Best Canoe for the Money

For some people, canoeing is a way of life, a culture they simply cannot do without. Canoes are a beautiful thing and you don’t have to be a canoe enthusiast to know that. It’s only natural that you should consider replacing your old canoes or buying one for the first time. However, it is not easy to choose the best canoe for the money. It doesn’t matter whether you are a canoe novice or a canoe enthusiast who knows the latest canoe designs and fashion trends.

It’s hard to tell the difference between price and value of a canoe, as there are many kinds of canoes and brands for the inexperienced and even for some experienced people who can clearly make a difference. This is why we have done research and hard work for you and we are here to guide you.

You need to consider these five factors when choosing a quality canoe: seating, weight, size, motor/speed and length. We have conducted and concluded our research with these five factors in mind. It is important to note that a large canoe means a heavy canoe and a potentially more stressful portage. Length is also a key consideration as the length of the canoe must be adapted to your carrier. You should also check the quality and material of the seat and the additional option for a square back.


3 Best Canoe for Your Wallet


3. The Mackinaw SS Square Back By Sun Dolphin

Effectively made with fishing in mind

Good fishing canoes are equipped with rod holders; their size also varies from medium to large. The SS Square Back also has several cooling features, such as an integrated refrigeration system for food or fish preservation, storage in pockets and three seating options. With its 15.6 feet, it is easy to rotate and back. There’s also the added benefit of attaching an electric trolling motor.

One of the disadvantages is the use of plastic seats that start to be uncomfortable after a while. It would have been preferable if the square backrest could have accommodated a full-size motor.


2. The Saranac 160 By Old Town Canoes

Effectively made with trips in mind

The Saranac has two comfortable seats with backrests and a centre bench seat. Other features include storage pockets and a cup holder. All these extra features and its size make it ideal for travel.

Other interesting features include an anchor point, cane holders and handles, isn’t that cool? However, the possibility of choosing only one colour (red), the absence of a square backrest and the plastic seats are major drawbacks. A softer and more comfortable seat would have been a big victory.


1. Old Town Next Solo Canoe By Old Town Canoes

Arguably the alpha C-1 around

Old Town Next is strong, fast, versatile and powerful. No wonder it is one of the best C-1 alpha in the world. With a kayak-like layout with a double-sided paddle alternative, coupled with high seats for better stroke efficiency and the ruggedness provided by its three-layer hull, it really offers good value for money.

It has a few drawbacks, such as the absence of a square back and a drop zone. But the Old Town Next remains a class above the other C-1s.

Good canoes are not necessarily expensive or full of features, as long as they meet your needs. Sometimes we just look for flexibility, strength and the ability to do the job.