Best Microwave Plate Cover

1. Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Food Cover
2. Nordic Ware 10 Splatter Covers 2 Pack
3. ZFITEI Microwave Plate Cover with Magnetic
4. Ikea Microwave Lid
5. Chef Craft FBA_21587 Microwave Cover

One of the most common and frustrating problems people face with microwave ovens is that food can splatter or spill all over the inside of the microwave. This can cause it to require cleaning frequently if you do not make use of the best microwave plate cover you can find. With this kitchenware, it is easy to keep the food from splattering all over the oven. Plus, it speeds up the cooking process.

Using this simple cover, you can improve your cooking experience and save time and energy, so yes, it is a worthwhile investment. Which of the numerous brands of microwave cover can do the job effectively? With the abundance of options out there, you need to take the time and effort to carry out in-depth research about the options to find a suitable one.

If you do not have all that time, you do not have to worry because we have got you covered. After conducting research on this matter, we were able to come up with some of the most fundamental things you should have in mind when shopping for one of these covers. This can guide you towards making the best decision possible. We also selected the top five best-selling brands on the market and reviewed them for you to choose from.

What Is a Microwave Plate Cover?

A microwave cover is a specially designed cover for covering dishes when they are being cooked in the microwave to keep the food from splattering all over the oven. If you have a food with something like cheese, butter, or sauce in your oven, it may splatter all over or even spill, so the cover is ideal for such a situation. If the food does not have a liquid consistency, it does not make the cover invalid because it has other benefits. Some of those benefits include the following.

  • Better cooking experience

Have you ever had one of those situations where your food does not heat properly in the microwave? The heat generated by the oven is not evenly distributed. It can be quite annoying, right? You do not have to go through that stress if you have a plate cover. It will trap heat in it, causing it to be evenly distributed in the oven. This makes for a better cooking experience.

  • Saves time

If you have this appliance in your kitchen, it will save you quite some time. It concentrates the heat inside the cover so your food can cook evenly and at a faster rate. It also prevents the food from drying out because the cover traps more moisture. Additionally, it keeps the food warmer for longer after it is out of the oven.

Another way this microwave splatter cover can save time is by saving you the work of having to clean out food particles and splatter from your oven every time you use it. You will agree that it is easier to clean the cover compared to cleaning the oven each time you use it.

  • Conserves energy

The cover enhances the cooking process by distributing heat more evenly, which cuts the cooking time and in turn saves you some energy. When you do not have to spend a lot of energy cooking, this means you do not have to spend a lot of money paying for energy.

You can only enjoy these benefits and more if you invest in a quality microwave food cover. Making the right decision is where the problem lies. If you know what to look out for when shopping for this product, you are more likely to make a great choice.

How to Pick the Right Microwave Plate Cover

While we were gathering information and resources for this post, we consulted some professional cooks, kitchen equipment distributors, and people who love to cook with microwave ovens. From what we were able to gather from them, there are some factors you have to consider if you intend to buy a cover that will serve effectively and last for a long time. The factors are as follows.


What brand you go for makes a whole lot of difference. Some of these brands employ the best methods in manufacturing their products to ensure their customers get the best experience possible when they buy and use these products, but there are some other brands that do not care that much.

To find the best brands, you may want to start your search beginning with the oldest ones that have been around for the longest. Also, those that are quite popular may have something to offer as well. Some of the best brands we recommend include Tovolo, Nordic Ware, ZFITEI, Ikea, and Chef Craft.


The dimensions of the cover are also worth considering if you want to use one cover for different dishes. Products with the best dimensions can effectively cover dishes of different sizes, shapes, and styles as long as it is the same size as the cover or smaller. The dimensions of the cover determine how well it can cover the dish and trap heat inside it for even distribution.


The material of the cover can affect its performance, either positively or negatively. The best materials improve your cooking experience to some degree. They are non-toxic, heat-resistant, and generally food-safe. The most common options on the market are ceramic, plastic, and glass, which all must be high-quality materials.

If you wish to go for covers made of plastic, make sure it is a food-grade plastic. It has been confirmed that cheaper plastic materials have BPA present in them, which is harmful to the human body.


