of other weight loss programs out there. Many of them are neither verified nor reliable. On the other hand, there are a few of them that are great and can produce excellent results when followed correctly.

The Cinderella Solution weight loss reviews imply that it is one of the best weight loss plans on the market, but how exactly does it compare to other great programs out there?

According to the Society of Behavioral Medicine, there are certain ways to tell if a weight loss program is up to standards.


  • Promises reasonable results

First things first, if you are looking for an overnight solution that can get you to drop two sizes in two days, then this is not the one. Dropping two sizes in two days (even two months) is unrealistic, unhealthy, and highly not recommended.

There are many weight loss programs that are equivalent to the “get rich quick” schemes out there promising notable weight loss in 30 days or less. Those should be avoided at all costs.


  • Does not limit your diet

Why would anyone go through the stress of eating unsavory meals every day to lose weight when they can eat whatever they want in a regulated manner and still get the same results? Some of the unhealthy programs would have you feasting on greens all day long, limiting you from a diet you enjoy.

From the beginning of the Cinderella Solution program, the intention was to regulate the hormones in the female body in order to improve metabolism and facilitate weight loss in the healthiest way possible. This process requires eating a balanced meal as often as possible. Depriving dieters of almost every savory meal and placing them on a diet of greens alone would defeat this intention.


  • Works hand in hand with lifestyle change

So, here is a scenario that will help to conceptualize the situation. If you have a tap with water running from it that is overflowing the sink and messing up the floor, how do you clean up the mess? If you quickly dry up the water without turning off the tap, you may achieve temporary results, but the floor will get wet again over time, which means you only wasted your time.

But if you turn off the tap and dry up the floor, you will have a more reliable result. The floor will dry up and stay that way as long as the water does not flow from the tap to the floor again.

It is the same with the Cinderella Solution program. If you wish to achieve lasting results with it, then you have to adopt the meal plan and exercise routine in the manual for your whole life. If you go back to your old way of living, chances are you may gain excess weight again.

With all of these in place as mentioned above, it is pretty obvious how this program compares to any other program out there.


Cinderella Solution Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Am I too old for the Cinderella Solution to work for me?

The truth is that no one is too old to benefit from this weight loss plan. It was fundamentally developed to help women who are battling with shedding some fat, specifically women who are 35 years old and above. Women over this age are likely struggling with hormone-related weight gain.


  1. Are there other benefits of the Cinderella Solution program aside from weight loss?

Yes, aside from shedding a notable number of pounds, there are also a bunch of other benefits you stand to gain from this program. Some of them include reduced mood swings, healthier periods, increased libido, quality sleep, better skin/hair/nail condition, possible solution to fertility problems, and so on.


  1. Is the Cinderella solution a scam?

No, this program is not a scam for a number of reasons. First, there have been countless testimonies about the great benefits of this program from women who have adopted it and are now reaping the benefits. These countless testimonies along with the credibility of the program have accounted for an increase in the popularity of this program among women of all ages.

On another note, the fact that this program is an information-based approach (which means you do not have to buy pills, steroids, shakes, or any such consumables) is another reason it cannot be dismissed as a scam.


  1. How long will it take to see results with the Cinderella Solution weight loss program?

The short answer to this question is that you can lose a notable amount of weight in 28 days, which is how long it takes to complete a cycle of the program. On the other hand, it depends on your weight loss plan. If what you see after consistently following the program for 28 days is good enough for you, then that is great. If not, you probably have to complete another cycle.


  1. What happens if I do not get the desired results with the Cinderella Solution?

It is highly unlikely that anyone who follows through with this program consistently would not get any desired results, but if that were to happen, you would be entitled to a refund after 60 days. This may mean that you would have to run the program for that long before making your final verdict.



Do you know what is interesting? The Cinderella Solution was developed from a traditional way of eating since time immemorial. It is commendable that this Japanese eating culture has been preserved to this day, and we have Carly to thank for bringing it to our notice with the Cinderella Solution.

She also encourages us to apply the power of exercise in the Cinderella Solution program, and she is articulate about the type of results you will get from this if you follow through with it for at least 30 days. Above all, it promotes better health from the inside out.