Best Reading Chair

1. Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman
2. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair
3. Homall Recliner Chair
4. Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair with Metal Frame
5. Sofa Sack-Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair

Finding a comfortable chair to sit in and read your favorite books can be an extremely difficult challenge. There is a wide variation in the quality of the thousands of choices on offer on the market. Luckily for you, we’ve made this process incredibly easy. We searched every corner of the Internet to discover the best affordable reading chair models currently available. We compared every feature, every review, and every manufacturer until we were satisfied that we could provide you with all of the information you could ever need.

By the time you’ve read through to the end of this guide, you’ll know exactly how to compare the best models out there to secure the best possible chair for you and we’ve even delivered a top five list of what we feel are the best chairs you can spend your hard-earned money on.

What Is a Reading Chair?

Though there are many thousands of different models available in their essence they all strive to fulfill the same purpose. A reading chair is supposed to be a comfortable and supportive chair that you can use to read a book or perform any other seated activity for an extended period of time. Of course, this description makes them sound purely functional but there are some incredible eye-catching designs out there that serve to complement the decor of pretty much any setting with some serious class and elegance.

Despite the variations of the different products, the basic idea is that the best reading chair for you will allow you to sit in total comfort thanks to a cushion that lets you sink snugly into the chair while still being firm enough to support your back.

Ideally, your legs should be elevated above your heart to encourage effective blood flow and lymphatic fluid circulation. This makes for healthier internal function while providing a stable platform for you to fully concentrate on and enjoy the latest bestselling novel. Of course, a chair like this can also be used for watching movies, knitting, making phone calls, or pretty much anything you can think of that you might perform in a seated position. The key is simply to find one that supports you the most whilst also complementing the decor of your home.

How to Pick the Right Reading Chair?

In this section, we’re going to outline all of the various different features you should compare when looking for a product from this category if you want to make the most effective choice for you. At first, the different variations from one model to another can be quite overwhelming, but the below key points are the main ones that you really need to consider when looking for the best chair for reading.

Seat Height

The height of your seat is an important factor in two areas. These areas are comfort and support. The closer the chair is to the ground the more laid back and relaxed the angle of the chair is likely to be. At roughly five to six inches above the floor, it’s also likely that your legs are going to be effectively elevated at the right level versus your heart thus promoting internal functionality.

How Comfortable Is It?

Comfort is a very subjective thing. What makes one person feel comfortable might not be comfortable for someone else.  As such, it’s worthwhile taking the time to browse through the options in person and try out a few chairs. Provided you feel like your back is well supported and you’re also snug and completely relaxed then it’s likely that the model you’re looking at is right for you.

Materials Used

Though the materials used tie more into preference when it comes to decoration, they can actually have a large impact on how the chair is going to interact with your body. Leather for instance is hard-wearing but arguably not as comfortable as a plush cushioned fabric build.

Consider where your chair will be placed and whether or not you need to try and prioritize durability at the loss of a little comfort or a combination of the two, provided you can find the right chair. There’s something out there to tick most of your boxes if you take the time to look.

Can It Swivel?

Having the ability to make your chair swivel might just seem like a novelty but it really enhances the practicality of your chair, especially if you’re using it for a variety of purposes. Swivel mounts mean that you can get the best viewing angle for a movie or turn to face a guest comfortably. Regardless of how you’d use this function, it’s definitely a no brainer if you’ve got the spare room to be able to accommodate it.

How Big Is It?

The size of your chair is important because if it doesn’t fit into the space you have, you can’t use it! Despite this being seemingly obvious you’d be surprised at how many people buy a reading chair online without measuring up first and it can often end in disaster.

Some people like smaller chairs, while others prefer the big and oversized sofa chair look. Regardless of your preferences, do yourself a favor and measure first to avoid any disappointment.

Does It Include Armrests?

Armrests serve to make an already comfortable chair even more comfortable and are often inbuilt into the more robust or large and comfortable models. Some products don’t have them and are lower to the ground offering an almost “sun lounger” type appearance.

The low-profile models might work well for some, but if you’re looking to spend extended periods of time in the chair then it only makes sense to go for something that offers maximum comfort to take every ounce of strain away from your body. Armrests make this possible.

Does It Recline?

Having the option to be able to recline is amazing because it essentially offers the best of all worlds approach to maximum comfort. In the upright position, you’ve got all the support of a firm sofa chair but when you recline you can lie back with your feet elevated for optimum circulation.

Though recliners are usually the most expensive offerings in this niche, they’re absolutely worth the extra money for the additional support and comfort they offer. They’re also usually some of the most stylish looking and premium options around.


There are thousands of styles when it comes to chair varieties; there are too many to even try to begin to list them all. But that’s a good thing. We wanted to highlight style to make you aware that there is absolutely going to be something out there to suit your preferences. No matter what type of internal decor you currently have, you’ll be able to find a chair with the right style and finish to compliment it. Take the time to search for the best match.


When you consider what the basic essence of a reading chair is, this opens up many different design possibilities. There are hundreds of different shapes and sizes out there including everything from oversized floor cushions to egg-shaped chairs.

