Best Steering Wheel Lock

1. The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock
2. The Club 1103 LX Series Steering Wheel Lock
3. The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock
4. Disklok Security Device – Steering Wheel Lock
5. Monojoy Car Steering Wheel Lock

The best car steering wheel locks are still one of the most reliable and effective theft deterrents money can buy when it comes to safeguarding your automobile. As vehicular technology advances, the need for traditional security measures like this still remains incredibly relevant.

Whether you think you need one or not, the truth is that simply by having one available and making use of it, the lock will more than pay for itself by protecting against any potential loss caused by a passing opportunist.

We spent countless hours looking through every available option on the market to ensure that we could not only tell you exactly how to compare features in order to find the most effective option but also to be able to show you the five best options currently available. There is no need to look anywhere else. Read on for everything you will ever need to know about these highly effective car security devices.

What Is a Steering Wheel Lock?

In its basic form, a steering wheel lock is a device that is designed to stop your car steering wheel from being able to move freely. This essentially makes it completely impossible to drive the vehicle when one is in place. Precisely how a lock achieves this depends entirely on the type of model you choose, but total wheel immobilization is a feature that every lock variety has in common. Some actually stop the brake pedal from being usable too for enhanced security.

This means that any prospective thief will not be able to make use of your vehicle even if they have somehow managed to gain access to it and turn it on. Every other part of the car will still function, but the lack of ability to steer entirely impedes any form of free vehicular movement.

It is possible that a committed and experienced thief could remove a lock like this, but generally speaking, these locks are designed in such a way that doing so would be immensely time consuming due to their complex locking mechanism and highly robust housing.

In conjunction with the complexity and strength of wheel locks, they are also bulky and highly visible. This means that you can see them from a significant distance away, thus serving to make anybody think twice about a potential theft before they are anywhere near the vehicle. All in all, you have a high level of visual and practical security for a minimal price tag, which makes owning one of these locks more of a no-brainer decision than a decision that you need to carefully weigh.

How to Pick the Right Steering Wheel Lock

Picking the best steering wheel lock is all about comparing features and acquiring something that is going to perfectly suit your circumstances while also fitting in your budget. You can either opt for maximum security or something that is a little more minimalistic in its approach despite still offering the level of deterrence and functionality that you need to be able to effectively prevent theft. Regardless of your preferences, the following key areas should all be evaluated and compared before any kind of final purchase decision is made.

What Is It Made from?

A high-quality steering wheel lock should really be constructed out of an especially strong metal that is going to be incredibly difficult to remove with conventional hand tools like saws or sharp blades. Not only that, but the thicker the housing, the better because it will then take longer to cut through. If you go for a combination of strength and thickness and the lock device is all steel or steel based alloy, a prospective thief is going to have a seriously hard time removing it.

How Well Does It Fit?

This is a key area because if the lock fits too loosely over the wheel, then it is going to be highly susceptible to being tampered with. Try to check out the product specifications and compatibility with your particular vehicle model prior to making a purchase for the best fit.

Is It Easy to Put into Place?

One of the main reasons why more people are not using a car steering wheel lock on their vehicles is not the cost. It is actually because some models are quite fiddly and require a lot of manipulation to get into place. Many people still have this incorrect view of all wheel locks. It is key that you opt for something that is easy to install to ensure that there are no barriers for continued use. No one likes unnecessary hassle after all.

What Is the Lock Mechanism Like?

At its heart, a locking device like this relies on a key mechanism to open and close it. As such, the mechanism on your steering wheel lock needs to be really high grade if it is going to withstand being picked or tampered with. The more complex the locking mechanism is, the harder it will be for a thief to get into it. It is always a good idea to look for options that have multiple-stage systems.

Do You Understand How to Use It?

After reading the instructions, do you feel like the unit is easy to understand and put into place? If the answer is no, then it is probably a good idea to look for a more accessible option. Try to view the instructions online prior to buying to get a better idea. If your item is not installed properly, it will not be secure, so make sure you have something that you personally can work with effectively.

Appearance and Size

We do not mean how good it looks or how well it matches the interior of your car. Instead, how big and bulky is it, and does it stand out on your car steering wheel from a distance? The more noticeable your lock is, the further away a would-be thief is likely to stay. Try to find an option that is highly noticeable as it will serve as an enormous deterrent and “red flag.”

Guarantee or Warranty?

When it comes to items of fairly low importance and consequence to your daily life, a guarantee becomes less important. But with something that is designed to protect your automobile, it must be able to deliver results to a very high standard. Any lock that comes with a warranty is more likely to be of an especially high quality and well worth your hard-earned money.


Purchasing a product from a highly reputable and well known brand can be an effective way to achieve total peace of mind when purchasing a steering wheel lock. The following manufacturers have been known to produce some of the highest grade steering wheel locks over the years: Winner International, Disklok, Monojoy, Powerbuilt, Eforcar, LC Prime, and Blueshyall. Any lock purchased from the above list of manufacturers will be sure to deliver the high level of reliability, functionality, and optimum quality that you are looking for.

