Best Chair Mat for Carpet

1. OFM ESS Collection Chair Mat with Lip for Carpet
2. Dimex Low Pile Carpet Office Mat Chair Mat
3. Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors
4. AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat
5. Floortex Polycarbonate XXL Office Mat

Whether you work from home or away from home, having a well-structured work environment increases your performance by a whole lot. Something as simple as a disorganized table, a missing pen, and an unkempt floor can sap your enthusiasm to work, resulting in poor performance. If your work environment is not organized, you can start by getting the best chair mat for carpet you can find for your wheeled desk chair. So, we are about to tell you why you need it.

Before we were able to get all the helpful details we are about to share with you in this post, we conducted quite significant research work. Our aim was to understand the need for this product, how users would benefit from it, what qualities to look for when you go to make a purchase, how best you can take care of them, and five top brands that make the best products. For each of the brands, we carried out more research, and we reviewed the products based on our findings.

What Is a Chair Mat for Carpet?

A chair mat is a piece of thick material used to cover the floor for the purpose of protecting the floor or floor covering from wear and tear that come from rolling chairs around on the floor. The mat creates a barrier between the chair wheels and castors so they do not come in direct contact with the floor.

It may not seem like it is necessary, but protecting your floor surface is one thing you need to take care of when setting up your workspace. In a professional setting, more often than not, the interior décor takes this into consideration. But when you are setting up your workstation yourself, you may be tempted to neglect the floor. This could result in wearing out the floor in no time.

Aside from preventing the floor surface from getting worn out too quickly, this barrier can also create a more balanced plain for your chair. It can distribute your weight more evenly on the chair, which is quite important and necessary to avoid injuries. Even the slightest tilt of your chair can cause you health problems if you continue to use it that way.

Also, anyone can benefit from an aesthetically appealing mat. Having one in your office space will give it a touch of comfort and beauty. This type of mat will make your office look well organized and maintained. When your workspace is attractive, you will want to spend more time there. When you spend more time there, you are most likely to work more and be more productive.

Now that you know about the importance of having a carpet chair mat in your house, let us now take a look at some of the things you need to do to ensure you enjoy your buy for the longest time possible. Before we get into that, it is important you note that nothing beats a high-quality product. Do your best to invest in the best quality carpet chair mat that is within your budget because they are usually made of great materials that can last for a long time.

On receiving your product, take the time to go through the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it and follow the instructions closely. This will help with the durability of the mat. How you clean it depends on what material the mat is made of.

How to Pick the Right Chair Mat for Carpet

You do not have to wait for your office floor to have dents and ugly marks before getting a mat to protect it from office chairs. As a matter of fact, it should be one of the first things you do as you are setting up your office space. Before you pay for one of these, take your time to go through the points below. They are factors you need to consider to help you make the best decision about the best chair mat for carpet to purchase.


The term “brand” has an official meaning, but underneath all that are some other basics that come to mind when it is being discussed. One such basic element is competition. To make things easier, you can start searching through brands that have been on the market for a long time.

These brands are usually more experienced and may have more value to offer. Another set of brands you may want to look at are the popular ones everyone seems to be talking about. If they are popular, there may be a good reason for that. Some of the desk chair mat brands we recommend include Floortex, OFM, Dimex, Starcounter, and AmazonBasics.


The size of your workplace is what determines what size of chair mat you should get. If you have a huge workplace and do not want to cover the whole floor area with a mat, then you can measure out the area you wish to cover and use that measurement to get a mat that will properly cover the floor.

The most important thing to have in mind as far as size is concerned is to get one that is big enough to cover the range of movement of your chair.


Would you like your mat to be rectangular, circular, or square in shape? The shape of your floor covering can give your workstation a positive vibe, which is good for productivity. If you want a particular color, be sure to specify when searching.

The most common shape, however, is the rectangular types. People that do not care so much about shape prefer this type, especially those who glide their chairs frequently and in a wide range.

Type of Floor

There are different textures of floor mats, and the one you should go for is dependent on the type of floor you have. If you have a smooth floor covering like vinyl, tiles, or wood surface, then you would be better off with a smooth-backed mat. If you have a carpet, you may want to choose a mat that has a bit of texture on the back of it. The textured surface will act as grippers. Make sure the size of the textured grippers corresponds to the depth of your carpet so that they will have a firm grip on it.