If you need serious support then it goes without saying that something robust and rigid will be necessary, but for a little fun factor, floor cushions can be a great addition to any room, as can some of the quirkier shaped designs.


It goes without saying that you’re always going to want to get more for paying less where it’s reasonably possible, but these products are a great example of how a small amount of money can stretch a long way if you’re careful with your purchase decision.

You can actually get a lot of quality for not a lot of money if you do some savvy comparison shopping. It’s worth taking the time to pore over every available option within your style bracket because you’d be surprised at how little you’ll pay for a great item if it isn’t made by a big brand name.


It’s sometimes a good idea to shop for a product based on well-known brand names because their products are being used all over the world by thousands of happy customers already. Some of the best manufacturers currently producing the best reading chair options are Flash Furniture, Giantex, Storkcraft, Homall, Urban Shop, Sofa Sack, Jaxpety, and Christopher Knight. Any product purchased from one of these manufacturers is sure to meet your requirements.

Top 5 Best Reading Chairs

We’ll now present you with what we feel are the five best options currently available on the market when it comes to high-quality reasonably priced chairs that have been optimized for extended reading periods. There should be a style and design to suit every need in conjunction with offering maximum support and comfort options for those who need it the most.

1. Our Pick: Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

storkcraft premium hoop glider and ottoman - best reading chair


  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient storage
  • Multiple colors
  • Premium comfort

This option is our favorite for several reasons, but they can all be summarized by saying that it ticks pretty much every box you could ever want ticking. And it does it all for an incredible price point that puts some big-brand name offerings to shame. Due to its comfortable fabric finish and sturdy metal build, you’ve got both maximum comfort and maximum support in one package while the included high-quality ottoman allows you to elevate your legs.



  • Lots of features for the money
  • Really versatile design
  • Amazing price point
  • Easy to maintain thanks to its exposed mechanism



  • Exposed recline mechanism may be susceptible to damage
  • Not the sturdiest build quality

The adjustable internal mechanism allows you to remain upright or recline, you’ve got integrated armrests to take away any possible strain and there is even a wide variety of color/style options at your disposal. There’s not much not to like here. The only criticism is that the build quality isn’t as durable as some of the more sturdily constructed chairs on the market. But you can’t have it all, especially not for the same great price.

Public Review Summary: The chair has an attractive design and the cushions are comfortable. It is easy to assemble and cleaning is also very easy. Also, there are side pockets for holding some extra items. The seat bottom feels like memory foam and the arm and back cushions are also very soft. The only downside is that the back is a little short.

2. Best for Style Variety: Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

chill sack bean bag chair - best reading chair


  • Fun for everyone
  • Oversized sack
  • Made in the USA
  • Shredded memory foam

Alright, so the bean sack design might not be to everyone’s tastes, but most people would agree that they’re unarguably snug and add some cool, laid back comfort to any living room without a massive price tag. That’s exactly what this oversized sack does albeit with one additional benefit over some of its competitors’ products. The array of different color options is simply staggering. There’s pretty much no other product on the market that can compete when it comes to style variety.



  • Molds around the body effectively
  • Lots of color options to suit any home
  • Easy to work with due to no construction being required
  • A practical space-saving option



  • Not as durable as other options
  • Won’t suit all decor schemes

There’s something here to suit the decor preferences of almost anybody, while providing a really comfortable place to read a book or watch a film. The great thing about sacks is that they mold around your body thus offering more support than you might expect. Though the lack of rigidity means that these product types are never going to be world leaders for back support. The accessible no-construction-required comfort they offer from the moment they’re delivered makes them an easy to work with and reliable reading option.

Public Review Summary: It is a comfortable chair with plenty of room to sit or even to lie down. The size is exactly as in the description and the design is simple but attractive at the same time. The microsuede cover is super comfortable too and makes it so that you can’t feel the memory foam pieces underneath. And on the backside, it quite often has a smell when new so you need to wash it several times. Durability is also a problem for this product.

3. Best Premium: Homall Recliner Chair

homall recliner chair - best reading chair


  • Upgraded footrest
  • PU leather
  • Foot protection
  • Double comfort

We were actually very tempted to say that this is the best budget option too, despite it being the most expensive on the list, but it’s also the best premium option. This may seem like somewhat of a contradiction but the quality on offer helps explain why the price tag is so reasonable. This PU leather recliner chair is incredibly well-made thanks to the sturdy construction that makes it both durable and highly supportive. The integrated reclining mechanism also means that you can sit upright or lie back for enhanced relaxation.



  • Very high quality for the cost
  • Durable build that’ll last for years
  • Overall functionality compares to market-leading products
  • Really comfortable and supportive



  • It’s more expensive than other options
  • Bulky design might not fit in all locations

It’s as well-designed as some of the most expensive options on the market despite costing a fraction of the cost (anywhere from a fifth to a tenth in some instances!). It offers a full premium recliner experience thanks to its classy looks, high-quality materials, and optimum functionality. There’s not much that you can really fault here. It’s more expensive than other products but that’s to be expected for the quality on offer.

