Best Pianos for the Money


There is no doubt that music makes young and old alike culminate on a cloud. More importantly, the inspiring sound of the piano adds flavor to these rhythms. That’s why keyboardists have become highly sought-after experts today, as their craft is indispensable in musical concerts, churches and events. So, if you are an aspiring keyboardist looking online for the best pianos for the money, here is a breakdown of 5 affordable pianos.  


Top 5 Cheap Pianos


5. Yamaha DGX-660

Well, the Yamaha DGX-660 will get you off to a good start. Of course, you can always count on it to produce awesome sounds that make the soul jump for joy. With its advanced Yamaha engine, you’ve got everything you need to wow an opera audience. In fact, it’s specially designed to produce its best sound when you set it to higher notes. While you’re at it, remember to keep it in the lower registers. Yes, that’s a good combination. Plus, with this special feature called piano room, you can customize its sound exactly the way your audience would fall in love with it.


4. Kawai ES100

Without a doubt, live performance couldn’t be better with this piano. Essentially, this piano offers a lightweight, affordable, simple and impressive product in a single package. But that’s not all. Do you know what 192-note polyphony does? It takes a concert to the next level. And what’s more? The Kawai ES100 has 88 keys capable of setting an entire music scene on fire.


3. Alesis Coda 

If you care so much about the portability of your piano? Then Alesis Coda is a must. Unlike the Kawai ES100, Alesis Coda features 64-note polyphony. Because its hammer mechanism is just as impressive, many users compare Alesis Coda to a grand piano. In fact, it offers the rare qualities of accessibility and quality in a single package. With its 20 instrument voices and high-quality speakers, Alesis Coda offers beginners a piano like any other to start their career at an affordable price.


2. Yamaha P45

We can’t rule out the possibility that the pianos we’ve reviewed so far may not be to your liking. Yes, we get it. But why not try the Yamaha P45? You’re wondering why? Here’s why. Beyond its affordable price, the hammer mechanism gives this musical instrument an impressive feel. Similar to the Alesis Code, the Yamaha P45 also features 64-note polyphony. The simplicity of its keys is an amazing feature that will take your breath away as soon as you catch it. Today, hard-to-learn algorithms have become the standard in the music industry, but this product offers simplicity of a different kind.


1. Roland RD-2000

Although it’s the latest product on our list of 5 inexpensive pianos, the Roland RD-2000 is worth its weight in gold. One glance shows that this product looks ordinary, but it has so much to offer. Equipped with two sound engines, you can count on the Roland RD-2000 to give you both acoustic sound and musical versatility. Unlike other keyboards in its class, this keyboard has 128 keys. What’s more? The Roland RD-2000 lets you take control of your sound with 9-ED sliders and an 8-control knob. It’s also durable and has a unique feel.


Final Notes

You’re getting ready for a career as a keyboard player? If so, our list of the top 5 best pianos gives you a glimpse of some of the amazing keyboards out there. For now, we can’t reinvent the wheel, because you know all the benefits you can gain from your progress as a keyboardist. Of course, fame, pleasure and fortune await you! Call it 3F, if you like. The thing is, there is nothing stopping you from becoming better than Martha Argerich or even Vladimir Ashkenazy. Yes, the world is your oyster! But you have to learn the ropes. So this list gives you the top 5 low-budget pianos to get you started. Let’s not forget that they also have great qualities. What are you waiting for? Why not try one of them?