If your carpet has a soft texture like most of them do, then a thick and sturdy mat would be ideal. The thicker it is, the more it is able to protect the floor from indentations, which can eventually result in damage.


Another important factor to consider when looking for a mat is what material it is made of. The material has to be strong, sturdy, durable, and of high quality. Remember that the whole aim of getting the mat is to create a barrier between the wheels and the floor surface or carpet. You need a strong and sturdy mat to do this.

The most common material on the market is polycarbonate. It has an excellent strength, which makes it able to withstand pressure. This material comes highly recommended for a number of reasons; it does not wear, crack, tear, scratch, or lose its color as quickly as other materials.


You need to clean your mat regularly to maintain its appearance and condition. You do not want something that will be hard to clean or maintain. Cleaning should be straightforward; you only need water, soap, and some mild scrubbing, depending on the nature of the mat. Some others require the use of just water to clean them and keep them in good condition.

In most cases, if not all, you do not want to clean your mat in a machine because this could damage it. If your mat is made of polycarbonate material or something similar, using chemicals might also harm it. To ensure the good condition and longevity of your mat, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Top 5 Best Chair Mats for Carpet

In this section, we have reviewed the top five chair mats for carpet. They were selected on the basis of the factors mentioned in the previous section and more. We were able to gather information about these brands from experience, recommendations, and the reviews of a wide range of user

1. Our Pick: OFM ESS Collection Chair Mat with Lip for Carpet

ofm ess collection chair mat with lip for carpet - best chair mat for carpet


  • Made out of sturdy plastic material
  • Clear appearance
  • Molded cleats and studs for a firm cling
  • Generally suitable size
  • Weighs 4 pounds
  • Available in two styles for hard floors and carpet

If you do not look closely at first, you may not really notice the mat on the floor; it is that clear, which is great for people who do not want to hide their nice flooring under a mat. It comes in two different styles—the smooth-backed type for smooth floors and the studded-backed type for carpet flooring. It is not very thick at about 0.25 inches, which is not necessarily a problem considering that it has molded cleats underneath to hold it in place. Aside from not being very thick, the material is great and made of high-quality sturdy plastic. It is wide enough to cover a reasonable floor area.



  • Durable and does not crack or shatter
  • High-value product
  • Easy-roll design that does not create too much resistance for wheels
  • Anti-skidding surface that discourages slipping
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Wide enough to glide over



  • May take a while to flatten after shipment
  • Is not very thick

In a nutshell, this is one of the most durable, functional, and attractive mats on the market. Plus, it is affordable and simple to clean and maintain. It also has an easy-roll and anti-skid design. On the downside, you may have to deal with the mat not flattening easily after shipment. It may take as long as three weeks to fully flatten.

Public Review Summary: This mat is very sturdy, not flimsy, and has a great design. It sticks firmly to the carpet because of the rubber grippers on the back of the mat. It is a lightweight option and is easily transportable. But otherwise, it tends to roll back up into its tight cigar shape if no chair is centered on top of it.

2. Best for Low Pile: Dimex Low Pile Carpet Office Mat Chair Mat

dimex low pile carpet office mat chair mat - best chair mat for carpet


  • Smooth-top surface and cleated back
  • Clear appearance that blends with the décor
  • Sourced from recycled materials
  • Weighs 9.25 pounds
  • PVC material
  • 1-year warranty

The Dimex brand makes a great product for low pile carpets. At first glance, you cannot help but notice the smooth and clear appearance that can blend in easily into your décor, which is perfect if you do not wish to hide your floor underneath. It is also available in a wide range of colors just in case you do not like the fancy clear types.

The design is commendable with a smooth top surface and cleated back. The smooth surface makes it easy to glide on the mat without any obstruction. It has a bit of a texture on the top to avoid skidding but not enough to make gliding challenging in any way. The cleated back, on the other hand, is great for holding the mat firm on the floor.



