Best Kegerator for the Money

best kegerator for the money

Who’s the best kegerator for money? More importantly, what exactly is it? A kegerator is a modified refrigerator that is primarily designed to store kegs of beverages, usually beer. To keep the contents carbonated, a tap and a carbon dioxide (CO2) tank are installed at the top of the machine. This allows the contents of the keg to be fresh and sparkling for several weeks to several months.

Each kegerator has a separate function. For people who like to carry it by hand, a mini model is most suitable. It is a tabletop, self-pressurized, surface dispensing container that can hold up to 5 litres (approximately 10 1/2 pints or 168 ounces) of beer. If you prefer to install it in the comfort of your own home, a full-size version might do the trick. This is usually a stand-alone unit that can hold a full keg (or half a keg) and usually includes a CO2 boiler and a dispensing coupler.

For businesspeople, commercial variants should do the trick. They are stand-alone or under-counter and can hold about a half or quarter barrel. They offer more storage space and a more fixed structure.

Outdoor types are more mobile and are designed to withstand higher temperatures while keeping the beer as cool as possible. They are ideal for garages, basements or patios. They are perfect if you like to enjoy your beer on the beach or while fishing.

As there are many varieties, it will be wise to consider the purpose of purchase, price, ease of use, assembly and cleaning, as well as practicality when making a decision. If convenience is the buyer’s preference, a mini kegerator should be the perfect choice.

Among the most popular labels, GrowlerWerks uKeg checks all the right boxes. It’s sleek with its 6.8 by 9.3 by 11.9-inch dimensions and 128-ounce storage capacity. It is relatively less expensive than its competitors and its modest design makes it easy to assemble and wash.

It also has some unique features. It has a VPR cap, which allows for automatic pressure regulation to ensure optimal carbonation of the beverage. Its carbonation level is also adjustable from zero to 15 pounds per square inch. Its double-vacuum stainless-steel tank and uKeg allow the beer to be stored for up to two weeks. It is equipped with a pressure gauge for easy reading and an indicator light for easy visualization of the content level. Dispensing is also easy, thanks to its dispensing spout with an interchangeable tap handle. It also uses an inexpensive CO2 cartridge. In fact, it’s the perfect equipment for the perfect brewing experience.

When it comes to large kegerators, the EdgeStar KC7000SSTRIP hits the bull’s eye. Very reasonably priced compared to other brands, it comes with a stainless-steel body, dual metered dispenser, CO2 regulators and a tank. Its dispensing tube is cooled to maintain the temperature of the desired contents up to the dispenser. It is equipped with three valves to dispense three different qualities of beer simultaneously. Its lower casters make it mobile, and it has a reversible swivel door for greater flexibility. It also has a dashboard that provides clear temperature readings. With its drip tray and guardrails, cleaning is also easy and convenient.

The best kegerator for the money should be able to provide convenience, ease of use, and should meet the needs of the buyer. With these factors in mind, the GrowlerWerks uKeg and the EdgeStar KC7000SSTRIP are the best kegerators to date.