A microwave dish cover should not just cover dishes that you put in the microwave; it should cover them properly or well enough to trap heat effectively inside the dish. If it can do this, then it can effectively prevent food from splattering all over inside the oven. These are the most basic functions of a dish cover.

You can also use them for other functions such as a storage lid and baking dish if they can be used in a conventional oven. Some brands make their covers with materials that can withstand a higher temperature than others.

Shape and Design

The shape and design of the plate cover affect the size of the dish you can cover. Some are wider, while some others are flat. You can also find some that are quite tall and collapsible. The product you choose should be able to cover most (if not all) of the dishes you will use in your microwave oven.


Being mindful of cross-contamination is important when it comes to the foods we eat. This is why you should pay attention to the features of a product before you buy it. Always opt for brands that have a handle. This will make it easy for you to work with it without soiling your hands or cross-contaminating the food. A silicone handle would be great.

Check to see that the cover is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. Some products are collapsible, which makes them convenient. It will not take up a lot of storage space because it is collapsible. Some of them come with magnets that hold it inside the oven when not in use.


What style you go for is entirely up to you and what you prefer. If you prefer a cover that comes with handles on the side and not the top, then you should be on the lookout for one like that. Some others are transparent, which allows you to easily see the food inside it while some others are not.

The color, design, shape, and so on may differ. If the style particularly appeals to you, then you should be considering this in your search. Importantly, the style does not necessarily affect the functioning of the product.


You do not want to get a cover that cannot sit comfortably inside your microwave. This is why the size you get is very important. The size must be such that it will not get caught while turning in the oven. Also, the cover should not be so high that it does not allow enough air to circulate in the oven. This can cause an uneven distribution of heat and hot spots.

Also, the cover should not be so low that it does not allow a good amount of air inside the dish. It should be wide enough to cover the dish comfortably and effective enough to trap heat inside the dish.

Top 5 Best Microwave Plate Covers

We selected a good number of the best-selling microwave plate covers on the market made by different brands. They were all great, and it was tough for us to select the best five. With the help of the factors we just discussed in the previous section, we were able to select the best five, and we have reviewed them below.

1. Our Pick: Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Food Cover

tovolo vented collapsible microwave food cover - best microwave plate cover


  • Available in 3 colors—red, charcoal, and stratus blue
  • Perforated lids and toxic-free material
  • Made from plastic and silicone materials
  • Collapsible cover and easy storage
  • Large 10.5-inch size fits most plates
  • Multifunctional design

The Tovolo brand has the best microwave cover on this list for a lot of obvious reasons. It comes with a number of features that make it functional and durable. Plus, it is cost-effective as well. It has a basic plate cover design and is available in three different colorsred, charcoal, and stratus blue—for you to choose from. The top is perforated for steam to escape, which helps to prevent condensation build-up.



  • Designed to encourage even heat distribution
  • Prevents condensation build-up
  • Heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe
  • Easy-grip ergonomic handle
  • Durable construction
  • Doubles as a colander when flipped



  • Handle that is a little too small
  • Not very sturdy

It is made of high-quality plastic and silicone, both of which are non-toxic and heat-resistant materials. It is large enough to cover large dishes without getting in the way of food rotation in the oven. The cover is collapsible, which makes it perfect for dishes of different sizes. It also saves a lot of storage space when it is not in use. Another interesting feature of this product is that it has a multifunctional design that allows it to double as a colander when it is flipped the other way. So, you can use it to strain food effectively.

Public Review Summary: The size of the plate cover is good, and its height is suitable for almost all occasions. The clear silicone is built like an accordion so that it is about the thickness of a plate (1/2 inches) when you fold it up. It easily stores in the cabinet with plates. The only negative is that it can become defective over time.

2. Best for Durability: Nordic Ware 10 Splatter Covers 2 Pack

nordic ware 10 splatter covers 2 pack - best microwave plate cover


  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Comes in a pack of one or two
  • Top-rack dishwasher-safe
  • Made of high-quality plastic material
  • Sizable dimensions for 10-inch dinner plates
  • Free of toxins

The second-best product on our list is from Nordic Ware. It is a functional plate cover with all the bare necessities required to give you a great cooking experience with your microwave. It fits perfectly well over a 10-inch dinner plate and works well with other smaller plates too. You can also get it in an 8-inch diameter if you want a smaller size.



