Hyperbolic Stretching Review – Is It Legit or a Scam?

1. Who Needs Hyperbolic Stretching?
2. Why You Need to Invest in the Hyperbolic Stretching Program?
3. What Is Hyperbolic Stretching?
4. What Do You Get When You Purchase the Hyperbolic Stretching Guide?
5. Hyperbolic Stretching Bonuses
6. Pros and Cons of Hyperbolic Stretching
7. About the Author: The Story Behind the Hyperbolic Stretching Program
8. Hyperbolic Stretching – Frequently Asked Questions
10. Hyperbolic Stretching Program: Conclusion

Hyperbolic Stretching is one workout regimen every fitness enthusiast needs to try out. Why, you may ask? Because it is an “ancient” stretching method that elevates flexibility, improves endurance, and strengthens the muscles to maintain overall body fitness. This is quite a claim for “just” a stretching workout regimen, but the claims are backed by renowned principles and over 100 scientific studies. It is not a scam; it is legit.

In this post, we will be sharing every important detail of what this program is really about, its origin, who created it, the benefits and downsides, as well as how it compares to other workout routines you may be familiar with. You can buy it right away at an amazing discount rate. Plus, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program.


Who Needs Hyperbolic Stretching?

who needs hyperbolic stretching? - hyperbolic stretching review

This program is meant for anyone at all who wishes to increase his or her body’s flexibility and overall fitness. However, since the female body is usually more flexible than the male body, the creator of the program thought it wise to alter the routine and tailor it to gender-related flexibility.

Irrespective of gender, this program is suitable for a variety of people.

  • People with certain muscle-related illnesses
  • Athletes
  • Those who work out at home without equipment
  • People who may not be able to afford a gym membership
  • Fitness for kids in sports
  • Anyone interested in improved flexibility and fitness
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Why You Need to Invest in the Hyperbolic Stretching Program


  • Money-Back Guarantee

So far, about one hundred thousand people who invested in this program have attested to its effectiveness. As a result of this, it is gaining a lot more recognition. Why has this program become so popular among men and women who value flexibility and general body fitness?

First, there is a standing order for you to get your money back after 60 days if you are not satisfied with your results. This means you do not have anything to lose when you buy this product; you either enjoy the benefit of all-around flexibility and tremendous increase in stamina, or you get your money back.


  • Backed by Over 100 Scientific Studies

Just to prove that this program is not a scam, over one hundred studies were carried out regarding the principles and techniques that form the basis of this program.

The results of the studies show that people who invest in this course can gain full body flexibility at a rate that is 300% to 500% more efficient than other body stretching protocols.


  • Based on an Ancient Workout Technique

The regular workouts of today were developed from already pre-existing ancient workout routines. In the course of these developments, a lot of alterations were made, and some benefits were lost.

Investing in the Hyperbolic Stretching Guide means you get to go back to the very roots of working out and enjoy all the basic benefits it has to offer. Also, the scientific results show that people who invest in this program enjoy these benefits for life.


  • Ongoing Irresistible Discount

Another reason why there is recent hype and raving about this product is the ongoing irresistible discount you get to enjoy. Aside from the main 8-minute workout video, which is the star of the package, you also get to enjoy a bunch of other workout videos and manuals for free and at an affordable rate.

People who buy this product soon get to enjoy a discount of about 70%, a one-time subscription, and full money-back guarantee after 60 days.


What Is Hyperbolic Stretching?

what is hyperbolic stretching? - hyperbolic stretching review

Hyperbolic Stretching is an 8-minute workout routine guide that shows you how to unleash your maximum stretching potential in a matter of 30 days. It focuses on ancient techniques backed by scientific principles, and it has been proven to be far more effective than conventional stretching.

Speaking of scientific principles, this routine works based on the SAID principle, advanced stretching protocols, sequential exercise progression, muscle stretch reflex manipulation, and autogenic inhibition. The routine benefits all parts of the body with its main focus on the pelvic floor muscles, back, glutes, and abs.

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What Do You Get When You Purchase the Hyperbolic Stretching Guide?


  • 8-Minute Video Routines Suitable for Any Age and Body Type

This is the main item of the show designed for beginners and advanced users alike. Since it is a video, you can have it on your mobile phone and take it with you wherever you go. The video explains the process in very simple English and straightforward steps, making it quite easy to work with.


  • Side Splits Video Series
side splits video series - hyperbolic stretching review

From this video, you will learn how to relieve your hips and split your legs to your sides all the way apart and flat on the ground. This position is known as center or side splits and is usually a tough position to assume.


  • Front Splits Video Series
front splits video series - hyperbolic stretching review

Being able to do the side split does not make you able to do the front split. You have to train separately for it with this video. It explains and shows you how you can make your hamstring and hip flexors fully elastic and strengthened at the same time.


