Best Mattress for Back Pain

1. Linenspa 8 Memory Hybrid Mattress
2. Olee Sleep 10 inch Mattress
3. Sweetnight 12 Queen Size Mattress
4. Lucid 10 inch Gel Foam Mattress
5. Amerisleep AS2 12 Mattress

Some people always wake up on the wrong side of the bed not necessary because they had a nightmare. Well, the reasoning behind it is that they always suffer from chronic back ache after sleeping on their backs. One study says that about more than 80% of everyday people have suffered from back ache at some point in their lives. In the United States, for instance, about 65 million people reported to have experienced this disorder.

While some people usually have the sharp sensation after a normal rest, some people experience it once in a while. Well, if you fall into any of these categories of people, there is a way around it. Going forward, you need to gift yourself the best mattress for back pain. We bet you probably didn’t know that they existed, did you? Don’t worry about it as we will take you through an interesting journey.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Experts will always suggest that buyers should make the ultimate decision in choosing whatever brand is most suitable for them depending on needs that are particular to each of them. To be able to do this, you must understand the basic features and factors of the product you are considering and how these features may impact you.

Many people suffer from chronic back pain. In choosing the best type of mattress for back pain, these are some of the important factors to keep in mind.


It is not a bad idea to start looking among the most popular brands because, for a company to be well known in a particular industry, it means they are doing something right. Be sure to cross-check the brand with your list of expectations to make sure it is the perfect one for you. Otherwise, you may be better off going for less popular brands. Some of the most highly recommended brands include Linenspa, Olee Sleep, Sweetnight, Lucid, and Amerisleep.


The best products are made out of materials like those common in innerspring, hybrid, memory foam, latex, airbed, waterbed, and gel-infused foam mattresses. In most cases, one type of material is combined with two or three other types to provide the right support and comfort.

Also, what material you decide to go with can be determined by your geographical location. For instance, if you live in a hot region, you may want to select a gel-infused material, which is known to maintain a cool temperature at all times.


A mattress with good support will usually have a medium-firm density; that is, it is not too firm or does not sag too much. It has to be firm enough so that it can properly align the spine of the sleeper in a manner that is both healthy and comfortable.

If it is too hard, it will push the shoulders, neck, hips, and lower back out of their proper alignment, which may result in body pains. If it sinks too much, it will cause the spine to curve downward, which might lead to tension.

The best mattress density for you depends on your body weight. If you have low body weight, you may be better off with a low-density model; if your weight is on the high side, then a high-density model will do.


This particular factor varies from person to person, seeing as there are different materials, brands, and designs on the market. The key to finding a very comfortable mattress is testing. Experts suggest that buyers take their time to test different products before making a purchase.

If you must buy a particular type of mattress and feel it is not comfortable for you, you may want to try it together with an adjustable bed base that will let you raise the head, middle, or foot sections of the bed to increase comfort.


This is related to the density of the mattress, which ranges from squishy soft to hard as concrete. Quite a lot of people believe that the harder it is, the better it is especially for people who have orthopedic problems. Importantly, this is not always the case. Experts recommend medium firmness to give good support and basic comfort. That notwithstanding, experts still believe that this recommendation is subjective because the body varies from one person to another.


Aside from getting enough support and comfort, it is also important to consider how the mattress may impact your body temperature. If it is too hot or too cold, it may cause you to wake up more often in the middle of the night, thereby disturbing your sleep. A gel-infused memory foam regulates temperature in different weather conditions. Also, the more breathable the materials are, the more effectively the temperature can be regulated.

Different Types of Mattress for Back Pain

We have mentioned earlier some of the most common materials used in the production of popular mattresses for back pain. Now, let us take a proper look at these materials to see the peculiarities of these materials.


This type is manufactured using a steel coil system, which causes it to be responsive. A number of flat segments of wires are hinged together with helical wires to form a specific number of coils designed to conform to body shape. 450 or more make for a king-size bed. 300 or more coils are ideal for a twin-size mattress, while 375 or more coils are perfect for a queen-size mattress.

Memory Foam

This is one of the most highly recommended materials for back pain because it offers amazing support and comfort. It is made from high-density polyurethane, which serves as an effective support layer, contouring closely to the shape of the body and relieving pressure in specific areas. Because it is quite dense, this material is not as breathable when compared to others.


If it is made of a combination of materials, then it is known as a hybrid or a combination mattress. It is perfect for people with back pain or just anyone who is not a fan of the sinking feeling that comes with memory foam and other such materials. The most common hybrid materials will usually have an airbase with plush memory foam or a latex layer at the top.