  • Durable construction
  • Functional shape and design
  • Hole at the top to prevent condensation build-up
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Transparent material
  • Easy to clean and maintain



  • Does not have a handle
  • Not tall enough for some cases

This product is easy to clean, and you can just pop it into the top rack of your dishwasher to clean it out effectively. However, it is important that you hand-wash it with warm soapy water before using it for the first time. It is made of high-quality plastic material that is free from toxins, so you do not have to worry about that. When ordering this product, note that it can come in either a pack of one single cover or two, so make sure you go for the one you need. From what we could gather, a lot of people are not impressed with the handle.

Public Review Summary:  This cover helps to keep a microwave’s interior clean and is large enough to cover most dishes. It seems to make the food heat faster, so adjust your cooking time when you first start using it. Also be careful with the level of heat because it can melt if you use the microwave for an extremely long time.

3. Best for Functional Handle: ZFITEI Microwave Plate Cover with Magnetic

zfitei microwave plate cover with magnetic - best microwave plate cover


  • Easy-grip handles
  • Perforated steam vent
  • Four clever magnets on the cover
  • Sizable and fits most plates
  • Transparent design
  • Can withstand up to 350-degree F temperatures

This ZFITEI model is a transparent microwave plate cover that comes in five different colors—green, black, blue, purple, and red. It is available in a single size of 11.5×11.5×3.34 inches, which is sizable enough to work for a wide range of dish sizes. You do not have to worry about steam build-up while using this product because it has perforated vents that allow heat from the dish to escape easily.



  • Speeds up the cooking process
  • Easy to use and convenient
  • Magnet for convenient storage
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for a wide range of dishes
  • Functional shape and design



  • Cannot be used for longer than 10 minutes at a time
  • Not compatible with grill or convection oven modes

With the easy-grip handle, it is very simple to hold and lift the cover when you need to, and with the magnet above, it is convenient to store it away on the microwave roof. This means you can save some space in your dish rack. This product can withstand heat of up to 350 degrees F, but it cannot be used for more than 10 minutes at a time. Using this product, you can speed up the cooking process while saving some time, energy, and money at the same time. It is suitable for a wide range of dishes as well.

Public Review Summary: It stores away easily inside on the underside of the top of the microwave. It does have magnets, and they do not affect the microwave while cooking whatsoever. You can just stick it to the top of the microwave when you do not need it. The vents are also wonderful. But some people admit that the magnets do not work properly all the time.

4. Best for Budget: Ikea Microwave Lid

ikea microwave lid - best microwave plate cover


  • Available in a single and double pack
  • Made of food-grade polypropylene plastic material
  • Withstands temperature of up to 212 degrees F
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Perforated roof for steam to escape
  • Available in gray blue

If you are on a budget and are looking for a great plate cover that will serve you effectively, then we recommend the Ikea microwave plate cover. Not only is this product budget-friendly, it is also very functional. It has everything you could wish for in such a product, except that it does not have a handle. It is available in single and double packs, which contain one and two products respectively. It can withstand a temperature of up to 212 degrees F, and it is dishwasher-safe.



  • Fits perfectly over a standard dinner plate
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Functional size and style
  • Prevents condensation build-up



  • Does not have a handle
  • Not very heat-resistant

This plate cover is made of a high-quality food-grade plastic material that is quite easy to wash and maintain. It is dishwasher-safe as well. The roof of the plate is perforated to avoid condensation build-up, and it fits perfectly over a 10-inch diameter dinner plate. This product does not have a handle, which is not a problem for a lot of people, who do not care about putting in a little extra effort to make things work. It is not very heat-resistant either.

Public Review Summary: This cover fits almost all plates and microwaves properly. The lid prevents the food from splattering all over the inside of the microwave. The design is simple but very convenient. This plate cover keeps the inside of the microwave clean and makes food cook more evenly. On the other hand, it requires cleaning after each use, and it can steam up too much.