  • Pike Mastery
pike mastery - hyperbolic stretching review

If you would like to learn how to completely fold your body from your waist while sitting on a flat surface with your legs closed together, then this is the video for you. This position is a tough one and is somewhat in the category of contortion.


  • Dynamic Flexibility and Stretching
complete upper body stretching - hyperbolic stretching review

This video will guide you on how to achieve full lower body flexibility and easily do full splits in the air. At the end of the 4-week duration of this guide, you will have maximized your range of movement and accelerated your kicking ability and speed.


  • Easy Bridge
easy bridge - hyperbolic stretching review

This video focuses on the upper part of the body. It improves your shoulders, back, waist, and abdominal muscles. It specifically engages these areas of the body, which results in improved mobility, flexibility, and strength.


  • Complete Upper Body Stretching
complete upper body stretching - hyperbolic stretching review

If you feel your body movement is a bit stiff, then this will be a great start for you. It is mostly recommended for beginners who are stiff from lack of regular exercise and weightlifters who are stiff from heavy lifting.


Hyperbolic Stretching Bonuses

hyperbolic stretching bonuses - hyperbolic stretching review

In addition to the videos mentioned above, you also get the following bonuses.


  • Flexibility Manual

This is a simple hip mobility test that can be performed at home or anywhere with no equipment.


  • Full Body Flexibility for Men/Women

This is an outline of a workout that can help loosen parts of the body like the hips, legs, and upper back.


  • Mindpower Unleashed Workbook for Success

Here, you get ancient and modern secrets that have been scientifically proven to reprogram the mind for prosperity, success, and power.


  • 30-Day Flexibility Video Course for Home and Gym

In this video, you will be guided to choose between two stretching routines: an equipment routine or a no-equipment routine.

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Pros and Cons of Hyperbolic Stretching


  • Suitable for everyone irrespective of their skill level, age, or gender
  • Benefits all parts of the body and improves flexibility to its maximum
  • Focuses on improving flexibility, relaxation, and relief
  • Reduces tension on the muscles and prevents physical injuries
  • Encourages nitric acid production, which helps to boost energy
  • Fills the brain with valuable nutrients and hormones, which improves self-esteem and confidence
  • Great for people who may be recovering from orthopedic disorders
  • Improves your posture by strengthening your core, spine, pelvis, and abdominal and back muscles
  • Cost-effective because you only make a one-time payment
  • Enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results



  • Not suitable for pregnant women and people with certain medical conditions
  • Only available online and in a digital format


About the Author: The Story Behind the Hyperbolic Stretching Program

about the author: the story behind the hyperbolic stretching program - hyperbolic stretching review

The Hyperbolic Stretching program was founded by Alex Larson, a former computer programmer turned fitness expert. He left his programming job after he developed neuro-muscular shutdown as a result of sitting for too long. This means he was temporarily unable to move.

He consulted medical experts about his condition, and he was told his body motion range would be limited for months before his muscular system could reactivate and work properly again with the help of exercises. This was when he started working out consistently like his life depended on it. He came across ancient workout routines, and this was how he discovered the Hyperbolic Stretching method.

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Hyperbolic Stretching – Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I download the Hyperbolic Stretching video guide to my device?

After making a one-time payment, you are eligible to access the videos online as long as you have an internet connection. However, if you want the hard copy format, you can have it printed and sent to your home on special order on the condition that you pay for the extra service.


  1. How long will my subscription to the Hyperbolic Stretching program last?

There is no limit to how long our subscription will last. All you have to do is make a one-time payment, and you will have access to the program for as long as the program exists.


  1. Can I join the Hyperbolic Stretching program from outside the US?

This program can be accessed from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. To make a purchase, you will need to change your country’s currency to the US dollar through your bank.


  1. In what health condition am I not eligible to participate in the Hyperbolic Stretching program?

This program is suitable for everyone except people with certain health conditions. For instance, if you are recovering from an injury that affected any of your joints, connective tissues, tendons, or muscle, then you may have to wait until you are fully recovered before participating. If you are pregnant or have some doubts about your health, please, ensure you consult your doctor before participating in the program.


  1. Do I need any equipment for the Hyperbolic Stretching program?

Nope! You do not need a single piece of equipment for this workout regimen. This makes it all the more affordable and easier to be a part of.


Hyperbolic Stretching Program: Conclusion

There is absolutely nothing more to be said about this program. From every indication, it is obvious that it is no scam. Alex developed it based on ancient workout routines known to be the very foundation of the conventional workouts we are used to these days. This means he took into consideration the fundamentals of stretching. The reviews by people who have used it speak loudly of how beneficial it can be.

Also, the Hyperbolic Stretching program can be explained today in light of scientific principles like the SAID principle, advanced stretching protocols, sequential exercise progression, muscle stretch reflex manipulation, and autogenic inhibition. This program is also research based and backed by over 100 studies with life-changing results. It is not a scam. It is 100% legitimate and the best thing that can ever happen to anyone who wants to develop all-around body flexibility, stamina, and strength.

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