Best Deer Feeder for the Money


People like to keep the deer around. If you do that, you have to feed them. As you know, the deer feeder helps hunters feed the deer. Usually this food is in the form of grains or special mixtures. Are you looking for the best deer feeder for the money? If yes, check this list out.


Top 5 Best Deer Feeder for the Money


5. Moultrie Feeder

Basically, it’s a unique tool because it has some interesting features. For example, it has an anti-clogging mechanism, which makes it a very useful tool. It also has a spacious feed hopper, which holds more feed than other deer feeders in its class. Don’t forget that it also has a programmable base model that allows you to determine the right amount and timing of feed.


4. American Hunter Slinger

If you like portable deer feeders, then American Hunger Slinger is a must. Not only is it affordable, it’s extremely easy to set up. Similar to the Moultrie Feeder, it has a programmable function for the amount and timing of feed. It also features an easy-to-use digital timer.  


3. Wild Game Feeder

Chances are you won’t like the products presented so far. You’re not alone. However, the Wild Game Feeder is another product you should check out. Guess what, it’s a first-rate tool! Beyond its affordability, programmability and ease of use, this tool can feed your food for days on end. Operating on a 6V battery, it comes with an extended bucket design, which guarantees its stability.


2. Capsule Feeders

Without a doubt, this list would be incomplete without a mention of Capsule Feeder. Of course, this is because it stands out. Here’s why: it’s durable, safe to use and programmable. What’s more, the Capsule Feeder is easy to carry, making it a good companion. Just like the other feeders, it can hold a huge amount of food and is designed for solar power. Given these characteristics, this product is a little more expensive than the others.


1. Moultrie Hanging Feeder 

Aren’t you satisfied with the products we’ve talked about so far? If not, the good news is that we are not finished yet. So Moultrie Hanging Feeder is a product you should try. Just as it doesn’t come with a tripod like the Moultrie Feeder, this tool offers the most essential features that give comforting results. In short, it will be extremely useful if you have a large surface area. This product is truly economical, programmable and easy to use, among other benefits. A feature that many of its users find interesting is its foldable supply tank.



In conclusion, note that corn keeps deer strong during the winter. That said, a key factor to consider is the most appropriate tool for your land. There is no doubt that the market is flooded with many products. As a result, making a choice from the bunch becomes a difficult nut to crack. However, the products we have talked about so far are still your best chance. Also remember that the factors we have considered in this evaluation are durability, ease of use and programmability. Yes, these are the most important factors.