His Secret Obsession Review

1. What Is the His Secret Obsession Program?
2. Story Behind the Program
3. What Is Included in the Program?
4. What You Will Learn from His Secret Obsession
5. Pros and Cons of His Secret Obsession
6. Conclusion

Today, we deliver our His Secret Obsession review. If you have heard about all of the hype and positive user reviews surrounding this latest release by relationship guru James Bauer, then you have all the reason in the world to be excited. Are you struggling to get the man in your life to commit to you fully? Or maybe you have met the man of your dreams, and you cannot quite seem to gauge whether or not he feels the same way about you.

Regardless of your reasons for being interested in seeking some kind of help with the current or intended man in your life, today we are going to help you to determine whether or not His Secret Obsession is the form of help you have been looking for. Ready to find out more? Let’s sail down the river of love…


What Is the His Secret Obsession Program?

his secret obsession review - what is the his secret obsession program?

His Secret Obsession aims to overcome all of the obstacles you are ever likely to encounter when it comes to both understanding how the male mind works and getting a man to commit to you long term.


Here are some issues this book takes head on.

  • Men losing interest once the initial attraction wears off over time
  • Reluctance to commit to a long-term relationship even when the relationship seems strong
  • Waning interest and a lack of communication, sometimes seemingly out of nowhere


Although this is an incredibly comprehensive eBook by traditional standards when compared to other offerings in this genre at 200 pages, you will find that not a word is wasted thanks to the detailed advice offered in conjunction with practical and easy-to-follow steps.

These steps will take you through simple actions that you can take to overcome the issues listed above and work your way through to a happy long-term situation with your partner by allowing you to more effectively appeal to a man’s inner needs. Bauer clearly defines those needs.


  • A requirement to feel wanted and needed
  • A desire to provide unyieldingly for a lover
  • A strong need to be respected and liked by peers


All of these tie into his “hero” philosophy. This philosophy basically states that in order to be truly happy and to feel complete, a man needs to feel like a hero, and his chosen or intended future lover has an enormous part to play in that. After a while of using the teachings offered in His Secret Obsession daily, your love life will take enormous steps forward.

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Story Behind the Program

his secret obsession review - story behind the program

This book comes directly from the mind of James Bauer, an already well-established author. Having previously enjoyed a large degree of success with a past eBook (What Men Secretly Want), Bauer was inspired to further build on the foundation laid out in that release and enhance the practicality of his daily teachings and advice with a more refined offering.

As a relationship counsellor by trade during his day-to-day life, Bauer is no stranger to handling difficult situations relating to romance. In fact, it was actually as a result of overcoming one particularly difficult situation that he was inspired to create this program.

As part of one of his sessions with a regular client, Bauer felt compelled to help this client formulate a message that would directly grab the attention of a desired male lover. When this message was sent (in the form of only twelve words), the man then responded favourably, leading to a romantic situation.

This was clearly a favourable result, and Bauer believed that the twelve-word formula perfectly “spoke” to all of the inner needs and desires of a man. As such, he not only wanted to release this formula but also to explain why it works so effectively.

Before long, His Secret Obsession was created to deliver every ounce of that knowledge as practically and comprehensively as possible. This is quite literally the product of 12 years of combined knowledge and teaching all compacted into 200 pages of effective delivery.


What Is Included in the Program?

his secret obsession review - what is included in the program?

Although there are many other programs and eBooks on the market offering a wealth of bonus content, what you are going to get here plainly and simply is an incredibly jam-packed 200-page eBook with an absolute mountain of useful information.

Usually, the lack of extra offerings would be a negative. In this instance, it illustrates the fact that this program simply does not require any additional bonus content because it is well put together enough to cover your needs from every possible angle.

The book is split into two separate parts discussed below.


Part One – The Hero Instinct

Men have a built-in need to feel like and be treated like a hero. There are many, many ways in which a woman can accomplish this for her lover, but the bottom line is that if this need is not met, the man will likely pursue the fulfilment of his needs in an alternative way with someone else.

Part one of the book aims to fully explain this all-important instinct and why men feel like this in the first place. It then explains how so many women could potentially be going wrong by not appealing to this part of a man’s nature. After that, the first part of the book discusses what can be done to satisfy it.


Part Two – The 12-Word Secret Signal

This section of the book starts with the incredibly important twelve-word text that initially inspired Bauer to write this book. After reading through part one, you will then understand why this combination of words is so powerful.

Following this, you are then given a breakdown of practical signals and phrases you can use for different situations.

  • Fascination signals
  • Glimpse phrases
  • Non-spoken signals
  • Ex-back signals
  • Damsel in distress signals

These practical techniques can then be used in many varied situations.

  • Getting your ex back
  • Re-sparking romance
  • Attracting a man
  • Dating but wanting more

Once you have read through to the end of both parts of the eBook, you are going to be an expert in your own right on the inner workings of a man.