Top 5 Best Steering Wheel Locks

In this section we are going to present you with what we feel are the five best models available anywhere in the physical and digital marketplaces to ensure that you walk away from this post with a viable option for you. This will save a great deal of time if you are not the comparison shopping type and want a rapidly accessible “click list” for a quick decision. They have all been picked because they are not only great in a certain area but are also fantastic all-round options in general.

1. Our Pick: The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock

the club 3000 twin hooks steering wheel lock - best steering wheel lock


  • Patented self-locking feature
  • Twin-hook design
  • Universal fit
  • New and improved lock housing

This is hands down the best steering wheel lock for those who want what we feel is generally the most effective option that ticks every box you could ever want at an incredibly low price. The bright yellow finish means that it will be visible from a distance to serve as a visual deterrent, and the unique steel alloy construction makes it resistant to pretty much any form of tampering you can think of from sawing to prying and blunt impact.



  • Incredibly cheap
  • Really easy to use straight out of the packagin
  • Fits into place very securely thanks to two clips
  • Works with pretty much any vehicle for convenience



  • Not as solidly constructed as other options
  • Might not be as tight fitting as alternative products

The integrated lock is high quality and tamperproof, but it is the impressive patented technology, which allows you to initiate the locking system with one pull after placement, that really makes this product stand out from the crowd. It is very difficult to remove this device without unlocking it. It is also easy to use and incredibly affordable. There is really nothing to dislike about this lock other than the construction maybe not looking quite as robust as some other alternative devices.

Public Review Summary: This item is very easy to put on and use. It comes with two keys and is fairly lightweight but strong. It is a visible wheel lock that will make criminals think twice before attempting to steal your vehicle. On the other hand, people admit that it can break in extreme circumstances.

2. Best for Style Variety: The Club 1103 LX Series Steering Wheel Lock

the club 1103 lx series steering wheel lock - best steering wheel lock


  • Has an intense metallic color
  • Resists sawing, prying, and hammering
  • Universal fit
  • Patented self-locking feature

Alright, so style might not be the first priority when it comes to an effective locking system, but having color options is a massive bonus if you are a style conscious car owner that wants all of your accessories to match the car exterior. That is where this option comes in handy. Of course, this is not the only benefit available here. This lock comes from a highly reputable brand that is renowned for delivering some of the best products in this area, so you are also getting quality that comes with premium functionality.



  • Reasonably priced
  • Style varieties that are a welcome bonus
  • Incredibly durable and hard to remove without a key
  • More visible than alternative options



  • Housing that is not as thick as some alternative models
  • Rubber handle that looks cheap and low quality

The alloy used to construct this item means that it will resist any type of damage or tampering attempts with ease. The heavy-duty locking mechanism comes with three keys that are impossible to duplicate. This makes removal difficult. The bright color varieties serve a functional purpose as well as catering to personal preferences due to standing out prominently against the backdrop of your car interior, thus providing a visual deterrence.

Public Review Summary: This product is a bar covered with a clear plastic sheath. It automatically locks in place as you extend it. Also, it is easy to install and remove and is noticeable from a distance. The lock mechanism cannot be destroyed and cannot be picked with any kind of tool. It comes with three keys. Disappointingly, the lock mechanism can break after extensive use.

3. Best for Quality Assurance: The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock

the club 1000 original club steering wheel lock - best steering wheel lock


  • Patented self-locking feature
  • Universal fit
  • Highly visible
  • Cro-moly steel construction

This option from Winner’s International is one of the most widely used steering wheel lock designs around the world and carries with it an enormous history of customer satisfaction and successful prevention of vehicle theft. It has a premium guarantee to back this up too. You are getting an extremely strong high-grade steel alloy construction that is a standard feature of any steering wheel lock product produced by this company. It is the enhanced peace of mind and security that really makes it a no-brainer option.



  • Low cost for the quality offered
  • Very simple to use immediately after purchase
  • Widely tried and tested design
  • Included guarantee, which is a massive bonus



  • Thin housing that is not the most visually deterring design
  • Still quite basic in terms of added features and functionality

During the first year of use, if anything goes wrong and fails you during any theft attempt, you will get $1800 back against your comprehensive insurance deductible. This provides pretty solid confidence in the design of this product. The price is good, and it is bright red, meaning that any thief will see it from a considerable distance. Plus, the self-locking one-push mechanism makes it simple to use. This really is a winning choice.

Public Review Summary: The product is durable and made of hardened steel. Also, it has an aesthetically appealing design and can be set in place quickly. The difficulty of improperly removing the device without a key will make potential car thieves think twice before attempting to target your vehicle. Alternatively, it has the same problem as some other products and does not work in all cases.

4. Best Premium: Disklok Security Device – Steering Wheel Lock

disklok security device - steering wheel lock - best steering wheel lock


  • Three stainless steel blades
  • Includes Supplementary accessories
  • Removable parts

For those who want the utmost in premium steering wheel lock protection, this lock functions as a shield that totally blocks all access to the steering wheel, thus ensuring that not only can your car not be driven away but also that there is absolutely no means of tampering with the lock either. The universal design will fit any steering wheel in virtually any vehicle, and the very accessible functionality means that you simply need to close the two halves of the shield together and use the combined locking pin and key lock.