  • Suitable for hard floors, low pile carpets, and low or medium pile carpets
  • Available in three sizes—36 by 48, 45 by 53, and 46 by 60 inches
  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Easy-roll and anti-skidding design
  • Easy to clean and maintain



  • Comes with an odor at first
  • Material that is a little too soft

The material is high quality and sourced from recycled materials, which is something that may appeal to you if you care about environmental safety. It weighs about 9.25, 16.76, or 8.05 pounds depending on what size you decide to go for.

Public Review Summary: It is made from flexible material, but at the same time, the quality of the material is very good. It has a nice smooth surface that allows a chair to roll freely, and it is very helpful for the stability of the chair. It keeps the wheels in one place. The only thing people admit is that it is very soft.

3. Best for Heavy Duty: Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors

office chair mat for carpeted floors - best chair mat for carpet


  • 100% heavy-duty polycarbonate material
  • Pronged base with studs and 1/10-inch thick material
  • 100% recyclable and toxin-free
  • Not intended for hard floors
  • Clear appearance that blends with décor
  • Rectangular in shape

This Starcounter product is ideal for people who have medium-pile carpets. It is made of 100% heavy-duty polycarbonate material, which is 100% recyclable and toxin-free and promotes a healthier environment and ecosystem in general. It is about 1/10-inch thick and is pronged at the base with studs to hold it in place. The top surface is smooth but textured enough to avoid skidding. Plus, it is easy to roll on. So, you can glide your chair across with ease as much as you wish to. It has a clear appearance that blends in well with your décor, and you can only get it in a rectangular shape.



  • Easy to clean—only clean with water
  • No annoying hills and edges sticking up
  • Phthalate-free for a healthy indoor environment
  • Ships flat to avoid stubborn wrinkles
  • Wide enough to cover wide floor area
  • Made of durable and high-quality material



  • Not very durable
  • Not very versatile

Customers should note that this product is not intended for hard flooring. It was specifically designed for rugs. Also, customers are expected to know that this product would quickly experience wear and tear if you use chemicals to clean it. Simply clean it with water and a piece of fabric or soft sponge. The lack of versatility appears to be a problem for many.

Public Review Summary: The plastic is a little thicker, and the mat comes flat but not brittle. In general, the material is very rigid and solid. The grips on the bottom are perfect, and this mat will not slide an inch from where you initially place it. On the other side, this product can crack too soon, so be careful not to be rough with it.

4. Best for Functionality: AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat

amazonbasics polycarbonate office carpet chair mat - best chair mat for carpet


  • Available in 3 different sizes—35 by 47, 7 by 53, 47 by 59 inches
  • Made from high-quality polycarbonate material
  • Easy-glide and lightly textured rolling surface
  • More than half an inch thick
  • Gripper material on the back surface for maximum stability
  • Free of phthalates, tin, lead, and cadmium

This AmazonBasics model is a very nice computer chair mat you can count on to take care of our flooring without hindering your chair’s mobility. It is available in three different sizes—35 by 47, 7 by 53, 47 by 59 inches for you to choose the one that is most suitable for you. It is made from high-quality polycarbonate material that allows you to easily glide over it without any resistance. There is a little texture on it, which helps to avoid skidding.



  • Suitable protection around desks and computer workstations
  • Easy to clean with no chemicals needed for best results
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Wide enough to cover a workstation area
  • Heavy-duty and durable floor covering
  • Clear material that blends with your décor



  • Top surface texture that is a little too rough for some people
  • The prongs on the base are not very long

It is more than half an inch thick, which makes it great for fragile carpets. The grippers on the back surface help to hold it in place for maximum stability. You do not need to worry about toxins with this product seeing as it is free of phthalates, tin, lead, and cadmium. The thickness of this product makes it a suitable protection for your floors and around your computer workstation. You do not have to spend a lot of time or effort cleaning it. Additionally, it is durable and hard wearing.

Public Review Summary: It is made from thick and very durable material and lays flat. Also, it is easy to clean and does not dent or buckle. Its slight texture makes the surface less slippery, but it wipes absolutely clean with a damp cloth. The design is simple but attractive. However, some customers explain that it is not the best choice for thick carpets.