As many of the His Secret Obsession reviews will attest, the knowledge and techniques offered here genuinely work and often to great success.

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What You Will Learn from His Secret Obsession

This eBook has been formulated to provide a one-stop source for completely unlocking the male mind and getting a man to commit to a long-term relationship with a woman by delivering bulletproof tactics to tap into the male “hero” instinct.


Over the course of reading the book, you will learn how to successfully accomplish a number of things.

  • Use certain phrases and signals to get your preferred response from your male partner
  • Completely understand how the male mind works so that you are not left questioning his actions or some of the things he says
  • Realise when you are doing or saying things that could push a man away and begin to spot warning signs that you are having this effect on him
  • Better understand why you have been left feeling frustrated in certain situations and precisely why you did not get the response you were looking for from him
  • Future proof your relationship by using the right phrases and performing the right actions at the right time


As part of our His Secret Obsession review, we read the book from beginning to end, and we can confirm that all of the knowledge and tactics offered here are not only effective, but they are especially reassuring too.

We say this because the content has not just been put together by a self-proclaimed expert. You are actually learning how to “read” the male mind from the perspective of a successful and highly experienced and fully qualified relationship psychologist.

Bauer has quite literally unlocked his years of learning in both the field and at one time the classroom and opened the door for you to come in and absorb it all. Once you have bought the book, you have then bought the results of years of trial, effort, and relationship development.

This imparts grade-A knowledge that is usually exclusive to relationship counsellors and only highly experienced ones at that. For the purchase price, this is an enormous value.


Pros and Cons of His Secret Obsession

his secret obsession review - pros and cons of his secret obsession

Nothing is perfect, and there are certainly some negatives with this program to counterbalance the positives. We will take a look at all of the reasons why you should take the leap and commit to His Secret Obsession first, before observing the couple of reasons why you might want to reconsider.


  • Pro #1 The core content is well developed

The lack of bonus content offered here could be viewed as a con, but when you read the book, you will completely understand why none is needed too. This program features some of the most well-developed, fully fledged content of any digital eBook or program ever released. Simply put, it is so well put together that it does not need a support act.


  • Pro #2 – The information and tactics are proven and highly credible

Bauer (the author) is somewhat of a rarity due to being a currently practising relationship counsellor who has actually used the prescribed tactics in this book as part of his day-to-day guidance to great success. In a nutshell, that means that what you are getting is reliable, proven, and maximally effective.


  • Pro #3 – It is practical and accessible

As opposed to simply overloading you with knowledge, which you still get in abundance, you also get a huge array of practical and easy-to-implement steps and techniques that anybody can understand and apply with ease. For those who are more of a “doer” than a reader, this means that the program will work well for them too. It is useful for anybody.


  • Pro #4 – It has an amazing value

If you actually added up the cost of learning all of the knowledge being offered over the course of the 200 pages of the book, it would be absolutely astronomical. Well, it would be into the thousands and potentially even hundreds of thousands of dollars considering college, seminars, and counselling fees.


  • Pro #5 – The money-back guarantee

If you are not happy with the results during the first two months or do not feel like the book has had any kind of positive impact, you can get every penny of your money back. This is a market-leading guarantee offer and inspires a great deal of confidence in the product.


Now onto the not so good parts.


  • Con #1 – It is only for women

The communication tactics and practical steps offered here will only work on a man from a female perspective but not vice versa. If you are looking for a book that caters to the needs of both sexes, then sadly, this is not it.


  • Con #2 – The price tag is higher than some other programs

Although we have already stated how great the value offered here is, this will not stop people from being disappointed if they are shopping on price alone. This is a more expensive offering than some of the alternatives in this genre, but that is only because it has been so extensively developed.


  • Con #3 – No bonus content

It has become fairly typical now for any digital eBook or program to come crammed with bonus content, and there is not any here. This is purely because there does not need to be any as the core material is so well rounded. Still, if you expect any freebies, you will be disappointed.

Despite our above list of pros and cons based on our own experience, everybody’s take on this program is going to be slightly different. One look at His Secret Obsession reviews from the thousands of existing happy readers, however, should highlight even more reasons why it is so effective.

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After reading through our review today, we hope that you now feel like you have a much, much better understanding of what this widely discussed program is and how it works. You have probably heard a lot about it already, but sometimes it can be hard to separate the hype from reality. Today, we told you exactly what it is, how it works, and precisely what it can do to help you develop your own relationship with your male partner.

Even though it is a fairly lengthy book at 200 pages, you will find the content easy to read and very practical. You will be highly engaged from beginning to end. In turn, once you put the knowledge and tactics offered in His Secret Obsession into practice, you will notice that your man is fully engaged with you.