Best Fax Machine for Small Business

1. Canon imageCLASS MF6160dw
2. Brother FAX-2840
3. Brother IntelliFax-4100e
4. Epson WorkForce WF-2750DWF
5. Samsung M2885FW 4-in-1

How to interpret a fax machine? In the past, they were given the greatest importance in the business world. It enables communication between two parties by providing access to shared media such as photos or documents over a telephone line. There is no doubt that they made conversation simple in the business world.

Do you think these devices are outdated equipment? Have you gotten carried away with the belief that you can continue your race with the old device you have? Take a break, you may well skim some of the exquisite features by sticking to that thought. Today, in 2019, exceptionally brilliant fax machines with exceptionally brilliant features have made their way into stores. You probably wouldn’t have been able to see them. Their appreciable capabilities are described in the article below.  Before you start ranking, let’s check the points: you need to keep a note to bring the best fax machine for small business.

What are the Different Technologies for the Best Fax Machine For Small Business

They include technologies mentioned below:

  • Inkjet Technology

Inkjet is most appropriate if you receive about thirty faxes a day. It is one of the cheapest types of fax machines. Looking for the best fax machine for small business? This can be a perfect alternative.

  • Laser Technology

 Laser machines use LEDs for printing. High quality images are thus produced. However, the laser fax machine is more expensive than inkjet.

  • Thermal Transfer

As the name implies, these devices operate by heat. Paper is printed after the ink is transferred to the ribbon by heat. These machines are cost effective. A choice to consider if you are considering buying the best fax machine for office.

Important Points to Keep in Mind When Buying the Best Fax Machine for Small Business

  • Portable fax machines

The market also has very favorable categories of fax machines that can be easily carried. So, if you want to carry them yourself, it’s easy for you. If portability is not a factor for you, there are many other amazing selections to choose from.

  • Speed of the fax machine

The speed of the fax machine must be acceptable. A higher speed will result in a higher cost of the machine. This higher cost is offset by lower telephone charges. This means that if the speed of the data being sent is faster, the cost of telephone charges will be reduced.

  • Cost of the fax machine

The price of the machine varies according to the technology used. Apart from the technology, the fact that it has several specialties also concludes to the cost of the machine. Inkjet fax or thermal transfer are easier to use and are also well organized for home practice. For a machine that can handle a higher rate of use, the cost of the machine will simultaneously be higher. Also pay attention to the ink or toner to get an idea of the exact expense that may be required.

  • Fax machines comprising of wireless technology

Wireless technology allows a cellular connection to be established with computers or mobile phones. It is possible to transfer faxes while on the road on fax machines with wireless technology.

  • The quality of the print

The print quality of the fax is calculated in dots per inch. The higher the number of dpi, the better the print quality is deemed to be. The best fax machine for office would be the one having 600 dpi.

Other factors such as the memory required to transfer and accept faxes are also a key criterion. Keeping in mind the factors listed above will make it easier to choose the most reliable among the other options available.

Top 5 Best Fax Machine for Small Business

Below is a ranking of the major fax machines for small businesses.  As we all know, nothing that is attractive is ever completely one-sided. Like the means, the list outlines the advantages and disadvantages of the device in question. Browse through the same list and make your decision based on the one that best suits your needs.

5. Samsung M2885FW 4-in-1


  • The speed of printing is 28ppm
  • Weighing about 11.3kg
  • Capacity of 250 papers

The M2885FW 4-in-1 gives you access not only to fax service, but also to print, scan and copy jobs. The Samsung m2885 offers both wired and wireless connectivity.



  • The output is of a superior nature
  • Super-eminent connectivity is ensured
  • Satisfactorily and fast laser printing
  • Suitable for a busy office



  • Only single paper can be held by the multiple purpose tray

The above selection is good and valuable if you need to perform various jobs such as scanning, etc. in addition to faxing. The Samsung M2885FW will be a worthy selection.

4. Epson WorkForce WF-2750DWF


  • A printing speed of 38 prints per minute
  • Weighing about 6.6 kg
  • Scanning resolution of 1200 x 400 dpi

Epson staff also helps you print, photocopy and scan, as well as use fax services. An appropriate selection that won’t be a heavy toll on your pocket. The quality of the paper produced by this device is remarkable.



  • Cost-effective ink
  • LCD Screen
  • Quality of the document is good



  • Noisy when underuse
  • Design is not interesting

The Epson is an excellent choice to draw attention to your desk. It’s an economical device that can help you accomplish multiple tasks.

3. Brother IntelliFax-4100e

brother intellifax-4100e


  • Operates on Laser Technology
  • Speed of printing is 33.6k bps
  • Weighing about 23.3 LBS
  • Input capacity of 250 sheets

It adopts laser technology, which is one of the most widespread fax technologies. IntelliFax-4100e is an absolute option if you are a small business. Although a little expensive, the expense is offset by the low long-term optimization.



  • For longer use, it is very productive
  • Fine quality output is achieved
  • Setting up and using this device is effortless
  • The model holds a one-year warranty



  • Memory is less (8 MB)
  • Useful for only a limited number of faxes

The adoption of laser technology in IntelliFax-4100e increases printing speed. In addition to exceptional document quality, it is one of the most reliable electronic brands. There is no doubt that this option is once again the most reputable and worthwhile decision for your office.

2. Brother FAX-2840 High-Speed Mono Laser Fax Machine


  • Employs Laser Technology
  • The paper input capacity is of 250 sheets
  • Weight of 9 kg
  • The paper quality produced is solid
  • Memory is of 16 MB

The wonderful benefits of this machine have earned it second place on the list of the best fax machine for office. In addition to faxing, the FAX-2840 also allows you to have a telephone. This phone will also be useful for calls. Without a doubt, the multiple jobs are done by the machine for every penny you spend on it.



  • Size is compact
  • Quality of the output is high
  • Cost-effective



  • Only b/w service is possible

It also offers the possibility to broadcast a message. If you are looking for a fax tool at a price below your budget, this device should definitely be on your list.

1. Canon imageCLASS MF6160dw


  • Operates with Laser technology
  • A printing speed of 27 ppm
  • Monochrome service
  • Weight of 18 KGS
  • A multiple-purpose tray is available
  • Employs image refinement technology

Canon is known for producing satisfying and exceptionally bright laser printers. Are you looking for a machine to photocopy, print documents and also scan a document? Then base your search on the option mentioned above. For your office, it is at the top of our list of the best small business fax machines.



  • Speed of printing is fast
  • Laser technology is used, which is among the prevailing technologies
  • A multi-purpose tray is available
  • Perform multiple functions like scanning, printing, fax, photocopying



  • Instead of a color printer, it consists of monochrome utility

Laser technology speeds up the process and gives satisfactory results. The print quality will not fail to meet your expectations. Although laser technology is a bit expensive, the experience of operating it will be worthwhile. In addition, newer mobile connectivity features are also planned.

The five rankings mentioned are the best options that will meet your interests. A thorough knowledge of these options will no doubt help you find the best fax machine for small business or your office.

Final Thoughts

The fax machines momentarily instilled other objectives in them as well. It is therefore certain that the old fax machines are no longer of any use. The above list will help you decide if you want to buy a more efficient and productive fax machine for your office.

For the best print quality, the Cannon CLASS MF6160dw laser image is undoubtedly the most compatible. Please do not complete your search for this item. Explore further if necessary. Nevertheless, all the points have been listed above in the article. However, customer satisfaction is a major concern. Think carefully and choose the ad that best suits your office.

These devices are extremely useful not only for sending faxes but also for various other documentation processes. Hurry up and get a modern fax machine and make it easier for yourself.