Public Review Summary: This chair is made from soft leather material and the comfort it provides is of a high level. It is lightweight with straight beautiful design and easy to assemble. The only thing it isn’t big enough so for big people probably you should check other options.

4. Best Budget Option: Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair with Metal Frame

urban shop faux fur saucer chair with metal frame - best reading chair


  • 225 lb. weight capacity
  • Opens and folds in seconds
  • 100% micro mink fabrication
  • Lots of different color options

If you’re looking for an effective chair for reading on a tight budget then this is absolutely going to be the best one on the market thanks to its combination of a rigid design and maximum comfort within the form of a snug and streamlined chair that’ll fit in anywhere. The quirky design of this product makes for a plush fabric seating option that’s incredibly comfortable whilst being rigid enough to provide enough support to achieve maximum safety when you’re sat for extended periods.



  • Highly practical design
  • Incredibly low cost
  • Rigid enough to offer a good level of back support
  • Design will look good in most settings



  • Not as durable and supportive as alternative products
  • Foldable design may be susceptible to easy damage

It looks fun whilst still being classy, meaning that it shouldn’t look out of place regardless of the setting it’s placed in. The fact that it can fold for easy storage is an added bonus too. Obviously, the price tag is also a huge positive as it costs roughly a third of most of the other available products. A negative would be the lack of sturdiness and durability due to the easily foldable design. But that’s a small compromise for the accessibility and versatility on offer.

Public Review Summary: It is an extremely comfortable and soft chair with pleasant faux fur. It folds up like a folding chair and the seat itself is plush and large. The chair isn’t too big and will fit into almost any room where you want to put it. So, if you like to have a lot of space to sit, this isn’t the best choice.

5. Best for Practicality: Sofa Sack – Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair

sofa sack - plush, ultra soft bean bag chair - best reading chair


  • A bean chair without beans
  • A perfect bedroom accessory
  • One chair, so many uses
  • Quality construction

If you’re in the market for a highly convenient option that’ll fit pretty much anywhere with minimum stress as an accessible form of additional seating either in your living room or bedroom then this is the one. Sofa sacks like this do lack in support and durability generally, but they more than make up for it in a number of areas including cost, style variety ease of use, and a design that’ll snugly fit into almost any setting.



  • Low cost is a bonus
  • Design will weave seamlessly into most locations
  • Two size options for children and adults
  • Highly practical design can be used immediately after delivery



  • Not the most durable product
  • Those in need of maximum support may need a sturdier option

This option, in particular, easily offers the most convenient design to seamlessly place into any setting thanks to the two size options for kids and adults alike while having a neutral block color finish (of which there are several available) that’s easy on the eye. The sack design will mold comfortably around the body and the oversized style makes it a joy to sink into for long periods. The benefits do come at the cost of durability, but most buyers will likely expect this based on the price and design.

Public Review Summary: This chair is giant and fluffy; the quality seems good and it was a great price. The filling is foam and that the chair has a cylinder shape with an obvious top and bottom instead of being completely circular. Material and covers are soft and also there is a double zipper.

Best Reading Chair FAQ

We’re now going to highlight the five most frequently asked questions that prospective buyers have about reading chairs before they decide to make a purchase. This will help to counteract any apprehension you might have before making a final product decision. On the backside, people are disappointed with the quality of it and say that it has lumpy cushioning.

What reading chair style is best?

 There’s no singular answer to this question. The best reading chair is going to be the one that supports you the most, offers you the most comfort, and also blends seamlessly into your home surroundings. Generally speaking (though not always) recliners are regarded as being the most effective all-round options. This depends entirely on your personal requirements though.

Which material is best for a reading chair?

This all depends on where and how you’re going to be using your chair. Leather is usually regarded as being the most durable material but fabric is often deemed to be the most comfortable.  Choose an option based on the of use your chair will be getting and the risks presented in that area.

Is it worth paying more for a big brand chair?

Generally speaking, you can still achieve the support and build quality offered by high-end premium brands when paying a lot less money. It’s all about feature and design comparison. By carefully analyzing product specifications you’ll find that many of the available options on the market are actually in line with some of the market-leading offerings whilst costing a fraction of the price tag. Our top five list is a great example of this.

Is it safe to use my reading chair for long periods?

Yes, it should be. Provided you’ve selected a high-quality product the design should allow you to sit comfortably for extended periods without harming your posture in the process. The best chairs are designed for extended use.

Can i use my reading chair to watch TV?

Provided you’ve got a high-quality option that offers maximum support, then you can realistically use a reading chair to perform any seated activity successfully. The key is that it provides the optimum level of support and comfort that you personally require.


After reading through today’s post you should now feel entirely confident about how to choose the most appropriate reading chair that will accommodate your reading needs. While the thousands of different products out there can lead to some confusion you simply need to use our list of comparison features to select the best one for you.

Any option in our top five list will deliver 100% satisfaction. No matter what your reasons for buying a reading chair are, select one of the best products on the market from our selection to enjoy a lifetime of comfortable and supportive reading indefinitely.