This type is usually from natural-based materials like plants and petroleum and is one of the most highly recommended mattress materials on the market. It has a low density, which means it is quite breathable, but it is not so great for relieving pressure and providing comfort. So, manufacturers will usually combine it with other materials or an adjustable base to increase the density and level of comfort.


This type is basically inflatable, buoyant, and quite technical considering its ability to employ different motions and patterns in response to pressure points in specific parts of the body. With its mechanically adjustable components, you can make it more or less full, providing respective levels of firmness to suit a sleeper and reach maximum comfort and support.

It is important to take extra precautions in caring for products of this type because they may ignite or explode when exposed to certain risk factors.

Top 5 Best Mattress for Back Pain

5. Amerisleep AS2 12 Mattress


  • It’s a 12 premium  for dedicated people
  • Comes with a Celliant-infused cover
  • There are 3-inch Bio-Pur and 9-inch sag-free support layers
  • Measures 80 x 76 x 12 inches and weighs 103 pounds
  • It is a product of Amerisleep

You see, this product offers you one of the best ways of managing the ache in the back. Although it doesn’t come cheap, a night’s rest in it guarantees you painless experience as it is specifically made for that purpose. This is not one of those regular foams you see out there, it is designed to ensure that it delivers some comfort to the users. Well, check out some features that always earn it a place on the list of the best mattress for low back pain.



  • It guarantees high level of sleep comfort
  • This doesn’t sag as it has some sag-free support layers
  • Well, you can also adjust it to fit into your cradle size
  • Gives a cushion feel due to its transition foam layer
  • You can also enjoy its thermoreactive yarn, an innovative technology that safely converts your body heat into infrared



  • It is very expensive

Now, what are the best mattresses for lower back pain? Well, it is not difficult to see as Amerisleep AS2 12 Mattress is one of them. If you struggle with the condition after waking up from every other morning, this offers you the opportunity to get it over and done with. Indeed, this tech-based product reassures you that you will enjoy your doze as it is specially designed for that purpose. The fact of the matter is, you can only discover all the goodness of this product when you give it a try. Yes, it is a must-buy!

4. Lucid 10-inch Gel Foam Mattress


  • This is a responsive open-cell memory foam
  • Comes with ventilated design for improved airflow
  • Has 2-inch layer of ventilated gel and 7.5-inch layer of density support
  • It has a thickness of 10 inches and weight of 55 pounds

Chances are that you may have a problem with the previous product due to its price. If that’s your case, this one helps you to rewrite that narrative. Here comes a product that meets the necessary certification from CertiPUR-US. This simply means that it has been tested in-house and by the regulator before earning its seal of approval. In clear terms, it means that it isn’t hyped when the maker says that it is the best mattress for lower back pain.



  • Has approval from relevant rating agency
  • It is capable of regulating temperature and easing pressure points
  • This creates comfortable air layer
  • Capable of absorbing heat



  • Much as it is a bit cheaper, many people will consider it pricey

This product is made of polyester and Tencel blend fabric in the ratio of 9:1. More importantly, it has 25-year limited warranty. When you have a product that comes with that length of warranty, it sends a strong worded message that the maker knows their onions. However, the warranty comes with terms and conditions. So, you should do well to check that out as well. For those people out there who are in need of the best mattress for side sleeper with lower back pain, this is the perfect one for them. You will never know what you are missing until you give it a try.

3. Sweetnight 12 Queen Size Mattress


  • 3-inch gel memory, 3.5-inch airflow open-cell and 5.5-inch supportive high density foam
  • Has earned a certification from CertiPUR-US
  • Measures 60 x 80 x 12 inches and weighs 81 pounds
  • High-density foam that provides adequate comfort

When queens nap, they make the most of it. In truth, this isn’t associated with the queens for nothing. The thing is, it is a metaphor for sound siesta and supportive relief. So, it is okay to crash and wake up the next morning feeling super refreshed. Well, you can be sure to get that feeling when you drowse on it. Guess what, you will never notice your body ache because it is the best mattress for lower back pain side-sleeper.



  • Helps you get maximum comfort when you nap
  • It helps to eliminate problems such as sleeping hot and roll-off
  • Has the necessary approval, which means it is mercury- and formaldehyde-free
  • This is capable of dissipating heat
  • It has 3 layers that ensure supportive comfort



  • It is very expensive

At this juncture, you probably know that good things done come cheap. Essentially, this product is made of topnotch materials that guarantee durability and comfort. If you have chronic aches, you can help yourself by ordering one of them. You can enjoy one decade warranty when you buy it. Keep in mind that it has over 10,000 users from around, and 96% of these users have sent in positive feedbacks, encouraging prospective buyers to join them. No doubt, there are lots of best mattress for lower back pain reviews, a significant number of them featured it because it is topnotch.