5. Best for Size: Floortex Polycarbonate XXL Office Mat

floortex polycarbonate xxl office mat - best chair mat for carpet


  • Available in 4 different large sizes
  • Rectangular in shape
  • Made of high-quality polycarbonate material
  • Transparent appearance
  • Easy-glide surface
  • Heat-resistant and waterproof material

It is not just a functional product. This model also has the advantage of size over a lot of other brands. If you need to cover a large floor surface area, then this brand is your best bet. It is available in four different large sizes—48×118, 60×60, 60×79, and 60×118 inches. All of these are rectangular in shape. The transparency of this model is also appealing. It blends in perfectly well with your flooring and décor.



  • Durable material that does not crack, discolor, or curl up
  • Not intrusive and blends with your décor
  • Safe for the environment and toxin-free
  • Child and pet safe and Greenguard certified
  • Effective gripper that keeps mat in place
  • Best for covering large floor areas



  • A little too costly
  • Does not come with a return policy

This chair mat for carpet is made of high-quality polycarbonate material with an easy-glide and anti-skid surface. It is heat-resistant and waterproof and can last for a really long time if handled with care. This product is health friendly. It is safe for the environment, pets, children, and it does not smell bad. Note that this mat is meant for carpets and not for hard surfaces. It has some studs underneath. These hold it securely in place.

Public Review Summary: This mat is easy to place on the carpet, and it stays stable without issues. It is especially clear, so it is not very noticeable. The mat is very strong and does not bend or flex on the floor. It has a lightly textured non-slip surface. As with many products in this category, it also is not as long lasting as some might hope.

Best Chair Mat for Carpet FAQ

With a good chair mat for carpet, your floor is well protected and will last for a long time. It adds a bit of positivity to our work environments and increases productivity as a result. You have to make sure you have the right product by researching properly before buying it. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about chair mats for carpet and their most comprehensive answers. Hopefully, they will help you learn more about these products.

How do I know what floor mat for carpet is most suitable for my carpet?

What type of mat you decide to buy depends on what sort of floor covering you have. If your floor covering is a hard and smooth type like a wooden floor, vinyl, tiles, and so on, then you will be fine with a smooth-backed mat. It can have a little texture, but it does not need to have studs.

If your floor is covered with a carpet, then you will need to get the type with a studded back to help hold the mat in place on the carpet. The thicker your carpet is, the longer the studs underneath the mat should be for a better grip.

What can I do to a chair mat shipped in a roll to make it flatten?

A lot of companies ship out their products in rolls, and a lot of customers have complained about how it takes such a long time before the mat can straighten out flat on the floor. To take care of this problem, you can put the mat under the sun so that the heat can straighten it. Be sure to check up on the mat every 15 minutes until you are satisfied with the result.

You can also put your mat flat under warm running water to get the heat to straighten it out. Note that this works mostly on mats made out of plastic materials.

What is the best way to take care of my chair mat?

To maintain your mat in good condition, you have to take care of it properly. You can sweep it very often, but this is not enough. You should clean it with mild soap and warm water at least once a month. You do not need a lot of soap to do this, and you do not need to scrub vigorously when cleaning it.

Some products may not require cleaning with anything other than plain water and a piece of cloth. Using a washing machine is a huge no-no. To be on the safe side, study the manual to see the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care for the mat.

What are the most important specifications when choosing a chair mat?

We recommend that you choose any of the following brands according to your specifications: DFM, Starcounter Dimex, Floortex, and AmazonBasics. These brands of mats are made from durable and high-quality materials, are sizable, do not interfere with your décor, and are functional enough.

If you check for basic qualities without considering the brand, you have to research the products you come across to ensure they are of good quality and design.


And there you have it! Here is everything you need to know before buying a chair mat. Remember that the aim of this product is to protect your carpet so that it will not undergo wear and tear easily as a result of gliding over it with your office chair. It does not matter if your floor is covered with a hard flooring like wood, vinyl, or tiles; a good mat will also help protect it from chair wheels and castors as they glide over it.

Everything on this list comes highly recommended, and we believe you will have a great time using any of them. Take good care of them according to the manufacturer’s instructions to promote longevity. If you have more questions on this topic, please feel free to reach out to us, and we will get back to you in no time.