5. Best for Ease of Use: Chef Craft FBA_21587 Microwave Cover

chef craft fba_21587 microwave cover - best microwave plate cover


  • Top-rack dishwasher-safe
  • Transparent design
  • Made of high-quality food-grade material
  • 10-inch diameter size
  • Includes stem vents
  • Lightweight material

Finally, on our list, we have the Chef Craft FBA_21587 Microwave Cover. It is transparent, so you can see the food in it while it is heating. It has a basic but functional design with perforations on the roof for steam to escape to avoid condensation build-up. It has a 10-inch diameter, which works for most dish sizes.



  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • Compatible with a wide range of dish sizes
  • Durable and functional design
  • Free of BPA and other toxins
  • Prevents condensation build-up
  • Speeds up the cooking process



  • Cannot be used for more than 10 minutes at a time
  • No convenient storage features

This Chef Craft model is quite lightweight and easy to clean and maintain. To clean it, all you have to do is place it in the top-rack of your dishwasher. You should hand-wash it with warm soapy water before using it for the first time to clean off any germs that might be present. Using this product will speed up your cooking process because it can effectively trap heat in a dish for more even distribution and faster cooking. On the downside, it does not have any convenient storage features like magnets, and it is not collapsible, which makes it a little less convenient to store. Also, it is not as heat-resistant as it should be.

Public Review Summary: This cover protects the interior of the microwave from what could be a total mess. It does its job very well and is very easy to clean. It fits dinner plates nicely. It is not flimsy, but its durability is not the best either.

Best Microwave Plate Cover FAQ

We hope that we have shared with you all the basic information you need to make the best decision when shopping for a microwave plate cover. In addition to that, we would like to address some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic in the most comprehensive and resourceful way we can in this section.

Are plastic microwave covers safe?

A lot of people have complained about their food having some aftertaste after heating it with a cover. There are two things we suggest you do to avoid this. First, make sure you purchase a high-quality cover that is FDA approved. This means that it has been tested and confirmed to be safe for human use.

Second, make sure the cover does not come in contact with the food while heating it. This boils down to the size of cover you have. Generally, the cover should be bigger than the dish, and smaller than the oven compartment to allow for proper rotation.

Can I heat my food in a microwave without a cover?

Yes, you can heat your food in a microwave without a cover, but you may have to suffer some consequences for doing that. When you heat your food uncovered, it comes out dry and with hot spots, which makes it less palatable. On the other hand, if you heat it with a cover, it traps the moisture in the food, which helps to evenly distribute heat for faster cooking

Also, heating your food in a microwave without a plate cover will usually result in the food splattering in your microwave oven. This means you have to clean more often, or it may develop some foul smell if you do not.

Are microwave covers dishwasher-safe?

It depends on what type of cover you have. Some can be washed anywhere in a dishwashing machine, while others can be washed only on the top rack. Some others cannot be washed in the dishwasher at all, which is not very convenient. To be on the safe side, it is best to go through the manufacturer’s instructions on how to take care of your product to ensure its durability and longevity. Every single product reviewed on this list is dishwasher-safe and very easy to maintain.

How can I tell what size microwave cover is best for my oven?

Generally speaking, most covers are the same size and can fit into any regular-sized microwave oven. You may come across some covers that may be smaller and more suitable for smaller dishes, but you are less likely to see one that is much larger than usual. If you have an irregularly sized microwave oven, you should take the measurements of your oven before making a purchase. You can find the dimensions of the cover displayed on the packaging of the product or in an online description.

What are the basic features I need to consider when getting a microwave cover?

You should consider the quality of the product for the sake of your health. Make sure it is made with high-quality FDA-approved material. You also need to consider the size to make sure it will fit your oven. If you tend to heat your food in dishes of different shapes and sizes, then a collapsible cover would be most suitable for you. Other factors you should consider are ease of use, storage convenience, and ease of cleaning. You can also save money if you invest in a microwave cover that doubles as a colander.


This is the basic information you need to buy the best microwave plate cover. Unlike what many people may assume, you do not need to spend a lot of money to get a great cover. The basics and the factors that make the cover most functional for you are the essential considerations. We have done most of the work for you so that you can go ahead and select any of the brands we have reviewed above.

Investing in a microwave cover is a wise decision. It saves cooking and cleaning time and money and energy. It also traps moisture in the food and keeps the heat well circulated. With the number of brands on the market, you have plenty of options, but with the help of this post, we hope it becomes easy to select the right one for you.