2. Olee Sleep 10-inch Mattress


  • Has a thickness of 10 inches and weight of 45.2 pounds
  • 1-inch gel, 1 inch 25 ILD HD and 1 inch 8 ILD soft memory foam
  • Combination of 93% polyester and 7% spandex
  • Has CertiPUR-US certification

Here’s a much more affordable product for people who don’t doze on their backs due to back aches. Do you prefer to catnap on the side or stomach? Regardless of your sleeping position, it doesn’t really matter as long as you have it in your bedroom. Do you still wonder: What is the best mattress for lower back pain? If yes, Olee Sleep 1o-inch Mattress is all you need. Now, find out why below.  



  • The cooling-gel infusion and breathable outer cover help to regulate its temperature
  • It is ideal for all sleeping positions
  • This has the necessary regulatory approval
  • Its materials are reliable and durable



  • It doesn’t feel as comfortable as the ones that came before it

When you see a product that has up to 10-year warranty, it simply signals that it is reliable and made of high-quality material. Although it is budget-friendly, it doesn’t entail that the quality is compromised as it is specifically made for people who struggle to rest on their back due to aches.  Do you still search for what is the best mattress for back pain? If yes, this is obviously the perfect one for that purpose.

1. Linenspa 8 Memory Hybrid Mattress

linenspa 8 memory hybrid mattress


  • It is 8 thick and weighs 55 pounds
  • Has 6-inch steel coins  
  • This has plush layer of memory foam
  • Well, it is a mix between memory foam and traditional support

After checking out the price tags of these products reviewed so far, some persons may get discouraged as they are probably above their budget. However, this Linenspa product offers hem a glimmer of hope as it is very affordable. In short, this resonates the perfect mix of comfort and affordability. Now, listed below are some the features that made it a must-have.



  • It features the pressure point relief of memory foam, which improves its comfort
  • The 6-inch steel coils enhances its support and make it more durable
  • Helps to relieve your pressure and pain points, thus giving you maximum comfort
  • The union of memory foam, comfort foam and innersprings delivers topnotch catnap experience



  • It isn’t as comfortable as the more costly ones

Are you looking for the best mattresses for back pain? Well, this is another premium product made for people who understand that rest is precious. If your nap matters to you, then you deserve this as it that guarantees users good napping experience. In truth, it is one of those affordable mattresses that should adorn your bedroom as it perfectly fits into many different cradles. Besides, it comes in much larger sizes, such as 10 inches and 12 inches, making sure that users get the real value for their money. Lastly, it has 10 years warranty, making it a must-buy. Put your money where your mouth is, you deserve the maximum comfort that this delivers.

Best Mattress for Back Pain FAQ

How long should I expect my mattress to last?

If you invest in any of the products we have recommended above or any other one that meets the same specifications and standards, then you can expect as much as 7 to 10 years of use without any problems at all.

How long is a sufficient trial period for a mattress for back pain?

The minimum trial period for every mattress is 100 nights; that is a little over 3 months, which is more than enough time for you to make up your mind about whether to keep it or return it. Again, it is all up to you to decide which particular brand or type is best for you.

What can I do to better care for my mattress?

Experts recommend rotating it (head to toe) every six months. This will help maintain the firmness of the mattress and better distribute weight. Another tip is to consider using a vacuum to clean it every now and then to remove dust and other dirt.

In the case of spillage, simply let it dry out, that is if you spilled clean water. Otherwise, clean it with a damp towel with soapy water.

Can a mattress cause back pain?

Yes, a mattress that does not allow the joints and spine to properly align will cause pain in different parts of the body including the back. If the pain is usually intense in the morning after waking up from sleep, then the mattress may be the cause.

Final Words

We promised you an interesting, informative journey. So far, we firmly believe that this guide has lived up to your expectation. Well, we rounded up some the best mattresses for lower back pain sufferers. Therefore, if you are among the 80% who once had the challenge at some point in their lives, this piece is a perfect soothing relief.

How so? Well, it gives you the rare opportunity to buy a product that guarantees you comfort whenever you crash – something that has probably eluded you for years. Guess what, this research was thorough, and it reflects some of the best on the market. Finally, you should just go ahead, and make a pick from the list above.