  • Capable of grinding the tough piece of meat easily
  • Hard bones along with the softer piece of poultry bones can be grinded
  • 3 blades available for the accurate meat coarseness
  • Food stuffer and sausage horn included with the grinder



  • Not safe for dishwasher washing

Once in place, it serves as a highly visual and massively secure cover that almost nothing can get through. Any would-be thieves would have to be out of their minds to try, considering the strength of the device. Although it costs more than any other product we reviewed, the extraordinary security, accessibility, and universal practicality make it more than worth the extra money. You will never worry about your car again.

Public Review Summary: This lock is heavy enough to be awkward to put on and take off but does the job pretty well. The locking mechanism seems well thought out and inspires confidence in this device. Comes with 3 keys and a tag with a key code. The only complaint people have is that it is too heavy.

5. Best for Practicality: Monojoy Car Steering Wheel Lock

monojoy car steering wheel lock - best steering wheel lock


  • Self-locking feature
  • B+ grade lock
  • Laser cut keys that cannot be duplicated
  • Priceless protection

For those who want the easiest to use option straight out of the box, this lock from Monojoy is definitely going to satisfy their needs thanks to its no-hassle intuitive functionality that will remove any fuss or complication from the daily installation process. Not only is it easy to use, but this product has also been extensively tested and endorsed by the police because of its high-strength one-piece design that integrates the locking mechanism directly into the housing of the wheel clamp stem.



  • Great value due to the low cost
  • One of the only products supported by police testing
  • The lock grade is higher than the majority of alternative options
  • Very easy to use from the first installation



  • Not as highly visible as alternative options
  • Might not fit as tightly as some other products

The construction quality is second to none due to a premium-grade locking system that can resist pretty much any kind of tampering. The three included keys cannot be copied. If there is any kind of downside, it is that this is not the most visible of locks on the market, so it might not be the best visual deterrent. Other than that, it is all positive.

Types of Steering Wheel Lock

In this section, we are going to provide you with a quick summary of the different types of steering wheel locks available to ensure that you are completely aware of what is out there prior to making a final purchase decision. Here are the different types.

Pedal-to-wheel lock

These locks serve to block access to both the brake pedal and the steering wheel at the same time. They are highly visible and arguably more secure than a stand-alone wheel lock option but are a little more difficult and time consuming to install. Provided you are willing to invest the time into learning how to swiftly attach them, this variety will definitely pay you back with maximum security and peace of mind.

Over-the-wheel lock

These products quite literally cover your entire steering wheel and offer the maximum level of wheel-only security next to a pedal-to-wheel alternative. They are highly visible and incredibly hard to compromise. Although other areas of your car are still accessible, these devices make driving the vehicle a complete impossibility.

Side-to-side latch with hammer

These varieties latch onto each end of the steering wheel and feature an integrated hammer that serves to press against the horn to alert passersby when pressure is applied to the locking device. This provides both physical deterrence and audio deterrence simultaneously. The unit housing is typically made from tamperproof steel alloy and proves resistant to most forms of force and interference.

Standard side-to-side latch

This is the most widely used, budget-friendly, and tried and tested safety lock available on the market. These models feature two latches that clamp onto each end of the steering wheel and completely restrict movement. They are susceptible to being removed but still prove to be very difficult for any thief to remove without a key.

Best Steering Wheel Lock FAQ

We will now present you with the five most commonly asked questions about steering wheel locks along with the most effective answers to them so that you can be certain before making a steering wheel lock purchase.

Do I need a steering wheel lock?

There are no rules or requirements saying that you need to have one, but the minimal cost of a steering wheel lock may make the difference between losing the entire cost of your vehicle in comparison or keeping it totally safe. They are an incredibly worthwhile product to invest in.

Will a steering lock damage my wheel?

No, all steering locks are designed to fit snugly and compatibly with the wheels they are engineered for and will not scuff or scratch the wheel.

Will a steering lock really stop a theft from occurring?

Even the cheapest locks available will serve to make it incredibly difficult if not almost impossible for a theft to occur. The higher quality the product, the more unlikely it is that a theft will occur.

Will any steering lock fit my car?

Not every lock will fit every car. Always check the manufacturer specifications prior to a purchase to be sure of the compatibility with your vehicle.

Will using a steering lock lower my car insurance cost?

Some insurers may offer a discount. This is worth checking prior to renewing your insurance.


After reading through today’s post, we hope that you now feel entirely confident in moving forward and making an effective steering wheel lock purchase for your vehicle. Given the growth of modern car technology and the clever anti-theft devices that we now see on the most cutting edge models, not everyone believes that these products remain relevant. However they are still one of the only guaranteed, tried and tested, and reliable vehicle security devices.

Choose one of the top five products from our list now for a lifetime of peace of mind and knowing that your vehicle is securely parked and immovable to would-be thieves. The cost of a lock is nothing compared to the cost of replacing a vehicle after all.